SJGR Friday: Freddy Krueger’s Father

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A few days ago YouTube user Edarem made a hit on Reddit with his insanely creepy rendition of “Pretty Woman”.  Creepier still, a Reddit user confirmed what everyone instantly suspected looking at the frazzled shell of a man: Registered Sex Offender.  Which brings me to today and my apology for posting the below video, which is indubitably the most bizarre video ever posted on the Internet.

Someone cast this man as Freddy’s father, he’s already haunting my dreams.  Maybe this will be motivation for me to write, after all if I don’t post, this stays on the main page.

I apologize.  Do watch the whole video though.  Trust me, you’ve never seen this kind of crazy before.

Oh, and in case you doubted his threat level, he has an instructional video on how to sharpen an axe.

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