Review: Lux Pain (Video Game)

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Lux Pain
Developed by Killaware
Published by Ignition Entertainment

Lux Pain is one of those games with a hollowed out and rotten trunk that has some fairly interesting aspects branch off. Unfortunately, it’s not bugs and execution that bog Lux Pain down; it is the simple fact that Lux should have not been a game; it should have been an anime or manga.

Lux Pain combines several features from other genres and throws them together and the end result is a confusing mess. The plot starts out as one of the most confusing hours of gaming I’ve ever experienced. I then went ahead and read the manual for clarification and things became slightly clearer. This really brings back the long-forgotten necessity of reading the manual before you play.

As near as I can tell, you are Atsuki, a member of FORT, whose mission is to eliminate Silent. Silent are worm-like creatures created from the despair and anger of individuals. When a Silent gets too big, it causes the host to kill itself or others. Atsuki’s family was killed by one of the original hosts of Silent which prompted him to join FORT and have his arm modified which turned himself into a psychic of sorts that can see into the minds and souls of people and pull out these Silent before they become too large.

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