Horror 2008, a Retrospective: Part 4, October to December

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Not much to say other than enjoy Part Four of Horror’s Not Dead’s 2008 Retrospective.  Wasn’t a bad year, but now that all the major titles are in it, it wasn’t, as I like to say, good sex.

Part 1: January to March.
Part 2: April to June.
Part 3: July to September.
Part 4: October to December.
Part 5: Events.
Part 6: Awards. (coming)

Movies I Quit: G.P. 506, FEAST 2, ANACONDA 3

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We all do it and given how many dire movies I watch in pursuit of this site, I probably tend to do it more often than others.  While I won’t review movies I haven’t seen from beginning to end, I’d at least like to give them their own special section of failure.  Thus I introduce to you this fine tab of Movies I Quit, a work in progress that will chronicle what I started, but couldn’t bring myself to finish.

In this round:

Last Week in Horror, September 7th to the 14th.

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Last Week in Horror was predisposed to minor updates of news already established.  Survival horror game CLOCK TOWER is still looking to roll, this time with a PROM NIGHTer climbing the stairs.  Danny Boyle mentions a 28 X LATER again.  Minds behind the remake of MY BLOODY VALENTINE have already begun the mulling of a sequel.  Give them some credit, normally in these situations the party line is a transparent, “No, of course we haven’t given any thought to a sequel, let’s see how the first one does.” At least they’re being honest.

I hadn’t heard of THE INTERVENTION, but its sharp looking poster led me through a few links, now logging the demonic possession story high on my list of films to pay attention to.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Ooohveh Bowl is still crazy.

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