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Ice Cream’s Not Dead: Little Baby’s Ice Cream Goes for the Total Freak-Out

There ain’t no cure for the Summertime blues like ice cream! And this happens to be the single most disturbing, uncomfortable, creepy ice cream advertisement in the product’s history. Horror filmmakers, take note. This clip for Little Baby’s Ice Cream is more genuinely terrifying than most feature-length horror films. (Source: The Laughing Squid)

This is Probably Viral Marketing for DISTRICT 9. I Hope So.

I created the Shit Just Got Real tag precisely for videos like this.  Unfortunately I don’t think this captured video feed of an “unknown life form” in a sewer on YouTube has a gasp of truth to its slimey breathing.  Not when DISTRICT 9, the alien invasion flick produced by Peter Jackson, is on the […]

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