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Introducing HND’s Halloween White Elephant!

Can you feel it? That palpable fervor in the air, that eerie drop in temperature and the prevalence of scores of leaves on the ground means that October is here, and our favorite holiday is right around the corner. To celebrate the coming of another glorious Samhain, we here at Horror’s Not Dead decided to […]

Someone is in my PHP, Haxing my Code.

Just a heads up that yesterday I noticed an instant re-direct when trying to access HND that sent me to some script kiddies’ phishing attempt to get me to download some kind of malware scanner.  I’ve looked into it and believe I’ve found the problem – some kind of mass php exploit on shared-hosting services […]

HND Giveaway: Two Copies of HALLOWEEN 2 Up for Grabs

Everyone likes free stuff and everyone wants free stuff and I happen to have some free stuff that I can give away, but not to everyone.   Unlike the JU-ON: THE GRUDGE giveaway, however, two people will end up finding their mailbox stuffed with free stuff this time around.  And if you couldn’t deduce it from […]

Who Are All These New People at HND?

As you’ve no doubt noticed, over the past month or so HND has undergone a dramatic change without really changing at all.  People other than me have been contributing reviews and editorials, which may seem frightening to you.  And that’s okay, because it frightens me too.  I don’t know who these people are or how […]

Do People Miss the Weekly News Re-Caps?

Just curious.  The reason I haven’t been doing them is because I spend all week blogging between HND (though posting has been lite lately), and now so when Sunday rolls around I, honestly, just don’t feel like doing it.  But if people miss that weekly post, I will bring it back. The other […]

New HND Column, Introducing Brian Salisbury’s A Year in Film!

I only recently met Brian Salisbury, among several other awesome Austin film peoples, but when he started to tell me about his A Year in Film project and his ultimate goal of putting it on the web I knew I had to snatch it up for HND, so I offered him a spot here whenever […]

Please Read: Changes to HND, Big and Small.

If you read strictly through an RSS feed, you will have no clue as to the changes I speak.  If you load the site on a regular basis like any decent human being would and should, you may have noticed a few tweaks around these parts.  Even if you do have it bookmarked, you’ll […]

HND Gets Married, Goes on Honeymoon, Moves to Austin.

There is going to be a bit of a downtime around HND for the next two to three weeks.  I’d apologize for this, but frankly I think my and Christine’s matrimony, honeymoon and subsequent move to Austin, TX from Northern VA needs no apology.  I just wanted to explain the absence of news posts and […]

HND Out For a Bit.

Not that I’ve been on a posting spree lately, but we’ll be in Austin for the rest of the week house hunting. As such posting will not return to normal until next week, thus I fill this space with a repost of a mesmerizing video:

PSA: HND Connectivity Sidebar

Running with a recent kick of spreading wild internets oats, I’ve added a few connectivity links in the sidebar (about half way down).  Most people will not require such paint by numbers tube directing, but you never know [coughWeinbergcough]. I’m not going the whole, “Digg this”, “Reddit This”, “Whore This” button route on every post […]

PSA: HND Joins Twitter, Forgets to Mention Facebook a Month or two ago.

I’ve given in and joined the Twitter, which you can follow me along with @PeterSHall.  I also intended to mention joining Facebook when I, ya know, joined Facebook, but then I forgot.  Should you find the need to complete the triumvirate of stalking utilities or confirm I do not weigh 900 pounds, search for petershall […]

Who Wants a Free Copy of “DEAD LIKE ME” Season 1?

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now.  About two years ago I took advantage of a DeepDiscountDVD Buy-1-Get-1-Free deal on TV shows.  I grabbed the first season of “DEAD LIKE ME” as the free companion to a season of “MILLENIUM”, watched the pilot of the former and haven’t put it in since.  […]

Horror’s Not Dead in South Korea.

Time to hit the dusty trail again.  I’ll be in Seoul for work until, possibly, February.  It’ll be my last international business trip on this contract, so its a tad bittersweet on this end.  This time around, however, I don’t have to worry about internet access or, say, armed soldiers wanting bribes late at night.  […]

Oh, Hi2u, 2009!

2008 was a good year for me personally and professionally.  Saw plenty of good flicks, made new friends (many thanks to this site.  wink.), got paid to do a job I actually enjoy.  More importantly though, 2008 put me twelve months closer to getting married and starting a new life in Austin, effectively leaving behind […]

Rut-Roh: Need Advice Wasting Money.

Despite one incident with some soldiers wanting a bribe (hell of an end to a good night), things are going just fine in Abidjan.  However, my laptop died the other night.  Completely donezo.  I’ll be back in the states on Thursday, at which point I’ll make a final decision on a replacement. I’m leaning heavily towards one of […]

Horror’s Not Dead in Africa!

I’m finally off to Abidjan for work tomorrow, so once again posting will take a bit of a down turn while I’m gone.  However, it is now a lot easier for Matt and R.J. to write in.  Matt already has three posts waiting in the wings, so there will at least be horror gaming content.  […]

Intro: New Face to the Brood

I write this to everyone to say “Hi”. I’m Matt Wells and I’ll be covering a large portion of the new horror/sci-fi game section of I’ve been a reader and comment-contributor for almost three years, brought to it when a friend from Longwood heard me talk about several horror movies and he knew Peter, […]

Site Tweaks Are Live.

I’ve no doubt you astute Barons of Intellect would have noticed in due time, but some of the oft discussed tweaks to Horror, it Be’eth Not are now live.  Most noticeable and most important is that the home page has returned to a more traditional blog format in that posts are ranked by their […]

The Return of RJ Sayer

His guest review of TRICK ‘R TREAT is right below,  I’m just bumping the last blog post off the front page so it is more visible. Tonight or tomorrow I’ll have up a series of posts from Matt W, who has been covering the horror games at the Tokyo Game Show.

I’m thinking of making some changes…

Every couple months I get ancy when it comes to my website(s).  I constantly want to tweak them, to undo some unclear inferiority no one has even commented on.  And right about now I’m due for some ancy fiddling, only this time I’d like your thoughts. First, the format.  As you’ve surely decyphered by now, […]

Horror’s Not Dead.. in Qatar! Again! So, guest writers needed, please.

In one week I’ll be returning to the part of this blue ball Earth that points perpetually towards a Sun whose brilliance the Western world knows not.  Seriously, I do not know what star shines on the Middle East, but it sure as hell isn’t the one the rest of the world gets.  That or […]

Who wants free stuff?

Thursday, right before leaving town for the weekend, I got a care package of promotional materials from Jim Kunz, director of LAN PARTY MASSACRE.  We had exchanged a few emails after my pity post and he said he would mail off a poster to hang above my desk for motivational purposes.  And he did just […]

Happy Birthday to Me!

I can feel the apoptosis flaring as every cell in my body throws a white flag in the air, for today, the day of days, Peter of the Hall turns 23.  As I feel His zero kelvin culling blade tease the few greying hairs still in defiance of my gravity defeated, thinning skin, I stave […]

The League of Tana Tea Drinkers

The tube child of John Cozzoli (Zombos Closet of Horror), the LOTTD is his (and its members) way of acknowledging genre blogs of merit. Membership is invite only, so it is with no shortage of ego that I get to confess my recent membership. I must further confess that I am honored to have been […]

Introducing the Introduction to Guest Reviews

Horror’s Not Dead is a niche blog. I don’t mean that in a reflexive sense of the genre it covers, rather an introspective look at its own culture. It has a decent sized reader base (larger if some stats are to be believed), but an even smaller base of regular, vocal commentators. The loudest of […]

HND Calendar is Live!

To make up for the absence of a DVD Guide for March is the rebirth of said guide in the form of the Horror’s Not Dead Month by Month, which is now operational at the bottom of the home page.  The Calendar, an oily bit of programming on the part of Chris (once again), is […]

Rating System Revamp and MOH Giveaway News.

Two issues of note.  The categories list has gone through a few alterations.  Some things were trimmed, some others re-arranged, but of most relevance is the new rating system.  Gone are the titles of Excellent, Good, Watchable, Bad, and Worthless.  In place is a grading scale A through F whose function I feel needs no […]

HND Giveaway! – Masters of Horror: Season One Box Set!

There has been a sealed copy of the Masters of Horror: Season One Box Set sitting with the neglected innocence of a pet rock on a chair next to my desk for over two months.  And now that the new site is up, I’m going to finally package the slightly pricey mofo and ship it […]

Things look different.

Welcome to the initial launch of the new site layout.  As you can see, things are a tad different and still in infancy.  Any bugs should be reported using that fancy, functional contact tab towards the upper right hand corner of your electronic internet viewbox.  Any positive input should also be directed solely towards me […]

Horror’s Not Dead Turns 2!

Well, on January 19th it turns two years old.  I was going to make a post about any milestones that happened in 2007 for the site, but then I looked back and saw that there were no milestones.  In fact, there were about 90 fewer posts in 2007 than there were in 2006. This is […]

Horror’s Not Dead gets engaged!, aka me, Peter Hall, proposed to Christine Andrews, girlfriend extraordinaire of 5+ years who demands we have horror marathons as often as possible.  The one-knee drop happened on December 28th, 2007 while we were on vacation in London. The answer was yes. In other obvious news, we kick ass.  And to curb any impending […]

HND on Vacation

By the by, there will be no new posts until after January 2nd as I’ve already fled the continent for vacation.  There will even be times when I don’t have internet access.  A real vacation. Enjoy the holidays.

HND on a mild hiatus. Kind of.

I have a few reviews in the can, which I will post throughout the next few weeks, but I’m likely not going to be doing any News Re-Caps with regularity and definitely won’t be doing any theatrical reviews – which is a damned shame considering this week has about a dozen horror movies in theaters […]

No, I Haven’t Seen Hatchet Yet.

A few weeks back I was questioning Adam Green’s claim that all studio eyes were on the performance of Hatchet.  I still stand by my disbelief, but I think it is only fair that I point out I was, against my word, not at the theater opening weekend.  But I, at least, have a reason. […]

Horror’s Not Dead … In London!

Well, technically not London, but Reading.  Or, even more specifically, Caversham.  You Brits have way too many names for cities/towns.  My parent’s don’t even have an address, they have a house name.  You’ve no idea how to confuse a US postal work until you try to mail a package to an address that has no […]

Horror’s Not Dead … In Panama!

Tomorrow morning I and HND regular comment leaver Chris/Ripp will be on a red eye bound for Panama via Miami.  When we’re not working over the next week or two we’ll be enjoying the thrills of being in a tropical country during its rainiest season. In addition to Anti-Malarial pills that cause vivid dreams and […]

Site Problems

As you may have noticed, there are a few glitches popping up on the site thanks, I assume, to a WordPress upgrade.  Show Comments is no longer functional, plus there is that syntax error at the top. I’d appreciate it if anyone notices any other problems, to leave a comment or shoot me an email.  […]

The Sequel to Horror’s Not Dead Needs Your Help, Maybe

I have been wanting to do an almost complete rework of the site layout for quite a while now.  I’ve looked into some templates close to what I have in mind and even started to make some progress before something distracted me.  I think it was a loud bug outside. So, my proposition to you, dearest […]

Horror’s Not Dead … In the Middle East!

Actually, it probably is considering I can’t name a single Middle Eastern horror film that isn’t a handmade video on YouTube.  By Horror’s Not Dead I simply mean me.  In the Middle East.  Hopefully that sentence will still ring true: Peter’s Not Dead .. In the Middle East! I will be traveling to Jordan for […]

Apology #…3?

I’m not sure how many times I’ve written posts that exist only to apologize for a lack of posts, but its more times than I’d like.  The writing juices just haven’t been flowing.  And I’ll give you an example why.  When trying to write a review of Sheitan, this is how the intro turned out: […]

Feb. DVD Guide?

Damn.  First Tuesday of the month and I still don’t have a DVD Guide up?  Or even last week’s news re-cap? I’m horrible. But I’ll shunt the blame on the fact that I was at a LAN all weekend.  Quake 3, CS, DOTA and finally Serious Sam took priority over even the most simple issues […]

The LAN Has Been Posted

When I told Chris, the real life counterpart of one of the characters in the film, that I was going to post the script for The LAN, he hung his head and sighed, "Don’t do it." Posting this script is basically the same thing as posting a naked picture of myself, passed out at a […]

Happy Birthday, um, me! turns 1!

I guarantee no one noticed – and chances are fair no one cares – but 365 moons ago, this site was loosed upon the intarweb.  I, Peter Hall, who holds your brave, youthful, trembling hands through the grown up’s world of horror films, televisions and writings, managed to get a ‘handful of stuff’ done. Magic, like unicorns, typically shouldn’t be exposed to […]

Yes, I’m Lazy.

I realize I haven’t written a review or any other form of original content in a week. I apologize for nothing. Except that I’m sorry. Go holidays! (?)

Horror Movies Made Me Kill My Family

No matter how hard I strained, the sinew and the bone had limits.  In the equation of possibilities, the yield was naught.  I was powerless.  Powerless to reach the top of the crib.  Reach over it.  Past it.  Through it. To the toy beyond.  I have zero memory of what toy it was.  To place […]

I Spit On Your Movie Fives by Me

If you head on over to the genre blog with the best title ever, I Spit on Your Movie, you can read my contribution to the great, ongoing ISOYM Fives series.  If it isn’t clear from the title, I picked my five favorite films based on stories you probably haven’t read.

New Short Story Posted

I kind of assumed no one read the Stories and Scripts section of the site, until a comment was recently left on the only story in there.  So, to put something new up I’ve posted a 20 page short script I wrote when I was 19 (man, that seems forever ago).  I’ll just repost the […]

HND First Ever VHS Giveaway!

Yeah, that’s right.  Other, more profitable sites, can giveaway those dangfangled Digital Versatile Discs of the latest Hollywood attempts at horror, but can they giveaway the good stuff? As far as I’m concerned, nothing beats a good ole VHS clamshell case like you’d get from a video store.  And it just so happens that my […]

A Small Site Update

Sorry, yet again, for the lack of updates over the past week (other than the weekly re-cap).  Verizon is still unable to get off their ass and actually do something about it, so I have to slide onto friends’ computers to use the internet. I do have multiple reviews in store, including, but not limited […]

New Site Section

I finally got around to adding a page to the site for fiction I’ve written in the past.  It’s on the right, under Quick Archives, in case that wasn’t obvious enough. Right now it only has one short (very short) story in it, but I will eventually add more, regardless if people want to read […]

It’ll Be Slow

Just a heads up for anyone dying for new reviews.  Since I’ll be moving back up north over the next couple days, I won’t have a chance to watch anything or write anything until next week. I know you’re dying inside because of it.  I am too.

HND on Anchor Bay

Now it’s no quote on a DVD cover or movie poster, yet, but I was actually asked by a representative for Anchor Bay if I would give them permission to use an excerpt from my review of Cemetery Man on their website.  Given how much I respect Anchor Bay as not only champions of the […]

Pop Quiz, What to do?

First off, apologies for a lack of intense posting over the past week or so (I’m on my own vacation, thanks), but I just wanted to gauge people’s interest on something.   Usually I only post news/trailers/posters that I think are worth checking out for one reason or another, but I was just wondering if people […]

Site Improvements

Just wanted to throw out there that I fixed the problem with commenting on posts, which by luck fixed the problem with viewing the sidebar properly when reading a single post. So, feel free to comment all over the place. I thought before people just hated my writing, but I guess no one was actually […]

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