Terror Tuesday Report: Human Experiments

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The Film

Human Experiments is immediately noteworthy for two reasons. First, it stars Linda Haynes of Rolling Thunder fame in one of her last roles before she seemingly vanished off the face of the Earth. Secondly, the second lead is played by Geoffery Lewis, whose name you’ll never remember but whose good-natured face will be immediately recognizable to anyone who saw a movie in the 1970s.

The casting of an extremely talented leading lady and one of the most underrated character actors of all time (”He always used to play Clint Eastwood’s best friend, billed after the ape” Terror Tuesday programmer and host Zack Carlson said) lend Human Experiments just enough class to compensate for its various shortcomings — i.e., it’s total lack of budget. Haynes stars as a traveling musician who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, gets convicted for a series of murders she didn’t commit and finds herself in prison. Lewis is the sociopathic prison psychiatrist who psychologically torments his patients as part of theoretical (ahem, sick and twisted) recovery program.

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