Observation(s) Concerning the Lack of Black Vampires in DAYBREAKERS.

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First let me say that DAYBREAKERS looks great, leagues better than the Spierig brother’s first film, UNDEAD.  In in fact, the portrayal of a vampire-only world looks interesting enough to have inspired several (hypothetical) posts in the days to come.  The first of which, turns out, is this simple one.

Why are there little to no black vampires?  I’ll admit that it didn’t even occur to me after having seen the trailer two or three times.  It took my friend Billy, go to authority for all things not white, to notice the complete lack of brothers in a world of only blood suckers.

The trailer does show one (still human) black guy raging against the oppressors, but the vamps themselves are, save for one lone woman waiting for a train, all Saltines.  What’s the deal with that, Spierig bros?  I’m not going to hypothesize as to why this is the case.  I don’t care if the two Spierigs are using a whites only fascist society as their most horrific idea of a doom-and-gloom future.  And I’m definitely not trying to make any accusations.  My problem is that it, statistically speaking, doesn’t make a lick of sense.

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