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Ice Cream’s Not Dead: Little Baby’s Ice Cream Goes for the Total Freak-Out

There ain’t no cure for the Summertime blues like ice cream! And this happens to be the single most disturbing, uncomfortable, creepy ice cream advertisement in the product’s history. Horror filmmakers, take note. This clip for Little Baby’s Ice Cream is more genuinely terrifying than most feature-length horror films. (Source: The Laughing Squid)

Engrish Makes Everything Better: Trailer for THE UNBELIEVABLE.

Brace yourselves, what I’m about to show you is a trailer for THE UNBELIEVABLE, “A documentary film of an alternate dimension”.  If I understand things correctly, it’s just a feature length compilation of stuff from a television show chronicling maybe-but-probably-not true hauntings and what nots.  I actually saw part of the show in my hotel […]

Am I the only one Concerned a Crop Circle Predicted a Solar Storm on the day KNOWING hit DVD?

Note: If you don’t care about my Tantrums & Musings, move along, this has nothing to do with horror other than it freaks me out.  If, like me, you think the world is screwed, this might interest you.

Update: Sewer Monster is Not Viral Marketing, Still Creepy.

I jumped the gun claiming the video of an ‘unknown life form’ clinging to the walls of a sewer line was not only viral marketing, but viral marketing for DISTRICT 9.  Turns out the video is A) 100% real and b) still without unanimous identification. The original YouTube user that posted the video has since […]

This is Probably Viral Marketing for DISTRICT 9. I Hope So.

I created the Shit Just Got Real tag precisely for videos like this.  Unfortunately I don’t think this captured video feed of an “unknown life form” in a sewer on YouTube has a gasp of truth to its slimey breathing.  Not when DISTRICT 9, the alien invasion flick produced by Peter Jackson, is on the […]

SJGR Friday: Freddy Krueger’s Father

A few days ago YouTube user Edarem made a hit on Reddit with his insanely creepy rendition of “Pretty Woman”.  Creepier still, a Reddit user confirmed what everyone instantly suspected looking at the frazzled shell of a man: Registered Sex Offender.  Which brings me to today and my apology for posting the below video, which […]

Paleontologists Keep Giving the SyFy Channel Free Material.

A few months ago researchers unearthed the monstrous skeleton of a 42 foot long gigantosnake and conveniently named in Titanoboa.  I just now came across the news, but a few months earlier paleontologists uncovered the fossilized skeleton of a, “massive sea monster“. With a head not unlike the modern crocodile, this 45 tonne behemoth of […]

UPDATE FROM AIR FORCE: SJGR: Make Your Time, Invasion has Begun. MD, VA, NC First to Fall.

UPDATE: As Kevin pointed out in the comments yesterday, an initial response from the U.S. Naval Observatory said it was caused by a Russian rocket re-entering the atmosphere (more specifically, the booster from Soyuz docking with the ISS on Saturday).  The United States Air Force, however, thinks otherwise.  A representative from the Joint Space Operations […]

SJGR: Phone Crazies, Sound Waves Controlling Your Mind Grapes Nears.

“In October, Tyler and his colleagues reported that they had used low-power, low-frequency ultrasound to stimulate activity in thin slices of brain tissue preserved on slides; by early November, the team had performed an experiment on a live mouse in which they induced involuntary movement by stimulating certain regions of the mouse’s brain from outside […]

Get The Fuck Out of the Ocean. Unexplainable Giant Shrimp is Much, Much Scarier Than It Sounds.

I assure you that at seven seconds into this video your brain will compute the phrase, “What in The Fuck is that?” Don’t worry, you’re in good company; scientists and biologists the world over are wondering the same thing. Blog. Original Story. via Reddit.

42 Foot, 1.3 Ton Pre-Historic Snake Fossil Uncovered, Named Titanoboa. Your Move, Sci-Fi Channel.

Pictured above are similar vertebrae sections of two snakes.  The dwarfed sample on the left is from an anaconda, the sample on the right is from titanoboa.  Existing after the fall of dinosaurs some 58-60 million years ago and subsisting on a diet of crocodiles, the cold-blooded behemoth likely thrived because of the markedly hotter […]

“… for the screams

… of the frightened gods have turned to laughter,” Jump 18 seconds in.  Go abyss!

“It Seemed to be a Sort of Monster,

or symbol representing a monster, of a form which only a diseased fancy could conceive. If I say that my somewhat extravagant imagination yielded simultaneous pictures of an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature, I shall not be unfaithful to the spirit of the thing.”

Tonight’s Nightmare Sponsored by… The Frilled Shark

I dig Cryptozoology like Mario digs plumbing.  I’m obsessed with the oddities of the natural world, especially the aliens that try to pass themselves off as sea creatures.  There are beasts down there that turn the ocean into an underwater Thunder Dome that I fear out of divine respect. The Frilled Shark is just one […]

A Follow Up to Some REAL Horror

About a month ago I posted some stills from Life in the Undergrowth of a giant African centipede that catches bats mid air and eats them. Well now, thanks to my good buddy Pablo, who is so nice that he selflessly shared this nightmare, you can watch this hell spawn eat a live mouse! Sleep […]

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