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6 Quick Questions About Quirk’s DAWN OF THE DREADFULS

1.  What is Dawn of the Dreadfuls? It’s the prequel to Quirk Classics’ Jane Austen mash-up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  And it’s very, very funny. 2.  I probably need to read that book first to enjoy it, right? Not at all.  I didn’t, and I could completely enjoy and follow Dawn of the Dreadfuls on […]

Hey, Randy, Watch This Red Band THIRST Trailer.

The Internet, many things it may be, is not stingy, so I suppose the rest of you can go ahead and watch this trailer for Park Chan-wook’s vampire film THIRST, but in truth this post is dedicated to Randy the Mountain Man. Randy, who you may know/disagree with as the music reviewer around these parts, […]

First Impression: SPLATTERHOUSE (Game)

The first trailer for Splatterhouse has arrived: I must admit, the trailer reminds me of HOSTEL and that does not bode well.   Although the graphics sure look uninspired, there isn’t too much to praise or condemn. With no real gameplay or features shown, it is more of a teaser than anything. In the end it’s […]

Is There Really a Hype Machine for Hatchet?

Scott Weinberg, horror regular of Cinematical and contributor to God knows how many other sites, has upped a lengthy chat with Hatchet director Adam Green regarding the current trends of horror and the long awaited September 7th theatrical push of the aforementioned slasher throwback by none other than champions Anchor Bay.  Reading through it, I […]

Don’t Forget, The Abandoned Opens Today

Dubbed the ‘Audience Favorite’ of last November’s experimental After Dark Horrorfest, today sees a secondary theatrical release of Nacho Cerda’s The Abandoned.  For those who missed the film during its brief stint across the country last year, today is a day of redemption. My glowing review is here, but for those looking for the short […]

Trailers: Gamebox 1.0 – Please Secure Your Jaws Prior to Viewing

When I was doing this past week’s news re-cap I came across a post on Arrow in the Head that was shilling a new STD’er called Gamebox 1.0.  My thoughts regarding nerd usage in plots should be obvious by this point.  I don’t believe it to be a bad idea, but people drastically need to […]

Surprise! Zombie’s Halloween Script Blows!

According to Quint over at AICN, at least.  And I see no reason to doubt the man. He holds hope that the draft he read was a very, very early draft, but I doubt much will change.  As it stands, it bares zero resemblance to the Halloween that John Carpenter gifted upon the world.  The […]

Edgar Wright Announced as new Grindhouse Guest Director

The title pretty much says it all.  Edgar Wright, director of the fantastic Shaun of the Dead and the upcoming Hot Fuzz (which despite the inherent comedy, is supposed to dish out the red), has loaned his talents to Rodriguez and Tarantino.  He’ll be helming one of the fake trailers sandwhiched between the film’s halves, […]

Horror is Dead. Eli Roth killed it with a single poster.

It is this Hostel II poster – and this poster alone – that has convinced me studio horror has no future.  It may not be dead in the sense that blood and synaptic nerve firings keep it physically animated and profitable, but it is as dead as any other junkie unable to kick its self […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap: 11/5 – 11/13

Trailers/Clips (Studio)Office SpaceSpider-Man 3 official trailerSpider-Man 3 "leaked" pre-trailer with venom money shot, downloadable .mov Studio News/AttachmentsSony Pictures picks up distro rights to The Marsh ghost flick.Clive Barker talks some more talk about how the new Hellraiser remake won’t be like other remakes.Infinitely awesome Brian Cox spearheads Bryan Singer produced,Michael Dougherty directed Trick ‘R Treat.Rob […]

The American ‘Host’ Remake Needs to be set in New Orleans Post-Katrina

As you may know, a little Asian obsession of mine called The Host has hit the remake mill by way of Roy Lee and Universal Pictures.  While I may have some respect in the bank for Universal, Roy Lee’s decision to put Justin Lin in charge of his Oldboy remake has landed him in the […]

Trailers: The Number 23

If you’re 555, then Jim Carrey is 2/3. Or that’s what the attractive trailer for Joel "Let’s cast Ahnud as Mr. Freeze" Schumacher’s latest film would have you believe.  I’m a fan of the number, there are a chain of coincedences in my own life that led it to be my favorite early on, but […]

Masters of Horror Season 2 Airdates

While the director lineup etc has been known for a while now, Showtime has finally, officially confirmed the airing order and dates for the second season of Masters of Horror.  Well, for the most part: Masters Of Horror: The Damned Thing (Tobe Hooper) 10/27/2006 Masters Of Horror: Family (John Landis) 11/3/2006 Masters Of Horror: The […]

Freak Out DVD News

I’ve been passively following the British festival hit Freak Out for a few months now, so when I read it came out this month I had to put it in the DVD guide.  The only trouble is I was wrong.  Freak Out actually comes out on November 17th from Anchor Bay in a pretty slick […]

Trailers: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

I made mention of it in the below weekly news re-cap, but the US domestic trailer for Tom Tykwer’s latest film is so captivating that it deserves a post in and of itself. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer Domestic Trailer I can’t wait.

Darren Lynn Bousman Attaches Himself to Potential Brilliance

People love Saw.  While I’m not going to pledge my undying allegiance to the series, I respect the hell out of it for being the only original and successful horror franchise in years.  I thought James Wan’s starter had great moments of interest, but structurally had too many cracks to hold up against even a […]

Trailer: Grindhouse/Planet Terror

Today you’ll see this on nearly every website relating to movies, but what would people hop on if it weren’t for bandwagons? The first intarweb viewable trailer for Grindhouse is up, but it looks like it’s only for Robert Rodriquez’s Planet Terror, zombie outbreaking badassness half. I’m guessing it was captured from last night’s Scream […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 10/1 – 10/8

Sorry this wasn’t sooner, but once I finally returned from Chicago, I was a bit more interested in laying down and catching up on Dexter than sitting in front of a computer.  However, the bonus here is that you can expect reviews of The Host and Requiem within a day or two, and if there […]

BD Scores After Dark Horrorfest Roster

The current issue of Fangoria had an interesting two page ad in it.  I’d say 90% of it was black, with the sparce copy/logo there is refering to the After Dark Horrorfest, an 8 film run of horror in theaters across the US and the website If you go to the site, the films […]

Upcoming Horror – The General Verdict Out of Toronto

Film geeks are surely already aware of it, but for anyone not paying attention, the Toronto International Film Festival has been going on for the past week or so (if you’re there, I hate you).  I’ve gone ahead and sifted through the buzz on the upcoming crop of genre pictures (some I hadn’t even heard […]

Why don’t I care about Diary of the Dead?

I’m just going to flat out say it – I don’t care for Land of the Dead.  Dawn of the Dead may be my favorite horror film of all time, and the other Dead entries hold their ground as well, but Land was just alright and we’ll leave it at that. So am I the […]

Trailers: Bug

I needed a break from writing for the upcoming Chicago International Film Festival (yes, I just plugged myself, I need to constantly convince my ego that I am a decent writer) so I began my usual routine of movie news perusal and much to my delight I found the boys at Bloody-Disgusting had a link […]

Trailers: Adrift

I point you towards this trailer for Adrift, another people stuck in the ocean movie, not because it’s all that great of a trailer, but because the concept is so damned simple that it is genuinely terrifying to me. Open Water had some cleverness to it, but really it was an exercise in tedium, because […]

Nightmare on the Big Screen

I love the Nightmare on Elm Street series.  It is one of a few film franchises whose sequels I cherish, even if they’re horrible.  I don’t care what anyone says, Dream Warriors is a badass movie! Anyways, as Scott at Cinematical pointed out (as well as the BD boys), New Line is doing a very […]

Snakes on a Phone

So I was walking out of the movies today and noticed I had a voice mail from some number I didn’t recognize.  Upon listening to it I went into a complete stupor.  It was a message from Samuel L. Jackson telling me to go see Snakes on a Plane.  I put it on speaker phone […]

Trailers: 13 (Tzameti)

If the poster alone isn’t enough to make you want to see 13 (Tzameti), a hard boiled thriller about Russian roulette insanity, I dare you to watch this trailer and not move closer to the screen when instructed to stare at that judicious light bulb.  This is the kind of story I crave these days: […]

The Descent is a Horrible Movie and Anyone who says Otherwise is Lying to Your Face

If you’re a horror fan and read genre news sites, or practically any movie news sites, for that matter, you’ve probably heard nothing but praise for The Descent, a trapped-in-a-cave flick from UK’er Neil Marshall which hits American theaters on August 4th.  I first reviewed it in early November of last year and didn’t buy […]

Night of the Living Dead 3D Gets 1,500 Screens

Extremmmmeeeeee Zombies!!!!!! I never thought I’d get the chance to sit in a theater with a pair of dorky red and blue glasses on and watch a horror movie in that wacky, extreme-2-the-max, third dimension, but it seems a company you’ve never heard of, Midnight Movies Entertainment, has enough faith in a gimicky Night of […]

Trailers: Stinger (aka. Tail Sting II)

I was waiting until I finally watched Tail Sting to throw up the single greatest B-Movie poster ever made.  Giant, mutant scorpions.  On a submarine!  That is sooo Stinger! Check out the trailer here or the official synopsis here.  It sounded equally generic as the original, until I read this: […] discloses the startling secret […]

DVD Buying Guide: July ’06

I apologize for not having this up before the first Tuesday of July, but I honestly just didn’t have time.  But, since I couldn’t even find a single title worth mentioning that was released on the 4th, no one missed anything.  Great how things work out.  And now, for the rest of July, which is […]

Trailers: The Backwoods

I try to keep this blog genre related only, but every now and then I’m compelled to break that rule.  Both the teaser and poster for Koldo Serra‘s Spanish lensed The Backwoods are too good not to share. That poster alone is awesome in its ’70s throwback style – especially the tag line.  And, let […]

Trailers: Snakes on a Plane

PARSELTOUNGE MUTHAFUCKA, DO YOU SPEAK IT?!?! I’d been waiting for the real trailer to come out just so I could use that line, but, in reality, this trailer TV spot is incredibly boring and entirely undeserving of such enthusiasm.  Except for this shot of Samuel L. Jackson holding what looks like an underwater harpoon gun.  […]

Updated: Colic Keeps Getting Better

Here I am to keep with my original promise to let everyone know every little thing that I can find out about the movie with that incendiary poster.  The teaser trailer was pretty cool, but now the the full trailer has raised the bar once again.  I’m talking to the point where I was actually […]

Trailers: The Host (Theatrical)

If you watched the video posted a few weeks back, you’ll have seen some of this footage, but even with any familiarity and the language barrier, it looks like city-wide monster mayhem perfection. The Host‘s native theatrical release is in a few weeks, but if Korea’s DVD habits keep up, I’ll have a copy in […]

Feast Teaser Poster/Release Date

Earlier in the week the final release date for Feast, which was the product of the third season of Project Greenlight (over a year and a half ago), was announced as September 22. Not a bad date, especially since the summer always lacks good horror.  And I have faith in Feast to make up for […]

UPDATED Trailers: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Well, that didn’t take long.  It was attached to prints of the infallibly mediocre Omen remake as a lure for fans, but of course it’s turned up online today.  You can view it in the HD format right now, or you can wait until what appears to be 10pm-4am to watch it in regular ‘ole […]

Wicker Man Remake Trailer, TCM Prequel Poster

Yawn.  As virtuous as it is for a lot of fans, I actually am pretty indifferent to the 1973 Wicker Man.  It has a killer ending, obviously, but there are stretches of the film that, well, stretch.  Thus, I didn’t care one way or the other about the announcement of the remake.  And after this […]

Rob Zombie Officially Directing Next Halloween

Bloody Disgusting got an exclusive on the official press release, so I won’t repost it here, but Dimension Films has confirmed the rumors Fangoria broke days ago: Rob Zombie will be writing, directing, and producing a new Halloween for an Oct. 2007 release. It won’t be a straight sequel, but rather, "an entirely new take […]

Trailers: Colic Teaser

I had no clue what it was about, but I was sold on Colic months ago.  Now KFCC has gotten the heads up on an actual synopsis, as well as a link to the official site, which contains the first teaser trailer for it. Can any moving images ever live up to that poster?  It […]

Official Masters of Horror Season 2 Lineup, Plots Etc.

Below is the official press release from Anchor Bay/IDT that details each episode, it’s director, writer, cast etc.  Some of ’em sound pretty good, like Joe Dante’s, John Carpenter’s, Dario Argento’s, and Brad Anderson’s.  Then again, some of ’em are pretty bland: Ernest Dickerson’s, Mick Garris’, Stuart Gordon’s (despite the Poe origins). Anyways, give it […]

Trailers: The Host

I’ve been reading and checking out pictures of The Host for what seems like months now, but haven’t seen any footage of it until today.  And all my hopes have been confirmed.  (trailer link at bottom, as always)

Spike Lee Enters the Genre

Well, I guess technically he entered the genre in ’99 with Summer of Sam, so it’s more like re-enters the genre, but this time he has a more supernatural bend. The flick, which Spike Lee is going to write and hopefully direct, is called Selling Time.  He’s not the first man on the project, but […]

Trailers: Ghost Rider

I honestly don’t know jack about Ghost Rider, but the trailer for the first film adaptation is out, and some of it looks pretty damned geektastic.Ghost Rider Trailer

Too Soon!

Anyone else catch this week’s Simpsons were grandpa stood up and yelled "Too Soon!!" when they showed the Duff blimp crashing like the Hindenburg?  Great stuff… Anyways, if you’re going to rip off a movie’s poster, try not to rip off one that just came out.  This gallery of Cannes posters at Arrow in the […]

Black Sheep

I love this genre. Via AICN

Midnight Meat Train Sounds AMAZING?

Lionsgate, who is the single greatest thing to happen to the genre in years, and Lakeshore Entertainment are teaming up to produce Midnight Train, a renamed adaptation of Clive Barker’s short story "Midnight Meat Train", which is part of his Books of Blood.  The flick is to be directed by Patrick Tatopoulos, who is the […]

House of Re-Animator May Actually Be Good?

Yesterday Fangoria confirmed some details about Stuart Gordon’s upcoming House of Re-Animator, which is the 3rd sequel to Gordon’s 1985 adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s short story, and much to my surprise, it actually sounds pretty cool. William H. Macy has been cast as the President of the United States who kicks the bucket mid-term, but […]

I Wasn’t Making News Up!

They call me piggy because I’m so bank. This morning, only 16 days after I announced it, Dread Central got wind that the one and only Ron Perlman is the lead in John Carpenter’s Masters of Horror episode, Pro-Life, which is actually filming right now. Now if only there were some news on the Del […]

Trailer: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (Full)

A while back I posted the teaser trailer for German director Tom Tykwer’s upcoming chiller Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, which is a film I’ve been interested in for some time now.  Well, a few days ago the film’s native site went live, and with it came the full trailer (albeit in German). I […]

Cemetery Man DVD News

Cemetery Man, aka Dellamorte Dellamore, is just another cult classic that I’ve always heard about (especially as of late), but have never seen.  The 1994 Italian zombie splatter comedy about a man who buries the living during the day and then kills them when they climb back out at night, is finally getting a Region […]

Trailer: Lady in the Water

Not straight shot of horror, but comeon, this flick looks pretty damned fun.  I’ve never been one of the bandwagon Shyamalan haters – I think the man is a great director – and on top of that, Christopher Doyle is doing the cinematography; so I am very interested.  Doyle is the most talented cinematographer alive […]

Trailer: Monster House

What the genre needs most are more movies about children being swallowed by houses.  Thank the gods for Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg, who produced this CGI fest, which is directed by Gil Kenan. All I ask is that it be at least as scary as "Ah! Real Monsters!" Monster House Full Trailer

Cthulhu Trailer

Lovecraft is a sacred word around these parts, so much so that I'm sure people are tired of hearing me mention it.  But the man's influence on fantasy horror is so dominant that I can't think of a single fantasy horror film that doesn't owe its roots to 'ole H.P. So when I hear about […]

Trailer: The Omen (2006)

The full trailer for the John Moore helmed remake of the 1976’s classic The Omen has hit today. It’s not a bad trailer, but honestly I don’t care about the movie one way or the other. But since the original is such hallowed ground in the horror genre and there really haven’t been any new […]

Masters of Horror Season 2 Lineup

I keep meaning to write reviews for all of the episodes of season one, but until then, here’s the heads up on Season 2. Seven directors are returning, three new vets are signed on (including Brad Anderson, a favorite of this site), with three spots left to fill out the 13 episode series. All around […]

Trailer: Hatchet

Hatchet is a film by some guy – and I say some guy because there is no reason to know him – named Adam Green, and while I know very little as to what the film is about, I do know that the flick has been getting a lot of name recognition around horror sites […]

Stay Alive – What is Wrong With People?

My seething hatred for Stay Alive isn’t something I’ve kept private and yes it was born out of personal envy, but the movie is still an obvious turd. I just don’t understand how people are getting fooled by the promotional materials for this movie. And this isn’t an isolated incident, like the 12 people who […]

Black Night Trailer

Black Night, a new Asian horror anthology with entries from Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand, looks flat out amazing! Each of the shorts depicts an urban legend, but what seals the deal is that Asian urban legends are apparently psychotic. None of this caller-is-inside-the-house or escaped-mental-patient-with-a-hook-for-a-hand BS. The trailer is for just the Thai section […]

The Waiting and a Hat-Trick of Aja Posts

It really hurts me to step back and realize how lazy and unproductive I am. If I were more active in my script writing than just coming up with ideas and then letting them gather dust after I write a few pages, I could be going places at a much faster rate. The Waiting is […]

Trailers: The Woods

Chances are pretty good that unless you’re a geek (or dating a geek), you’ve never heard of The Woods – except maybe that it is the film that forced M. Night to rename The Village as it had attempted to steal the title. Lucky McKee’s followup to his very respectable directorial debut, May, has been […]

A Rant about the Descent

For the past 8 or so months people all over the net have been going apeshit over The Descent, Neil Marshall’s followup to the mediocre-but-loved Dog Soldiers. I don’t care if someone likes a movie I don’t or vice versa. I realize all taste is subjective. But when I read review after review stating that […]

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