Last Week in Horror News: January 17th to the 24th

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Theatrical Trailers and Clips

  • ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION – After Dark rolls out a new trailer for their Horrorfest titles.
  • HIDDEN – One of the ADF Horrorfest titles I’ve seen.  Not bad, kinda slow.
  • THE REEDS – Chalk up another ADF title.
  • THE FINAL – One more ADF Horrorfest trailer.
  • BURIED – I believe I read earlier today that Lionsgate just bought the Ryan Reynolds trapped-in-a-coffin flick.

Studio News and Attachments

  • PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 – Kevin Greutert, who made the surprisingly solid SAW 6, is directing PA2.
  • SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL – Sam Jackson and Josh Duhamel may be stuck battling heaven and hell in Boaz Yankin’s Louisiana-set supernatural thriller.
  • Spielberg’s new Alien TV show – No title yet, but Spielberg will be throwing down for another Taken-esque miniseries; this time for TNT.
  • DREAM HOUSE – Naomi Watts joins Jim Sheridan’s “city folk shouldn’t move to creepy houses in the country” flick alongside Daniel Craig.
  • BURKE AND HARE – Casting for John Landis’ graverobbing comedy gets more awesome.  Joining Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis are Tom Wilkinson and Isla Fisher.
  • THE FURTHER – James Wan’s next film to be produced by Oren Peli.
  • THE WALKING DEAD – Frank Darabont’s TV-series adaptation of Kirkman’s comic got the greenlight at AMC.
  • DRACULA: YEAR ZERO – Alex Proyas is budgeting and scheduling his take on the origin of Dracula.


  • THE WOLFMAN – Danny Elfman’s score has been re-instated for Joe Johnston’s WOLFMAN.
  • PLANET OF THE APES – Despite recent news to the contrary, Fox does indeed still plan on rebooting PLANET OF THE APES.  Again.
  • CONAN – Marcus Nispel’s CONAN THE BARBARIAN remake gets its hunk.  It’s that guy from that STARGATE show you never watched.
  • FRANKENSTEIN – Not so much a remake as another adaptation, but Danny Boyle will be directing a stage play of the classic tale in London.

Indie, Foreign and Random News

  • BLACK SUNSET – The Butcher Brothers, AKA the guys who made THE HAMILTONS and THE VIOLENT KIND, have pegged their next project about a “betrayal-filled nightmare” that plays out during a surfing trip to Mexico.
  • BLACK DEATH – Christopher Smith’s movie about the bubonic plague slips a little on its UK release.
  • MY NAME IS BRUCE 2 – Bruce will be fighting Frankenstein.  I’d be interested if MY NAME IS BRUCE was anything less than a clunking piece of shit.
  • ENTER THE VOID – IFC picks up Gasper Noe’s latest film for US distribution.

Non-Theatrical Trailers and Clips

  • EATERS – Italian zombie flick produced by Uwe Boll.

Finally OUTLANDER has a release date.

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I keep mumbling to the wall that I’m going to ween myself off of non-horror related Sci-Fi postings, but apparently I am incapable of such a promise.  Also, since showing the trailer for vikings vs. spaceman vs. alien flick OUTLANDER to some friends a few months ago, without fail someone will ask me every two weeks when it is coming.  Now we have a date: January 23rd, 2009.  Awesome!

Oh, wait, Peter won’t be here!  Not only do I  miss  part of After Dark’s Horrorfest and the fun-as-hell looking MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D, but now OUTLANDER as well.  Shiz comes out of hibernation and I’m away on work for a month.  Awesome timing!

Yes, I complain a lot.  It’s why the Internet summoned blogs into existence.

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