Halloween White Elephant: Black Roses (1988)

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From Noah–“BLACK ROSES is not a classic by any means but I personally have a blast with it’s melding of demons and heavy metal. It really is the epitome of 80s horror where they throw logic out the window and just try and go balls out. I feel Brian can often times be sensitive to the B-movie ethics at work in 80s horror, so I figured this would be either a good test of wills for him or hopefully, at best, would add another fun flick to his roster of movies he enjoys.”

When Noah assigned me Black Roses, I have to admit I was both excited and filled with trepidation. While I had often heard this was an incredibly entertaining flick, it resides within a weird substratum of horror of which I am virtually ignorant: heavy metal horror. I had previously seen 1986’s Trick or Treat at Terror Tuesday, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but that was the extent of my foray into the subgenre. So would this sophomore experience prove just as enjoyable…or completely disastrous? My outlook on the situation did immediately improve once I found out my only rental option for this film was VHS.

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