Halloween White Elephant: Club Dread (2004)

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From JC–“I assigned Peter CLUB DREAD because I think it’s an entertaining Broken Lizard film, and an ok horror film, but one that is overall pretty fun to watch as either straight horror or straight

Club Dread isn’t a guilty pleasure of mine. That’s because there’s no guilt involved, it’s all pleasure. I love this movie, no qualifiers. I imagine JC had no idea that was the case when he assigned it to me. There’s no way he knew that I used to drive from Florida to Virginia listening to both of its commentary tracks or that this is the kind of movie that I put on whenever I need cheering up (I’ve easily seen it at least a dozen times) or that I periodically find myself singing Piña Colada-burg when no one is around or that once in a blue moon I’ll turn to my wife and say, “Peen-a-lope? What kind of name is Peen-a-lope?”*

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