Terror Tuesday Report: Brain Damage

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Brian is a terribly average guy. He lives in a passable New York City apartment with his brother and spends most of his free time with his loving girlfriend. Unfortunately for Brian, the neighbors in the apartment above him are neither average nor are they passable human beings. For years, they have been harboring an ancient parasitic brain worm named Aylmer who injects a highly potent narcotic directly into the cerebral cortex of those who in turn offer him delicious brains as tithes. Aylmer derives his strength from human brains but the neighbors have been feeding him animal brains to keep him weak enough to control but strong enough to get their fix from his venom. Unfortunately, for everyone, Aylmer escapes and finds his way onto the brain stem of poor Brian who instantly gets addicted to the venom. Will his craving drive him to commit murder to satisfy Aylmer’s hunger for human flesh?

Brain Damage was among the first cult films I sought out upon moving to Austin. During Fantastic Fest 2008, I attended the 100 Greatest Kills Party and someone submitted a rather raunchy, but wholly amazing, demise from this film. To be completely honest, I did not enjoy Brain Damage at all upon my initial viewing shortly thereafter. I found it to be dull and overly goofy. It is incredible how ceaseless exposure to obscure cinema can alter a viewpoint in less than three years.

Terror Tuesday Forecast: Brain Damage

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Happy Monday! It’s time to take a sneak peek at this week’s Terror Tuesday fare. I’ve actually seen Brain Damage once before and…wasn’t terribly thrilled with it. I just found it a little too goofy and, dare I say, trashy to be enjoyable. However, I am all for giving movies like this a second chance and I have a feeling the 35mm print will offer more to appreciate visually than the lovingly worn VHS tape I had rented for my initial viewing.  Plus, gotta love the protagonist’s name, right? As always, the trailer is below. Brain Damage, we’ll see you next Tuesday!

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