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Am I the only one Concerned a Crop Circle Predicted a Solar Storm on the day KNOWING hit DVD?

Note: If you don’t care about my Tantrums & Musings, move along, this has nothing to do with horror other than it freaks me out.  If, like me, you think the world is screwed, this might interest you.

NEAR DARK DVD Re-Issue Panders to TWILIGHT Crowd.

I present to you for quick assessment two items. Immediately below is Exhibit A, a side-by-side of the TWILIGHT DVD cover and that of the new re-issue disc for the 22 year old NEAR DARK due out from Lions Gate on July 7th.  Below that is Exhibit B, a roughly 16 month view of the […]

The IFC Midnight Slate Will Put After Dark Films Out of Business.

Courtney Solomon, owner of After Dark Films and sayer/doer of stupid things, needs to open up his knowledge basket to the IFC Films release platform. When the ADF Horrorfest started three years ago it was hard to hide the hope one had for a once a year event designed to bring the horror festival experience […]

Don’t Blame TWILIGHT on the ’90s.

Scott Weinberg at his newly minted Horror Squad picked up on a vlog from Day of the Woman in which BJ-C ripped into the TWILIGHT phenomenon, so cleverly redubbed TWATLIGHT, as being a sad indicator of what the children of the ’90s are giving back to the horror world.  She went on to sing vlog […]

Bon Temps is not Sunnydale.

It was true last season when I said it.  After the Season 2 premiere, the declaration still rings true: TRUE BLOOD is the best show on television.  I’m not here to gush over the recent return to television, as engaging as it was, rather to address a comment Herc at AICN made, a comment that […]

PSA: 3-D at Home, it Does not Work, Shelve Your Hopes.

As I write this my retina still shake and resist me, my rods and cones curled fetal from trauma. I lasted roughly thirty minutes with the MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D Blu-ray.  I say lasted in an attempt to invoke the act of endurance required by said experience.  MBV3D was unarguably my most anticipated retail title […]

Spring is a Depressing Horror Rut.

Am I the only one person who thinks Spring is a depressing time for horror?  I keep watching stuff with the intention of reviewing it, but purchase no muster to do so after the mediocrity ends.  The past few attempts have been THE TELLING, THE BROKEN and RULE NUMBER ONE; all three of which I […]

Is THE STRANGERS the Most Effective Horror Movie Since BLAIR WITCH?

It wasn’t until this past Saturday that I fully realized just how strong of a film THE STRANGERS (review) is.  Seeing it in theaters elicited seat stirring and all manner of other audible audience discomfort, but seeing it in a home theater was an entirely different experience. We regularly host movie days and less than […]

Evening Write: 30+ Works I Should Have Read in 2008, Magnolia Doinks LET THE RIGHT ONE IN Subtitles

Vince Liguano passed out to the LOTTD the press release containing the finalists up for a 2008 Bram Stoker Award, which only served to make me feel an invalid.  I did not read a single title on this list.  Not one.  And that includes nominee UNSPEAKABLE HORROR, an anthology released by Vince and fellow LOTTD’er […]

This Just In: Herbert West Donkey Punched by “THE O.C.”.

The State of California Just Shit in Your Mouth. I’m not letting the burbclave of Hollywood get off with the blame on this one.  The onus is on each and every one of you citizens of the great blue state that is California to climb the nearest clock tower and put an end to this […]

Let’s talk about DEATH BELL.

To us round eye Asia has taken on a schema of quirkiness.  Like a dear friend, merely invoking its name has become a justification of manners.  Example: “He threw up in your parent’s bed?  That’s so Cody!”  “THE GIRLS REBEL FORCE OF COMPETITIVE SWIMMERS ended with a girl shooting a laser beam out of her […]

Let’s Talk About THE TRUCK.

I learned two things about Seoul today.  One is that the Korean economy is on such a dire spiral that ceiling high separation gates are being installed on subway platforms to curb the rising number of businessmen throwing themselves in front of trains.  The second is that it is damn near impossible to buy a […]

Sam Raimi Proves his Irrelevance, “13: FEAR IS REAL” Needs to be Put Down like Eight Belles.

“13: FEAR IS REAL”, a reality show on The CW produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, is an insipid crime against the senses.  A more obnoxious show the Son of Perdition himself could not design. Thirteen volunteered social amoebas are slapped in front of the cameras to run through the same formula of all […]

This is not a review, but I’d recommend reading…

… ANATHEM by Neal Stephenson. I’m making a conscious effort to divert the flow of strict science fiction from the likes of this site until a time in which it makes more sense.  There are, however, times in which I can’t bite my tounge.  ANATHEM is one such case. I actually began a review of […]

December ’08: Horror’s in Hibernation.

December is typically the slowest month of the year for horror, but few Decembers in recent memory have been this catatonic.  Usually there is at least one genre film that opens on or around Christmas (often just for artificial controversy, cough), but nope, not this go around the sun.  And DVDs?  Forget about it.  You’ve […]


Should I feel awkward sitting in a room with 200+ 13 year old girls having their first erotic cinema experience?  I’m no meteorologist, but the relative humidity in the theater went up 60% after Bella and Edward had their first kiss. Awk.  Ward.

Ha-Ha. Very Funny, Universe.

There’s not much to do at the ‘residence’ in Abidjan other than to hope the 12 foot walls with 3 foot electric fence on top of them are enough to keep you safe from the monsters that surely emerge at night, deep from unfathomable, unending piles upon piles upon kingly piles of trash that line […]

Hey, Remember When …

… “THE SIMPSONS” Tree House of Horrors episodes were good?  Because this year’s was lame.  I know “THE SIMPSONS” hasn’t been close to even B- game in a while, but one could at least count on the Halloween episode to provide a nice Springfield filter on classic genre tales. Year 19 though?  Ouch.  Flaccid TRANSFORMERS […]

“TRUE BLOOD” is the best show on television.

I’m not sure a title can be more concise than that.  Perhaps an equal sign could have saved me two words. The first episode of “TRUE BLOOD”, Alan Ball’s vampire mystery series on HBO, did not guarantee me on the series.  Network indulgent sex scenes and orotund characters in every role save the key vampire […]

Enjoy LET THE RIGHT ONE IN while I’ll be getting my head chopped off.

God damn it all. So I’m wandering over to Cinematical when I see a post from the only person named Weinberg who matters (nevermind that pussy Harvard Nobel laureate physicst Steven Weinberg) detailing the release plan for a little movie you may have heard of called LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.  You know, it’s that […]

Musings from the land where barely alive entertainment goes to die.

Qatar is a funny place.  By association the Middle East, but by personality the Persian Gulf.  A younger brother to Dubai, ‘ole Qatar is on a rickety see-saw between desperately wanting to be Western and retaining traditional Muslim beliefs.  More amusing than the Dairy Queen in the Ramada parking lot is local TV, which is […]

Of Course They’ll Remake MONSTER SQUAD, get over it.

In case you missed it, Rob “FAST AND THE FURIOUS” Cohen told BD that Paramount had finally horded together all of the proper licenses and that he would be producing a remake of THE MONSTER SQUAD.  The Internet, as it is wont to do, imploded with the soundless thud of nerds everywhere collapsing their weary […]

Incoherent Tantrum: Why don’t I like Guillermo del Toro?

I am at partial loss as to why precisely I don’t like the HELLBOY franchise or why I am unenthusiastic at best towards Guillermo del Toro.  I’m a geek.  I dig fantasy.  I dig movies.  I dig practical effects.  I dig elaborate set pieces.  However, apparently, I do not dig geeky fantasy movies with practical […]

Temper Tantrum: Why can’t Cthulhu be my roommate?

[From BoingBoing] Oh, and does that or does that not look as if it belongs to a live action “Futurama”?

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