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Directed by Roar Uthaug, 2006
Written by Thomas Moldestad and Roar Uthaug

There is an implacable aura to COLD PREY other modern slashers may not find relief in purely because it is Norwegian.  Not that Roar Uthaug’s film (top that name, by the way; I feel manlier just saying it out loud) gains any particular insight by its residence that would have gone undreamed written in any other tongue, but it’s stale first third is ventilated from a Yank perspective by a country of origin not known for its slasher pictures.  Once the co-ed band of skiers are established within the setting of an abandoned lodge atop a snow cap, the cultural barrier dissipates and what remains is an above average game of mouse and masked colossus with a pick axe.

If you ever wondered what a slasher from Norway would be like, and I can’t imagine why one wouldn’t concern themselves with such important matters, turns out it is exactly like an American slasher.  FRITT VILT is eating at a Subway in Europe.  It’s familiar, you know what’s on the menu, but the people behind the counter speak a different language.  Okay, so maybe that part is none too different.  They serve beer, though, so that’s cool, right?  Either way it’s the same and not the same and that latter not grants an inexplicably fresh air to the proceedings.

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