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Is THE STRANGERS the Most Effective Horror Movie Since BLAIR WITCH?

It wasn’t until this past Saturday that I fully realized just how strong of a film THE STRANGERS (review) is.  Seeing it in theaters elicited seat stirring and all manner of other audible audience discomfort, but seeing it in a home theater was an entirely different experience. We regularly host movie days and less than […]

Post-millennial is the age of H.P. Lovecraft.

Maybe, maybe not talks of a theatrical RE-ANIMATOR remake in 3D.  A doomed proposal for a teencentric HERBERT WEST television series.  The release of CTHULHU as an impressive black and white short and a less impressive Tori Spelling starrer on DVD.  Countless other ambitious amateur adaptations.  Still mumbles of a Stuart Gordon THE THING ON […]

Evening Write: 30+ Works I Should Have Read in 2008, Magnolia Doinks LET THE RIGHT ONE IN Subtitles

Vince Liguano passed out to the LOTTD the press release containing the finalists up for a 2008 Bram Stoker Award, which only served to make me feel an invalid.  I did not read a single title on this list.  Not one.  And that includes nominee UNSPEAKABLE HORROR, an anthology released by Vince and fellow LOTTD’er […]

A Feature Suggestion for THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT Blu-ray.

The thought first inadvertently occurred to me when I was watching Iliadis’ LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT a week ago.  I’m no projectionist and thusly cannot explain the phenomenon, but something in the apparatus was damaged, blasting scratches across the print for the entirety of its unspooling.  It bestowed upon the film a weird authenticity, […]

The Evening Write: Welcome to the SyFy Channel: We’re Clueless.

No one on the internet understands why on July 7th the Sci-Fi channel will be renamed SyFy.  I point out that no one on the Internet understands because no one in the real world gives a damn, which is why this re-branding is foolish beyond the telling of it. Personally I don’t care what they […]

The Evening Write: I Love Horror (dot net)

Brad McHargue’s site is the best horror blog you’re not reading.  I came across it not too long ago, trawled through the archives and promptly nominated it to the League of Tana Tea Drinkers.  It was of no surprise to me to see it receive a unanimous induction into the LOTTD.  I should have […]

The Evening Write: VINYAN, Fangoria, RE5 and Moon Eating Planets.

I’m thriftly acquiring a page from Drew McWeeny (he’ll always be Moriarty to me) and his Daily Read.  I make no promise that it’ll be a daily occurrence until I move to Austin and have much, much more time on my hands.  I also would not count on the content being horror exclusive nor all […]

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