This is what LEFT 4 DEAD on the 360 is Missing.

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Valve finally released the Software Development Kit for LEFT 4 DEAD for the PC.  Those who spend their time on consoles will not pop undead wood at such news, as an SDK is meaningless to them, but us PC’ers know the holy grail that is user mods.

For the uninitiated, the SDK is a kit provided by a developer, in this case Valve, that mirrors the same tools they use to create the game.  Crafty and time happy nerds then use the SDK to do all kinds of wacky and ingenious things.  For example, currently in the works by modder Darth Brush is DEAD BEFORE DAWN, a new campaign that recreates Zack Snyder’s DAWN OF THE DEAD to as near a digital T as possible.

I’ve included two videos for the DEAD BEFORE DAWN dawn mod below – an announcement trailer and a preview of some of the levels -which is by no means the only such mod in the works.  I’ve read of a total conversion RESIDENT EVIL campaign in the works as well as a few others.  I’ll do a big round up in a few weeks once the community at large has had their lusty ways with the SDK.  Until then, if you splatter the horde with a mouse I’d keep an eye on

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