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Written and Directed by Neil Marshall, 2002

Welcome back to AYIF.  Werewolves are classic horror film fare.  A bestial throwback to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with cultural variations appearing on multiple continents.  I will not feign expertise on the subject because, with the film incarnations, my experience is limited.  But I am aware of enough werewolf films to understand that there is no shortage of entries.  So, like zombie or vampire films, the key to making a great modern werewolf movie is to put a unique spin on an old standard.  That is exactly what DOG SOLDIERS attempts to do by including a military aspect.  Let’s see if it works…

DOG SOLDIERS takes place in the wilderness of Scotland, the creepy moors-like environment that American Werewolf in London used in a similar fashion.  It tells the story of a group of Scottish soldiers on a training exercise; finding themselves dropped in the middle of nowhere to play a war game with the wankers from Special Forces.  Everything seems all apples and pears until big beasties show up and start divorcing members of the platoon from their organs.  They end up being rescued by a mysterious girl who steals them away to a cottage in the woods to hole up.  How long can they stay alive with the hounds of hell circling outside?

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