Halloween White Elephant: Report Card

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With just a few days remaining in Horror’s Not Dead’s first ever Halloween White Elephant, I’ve decided to reveal the twist to the game that none of our writers were aware of. I have been keeping a running score going based on a completely arbitrary system that I made up as I went along. It is based on the appropriateness of their selections, how well the person for whom they were selecting them enjoyed the film, and…anything else I want. So let’s take a look at where we are so far…

(Re)Introducing the Horror’s Not Dead Staff!

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Here at HND headquarters, deep in the heart of the Mountains of Madness, we have been secretly amassing what you might call an army of unfathomable darkness. If you were more conventionally inclined you might prefer to refer to them as our staff. For too long, Peter and I have held a monopoly over the content published on this site. That tyranny is about to come to a bloody end, as we are proud to introduce you to the new HND team! These guys, some of whom you may recognize from past articles and whatnot, are bound and determined to bring you exciting, innovative, and 100% fan-based horror news, features, and insights. Let the Golden Age of Horror’s Not Dead begin!

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