In the UK? See Free Horror at Vue Cinemas’ Credit Crunch Cinemas.

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Sorry I haven’t been posting.  Busy, busy, busy, but more on that later.  In the mean time, this press release for Vue Cinemas caught my eye.  It applies to UK folks only (or anyone willing to hop on a plane, I suppose), and most of my readers are in the States, but I wanted to share it all the same because one of the free screenings in question is for MANHUNT, which is also known as ROVDYR, which is also known as one of my favorite horror films of 2008.

The other two films are ONE EYED MONSTER and the controversial DEADGIRL, but all I can offer is an excerpt for my ROVDYR review right now, full press release after the break.

ROVDYR is brutal.  Very, very, brutal in the best, chase through the woods, heart pounding kind of way.  But, aside from the admirable absence of rape, what makes this horror film better than other backwoods chasers is that all 78 minutes of its lean running time take place in gorgeous daylight.  I have always been and will always be the biggest proponent there can be of horror with the lights on.  Anyone can make night scary, but it takes a specific talent to make illumination threatening.  ROVDYR helmer Patrik Syversen shows off just what that talent is.

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