Terror Tuesday Report: Sole Survivor

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The Film

A terrible plane crash ferries almost a hundred people to the great beyond, but one woman manages to survive unscathed. While she initially sees the event as a mere coincidence, strange occurrences after the crash force her to wonder if she was worthy enough to be the sole survivor. These events turn even more sinister when she becomes convinced that death itself is out to collect the soul he was cheated by her survival. With the help of a very washed-up, evidently psychic actress, Denise struggles to stay one step ahead of death and its ghoulish minions.

If the central conceit of this film sounds eerily familiar to you, it’s no surprise. Sole Survivor later found itself remade as Final Destination, and of course by remade I obviously mean shamelessly ripped off. Now granted, Sole Survivor is itself a remake of Australia’s The Survivor (1981) so I’m not asserting its originality by any means. But at least Sole Survivor openly admits to being a remake where Final Destination makes no such concession. In terms of expression of concept, I much prefer Sole Survivor to Final Destination. The idea that death travels through the bodies of the recently deceased to try and reclaim Denise is far more interesting than death as a mean kid constantly setting up obnoxious Rube Goldberg devices that end in sensational, but ultimately empty, deaths. That being said, Sole Survivor is pretty empty in the middle.

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