Sam Raimi Proves his Irrelevance, “13: FEAR IS REAL” Needs to be Put Down like Eight Belles.

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“13: FEAR IS REAL”, a reality show on The CW produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, is an insipid crime against the senses.  A more obnoxious show the Son of Perdition himself could not design.

Thirteen volunteered social amoebas are slapped in front of the cameras to run through the same formula of all reality shows: challenge, failure, elimination.  This destined-to-be-canceled bit of programming is angled around challenges and situations intended to scare the contestants.  No one in their right mind would be scared by anything on this show, however.  I’ve seen more fear in the eyes of startled runners on “LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE” than anything in this mess warrants.  Few of the contestants are indeed in a proper mind state, the majority of them scream or run with as real a personality as silicone can shape.

When SPIDER-MAN 3 came out fans the world over bemoaned the doppelganger what had taken over Sam Raimi.  No one could have predicted that his creative choices would worsen.  Why he and lifetime producer pal Tapert got involved with this show exceeds comprehension.  The technical merits are a free clinic for frontal lobotomies.  An awful voice over from the founding member of the Jigsaw fan club is high art compared to the editing department.  The post-production crew behind this dreck still feels in the year 2009 that shaking title cards are scary, as if there is a wraith within the moving pictures choking the evil, blood dripping letters on the screen and not some guy in a trailer with one hand on a keyboard and the other on his career-issue orange bottle of anti-depressants.

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