The Red Band Trailer for JENNIFER’S BODY Ain’t so Red.

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Shock Till You Drop went live with the “Red Band” Trailer for the Diablo Cody scripted, Karyn Kusama directed, Jason Reitman produced JENNIFER’S BODY.  The flick looks fun even with me not being a card carrying member of the Cody fanclub, but I’m a little thrown as to how this qualifies as a Red Band trailer.

The three creative forces mentioned attached a note to Shock’s coverage of the trailer explaining that this was their cut of the trailer, which is for horror fans, whereas the theatrical trailer soon to be attached to BRUNO is more of a mainstream trailer.  I don’t get it, though.  What’s Red Band about it?  Megan Fox makes a lame pun on the word phuking?  I heard worse in TRANSFORMERS 2: REVENGE OF SHIT.  There’s no nudity, no outrageous effects, no gratuitous cursing.  What makes this unfit for showing in most theaters?

I foresee this becoming an unfortunate trend, calling things Red Band that shouldn’t be for the sake of Internet marketing.  It’s like when filmmakers start talking up a project the public is dubious towards and say they’ve got a “Hard R”.  No, you don’t.  There is no “Hard R”.  If it’s rated R, it’s rated R.  There’s no gradation of toughness involved.

Idunno, I’m looking forward to JENNIFER’S BODY, but this in name only Red Band trailer backfired for me.  If this is what the filmmakers think is better suited to horror fans, I think they’ve polled the wrong focus group.  Because when I think Red Band, I think, “What’s on the soundtrack?”

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