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Bon Temps is not Sunnydale.

It was true last season when I said it.  After the Season 2 premiere, the declaration still rings true: TRUE BLOOD is the best show on television.  I’m not here to gush over the recent return to television, as engaging as it was, rather to address a comment Herc at AICN made, a comment that […]

May 2009 Horror DVD and Blu-ray List.

May 5th There are only two standard definition titles of the week that I recognize.  MUM & DAD is a British import that got some modest appreciation on the fest circuit.  The other is a flick called THE 8TH PLAGUE, which has found its way in this DVD guide well over a year ago.   I’ve […]

Last Week in Horror News: April 26th to May 3rd

Theatrical Trailers and Clips DISTRICT 9 – Trailer for Neil Blomkamp’s alien invasion. Studio News and Attachments THE DARK TOWER – J.J. Abrams tells MTV that as soon as “LOST” finishes they’ll muscle up for the film series.  Considering STAR TREK is posed to be a huge success, I have a feeling Abrams will muster […]

“TRUE BLOOD” Nominated for Best Drama at the Golden Globes!

Title speaks it all.  Not that the Golden Globes are by any means a stamp of superior judgment, but gotta love that they know what’s what as far as the genre goes.  Not only is “TRUE BLOOD” a contender, but so is “DEXTER”. Good on ya’, Foreign Press.  Now let’s not talk about your film […]

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