Last week in Horror News, February 8th to the 15th.

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Theatrical Trailers and Clips

  • THE DESCENT 2 – Trailer.  Gander it quick as it keeps getting yanked from YouTube.  Despite severely hating the first one, this looks like like a solid flick.

Studio News and Attachments

  • SUBTERRANEAN – Sean Hood has scored writing duties on Marcus Nispel’s next film, as explained by this amusing anecdote from the writer himself.  A plot set in an underground labyrinth of tunnels below NYC helps explain Nispel’s need for Jason to run around tunnels of his own.
  • UNTITLED SHITTY MOVIE – Dimension Films wants to do a thriller based around some kind of social networking app.
  • JONAH HEX – Josh Brolin now vs. John Malkovich.


  • THE GATE – Alex Winters, yes that Alex Winters, will be directing a remake of the Tibur Takacs flick from ’87.
  • FRIDAY THE 13TH – Surprise, there was material left out of the theatrical cut!  And not just an extra dollop of karyo syrup.  Also, it now holds an opening weekend slasher record at over $42mil.
  • NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – Samuel Bayer, perhaps best known for creating the Smells Like Teen Spirit music video, will be calling the shots on Platinum Dunes’ next remake.
  • NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – If you believed that Lindsay Lohan was going to star in the reboot you are a sucker.
  • DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS – BBC is doing a two-part mini-series remake that will star Brian Cox and Eddie Izzard.  Sold!

Indie, Foreign and Random News

Non-Theatrical Trailers and Clips

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