Evening Write: 30+ Works I Should Have Read in 2008, Magnolia Doinks LET THE RIGHT ONE IN Subtitles

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Vince Liguano passed out to the LOTTD the press release containing the finalists up for a 2008 Bram Stoker Award, which only served to make me feel an invalid.  I did not read a single title on this list.  Not one.  And that includes nominee UNSPEAKABLE HORROR, an anthology released by Vince and fellow LOTTD’er Chad Helder.  Once again I am reminded of how unsatisfactory my reading habits are.  What fleeting time I did have in ’08 to devote to reading, typically on a long haul flight, was most often dedicated to either Science Fiction (please do read ANATHEM) or non-fiction (and certainly please do read THE ALCHEMY OF AIR: A JEWISH GENIUS, A DOOMED TYCOON, AND THE SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY THAT FED THE WORLD BUT FUELED THE RISE OF HITLER).

Now I’ve got yet another list of back catalog to work through.  Quitting my job damn well better be bliss come June.

I’ll post the entire list of nominees at the end.  Oh, and best of luck to Chad and Vince on their nomination!

And now on to the LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (review) subtitle scandal that Icons of Fright broke and that has irritated supporters of the film large and small: Cinematical, CHUD, Hollywood Elsewhere, Evil on Two Legs, MTV, NYM.  I recommend taking a second and clicking on over there to scan through their proof of failure screen captures as there is no point in my reposting them all here. Magnolia’s handling of the Region 1 consumer release is inexplicable, to say the least.  What they so graciously put into theaters contained the proper English subtitles, what they put on DVD and Blu-ray contains egregious mistranslations.

These are no mere instances of crossed tounges.  These new subs defile crucial context.  And at the benefit of what?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  It would be a stretch to say that the offending sections ruin the film entirely, but that concession provides no justification for the changes.  Gone is the playful mystery in Eli and Oscar’s first encounter.  Gone is the soulful empathy of Eli’s handler’s encounter with a jar filled with a certain liquid.  Gone is nuance, gone for no reason.

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