This Just In: Herbert West Donkey Punched by “THE O.C.”.

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The State of California Just Shit in Your Mouth.

I’m not letting the burbclave of Hollywood get off with the blame on this one.  The onus is on each and every one of you citizens of the great blue state that is California to climb the nearest clock tower and put an end to this remake, recash, rehash cycle.  I’m impartial to the cinema department.  Want to remake PIRANHA in 3-D?  My money, your hand.  Want to remake RE-ANIMATOR in 3-D?  Whatever, you run a business.

Want to turn the collective literary works of H.P. Lovecraft into a monster of the week network television show with a leaked cast pic so pansy it makes the Jonas Brothers look like bear fucking lumberjacks? The ammo is on me.

Not on the clock tower climbing page with me, yet?  Read the early information Fangoria scored on the Antichrist.  An excerpt of the pain:

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