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MONSTERS Review [SXSW2010 Roundup]

[In case you haven’t noticed, things are slack at HND these days, so since I realize not everyone follows the other sites I write for, I am now committing myself to cross linking all my genre coverage at Cinematical, Horror Squad and Sci-Fi Squad here.  Operation: Climb Back Up Google Rankings begins with SXSW 2010 […]

THE BOOK OF ELI Review. [Bloody Good Post-Apocalyptic]

Directed by Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes, 2010 Written by Gary Whitta I’m an easy sell on a lot of things and I have a lot of soft spots.  Horror movies shot entirely in daylight…movies set in a single location…movies starring Lance Henriksen…Syfy Original Movies… all of these start off with a halo in my […]

AVATAR Review. [Sci-Fi Squad Interruption]

[Because I wish even the most skeptical of skeptics would experience this on the big screen, I’m plugging my SFS review of Avatar here.  And also because this is my site and I do what I wants.] The buzz and buzzkill leading up to Avatar, it turns out, found inadequate purchase now that the world […]

DAYBREAKERS Review. [Fantastic Fest 2009]

Written and Directed by Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig, 2009 When I first saw the trailer for DAYBREAKERS, the Spierig brother’s follow-up to their freshman film UNDEAD, I thought two things about their take on a world overrun by vampires in dire need of some new human blood.  First, that looks a hell of a […]

Woah There, Switzerland. Where You Been Hiding CARGO?

Did I miss something?  When did Switzerland start making badass looking sci-fi films?  Step aside, PANDORUM, this is how you get shit done:

DISTRICT 9, Review – You Will See This Movie.

Directed by Neill Blomkamp, 2009 Written by Neill Blomkamp & Terri Tatchell DISTRICT 9 will end up being one of the most remembered films of 2009, as well it should be.  Not because it’s perfect, sorry to say, but because it’s a barrier breaker.  For the hardened fans of fantastic cinema, D9 will be a […]

Short Film MANIFEST DESTINY is Good Filler.

MANIFEST DESTINY from Darrell and Doug Waters on Vimeo.

Am I the only one Concerned a Crop Circle Predicted a Solar Storm on the day KNOWING hit DVD?

Note: If you don’t care about my Tantrums & Musings, move along, this has nothing to do with horror other than it freaks me out.  If, like me, you think the world is screwed, this might interest you.

DVR Alert: Ron Moore’s Sci-Fi Pilot VIRTUALITY Premieres Tonight on Fox.

Who: Series created by BATTLESTAR GALACTICA resurrector (and one time THE THING remake writer) Ron D. Moore.  Pilot directed by FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS producer-cum-blockbuster helmer Peter Berg.  Starring Sienna Guillory, Clea DuVall, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Jimmi “Liam McPoyle” Simpson. What: Two hour pilot for a proposed science fiction series about the pangalactic travels of a […]

May 2009 Horror DVD and Blu-ray List.

May 5th There are only two standard definition titles of the week that I recognize.  MUM & DAD is a British import that got some modest appreciation on the fest circuit.  The other is a flick called THE 8TH PLAGUE, which has found its way in this DVD guide well over a year ago.   I’ve […]


Directed by Ben Rock, 2008 Written by Julia Fair, David Simkins I suppose I could listen to the audio commentary that director Ben Rock posted online not too long ago and find an answer, but I wonder if the original script for ALIEN RAIDERS bore the same title.  Even if it was intentional, a moniker […]

Stunning Short Sci-Fi Film HEMLOCK, Someone Give Tyson Ibele a Job.

No prelude other than to say this is student film from a self-taught CGI artist named Tyson Ibele and is more engaging in under 4 minutes than most films are at 90. via BoingBoing.

Finally OUTLANDER has a release date.

I keep mumbling to the wall that I’m going to ween myself off of non-horror related Sci-Fi postings, but apparently I am incapable of such a promise.  Also, since showing the trailer for vikings vs. spaceman vs. alien flick OUTLANDER to some friends a few months ago, without fail someone will ask me every two […]

Review: TIMECRIMES (Los Cronocrímenes)

Written and Directed by Nacho Vigalondo, 2007 Time travel is a hobby of mine. Well, in theory. Whether approaching it with the mind of a scientist or the mind of a storyteller, it is the ultimate logic puzzle.  The intricacies of cause and effect across multiple planes of existence, the construction (and, conversely, deconstruction) of […]

This is not a review, but I’d recommend reading…

… ANATHEM by Neal Stephenson. I’m making a conscious effort to divert the flow of strict science fiction from the likes of this site until a time in which it makes more sense.  There are, however, times in which I can’t bite my tounge.  ANATHEM is one such case. I actually began a review of […]


Directed by Ole Bornedal, 2007 Written by Ole Bornedal, Henrik Prip There is a lot in this world I do not have a full grasp of.  Quantum computing, fluid dynamics, the undetermined arrival of The Singularity, chirality, and John McCain.  But the angry living dead aside, there is much I have taken the reins on, […]

Reviews: DEAD SPACE (Video Game)

No, that is not a typo in the title, for the first time ever HND has multiple reviews for the same item.  Today we talk DEAD SPACE, a survival horror video game on 360, PS3 and PC from Electronic Arts.  I’ve always wanted to have multiple perspectives on the same thing run at the same […]

Sci-Fi Fix: Time Traveling N00bs, Plus the Pack Mule of the Robopocalypse

If you are a regular reader of BoingBoing or several other counter-culture blogs, there are strong odds you’ve absorbed these already.  Lessthenone, I bring them to the front of the classroom. "Wikihistory" is a sharp short story from a fellow named Desmond Warzel.  Written in the style of excerpts from the "International Association of Time […]

Review: Ghost Voyage

Directed by James Oxford, 2008Written by (IMDB doesn’t even know) I would like to pretend that I Tivo’ed this past Saturday’s Sci-Fi channel premiere film, Ghost Voyage, as a lark. Please, grant me that fantasy. Ignore the reality. Ignore that we watched this as it aired, which is to say we watched the death of […]

Review: Cloverfield

Directed by Matt Reeves, 2007Written by Drew Goddard The bittersweet truth of Cloverfield is that the fans were right and the filmmakers were wrong half-right. With the materialization of a vague teaser trailer before Transformers, JJ Abrams opened the gates to an empty amusement park and proceeded to tell no one what they were allowed […]

Review: The Man From Earth

Directed by Richard Schenkman, 2007Written by Jerome Bixby In my November DVD guide I said this of The Man From Earth: Lastly what I’m going to go ahead and call the genre release of the month.  An indie film I’ve written about before: The Man From Earth.  It is a straight Sci-Fi story with classic […]

Review: Ice Spiders

Directed by Tibor Takács, 2007Written by Eric Miller Remember Patrick Muldoon, the douchebaggy pilot who tried to break up the star crossed love of Casper Van Dien and Denise Richards in Starship Troopers?  Ever wondered what he was up to these days?  Ice Spiders.  Yes, Ice Spiders.  Ice Fucking Spiders is what he is up […]

Review: Sunshine

Directed by Danny Boyle, 2007Written by Alex Garland Confession: I like Sci-Fi more than I do Horror.  Considerably more, actually, but true Science Fiction, good or bad, is also considerably rarer.   Which is why it gives me great pleasure to write about Sunshine.  Not only do I get to  talk about something different for a […]

Review: Lake Placid 2

Directed by David Flores, 2007Written by Todd Hurvitz, Howie Miller I am not going to bother wasting my time writing a formal review of Lake Placid 2.  I am simply going to transcribe the first 2 minutes of the script, anything else you need to know can be extrapolated from this inspired exchange: "Man, this […]

Lake Placid 2 World Premiere Tonight!

One of my favorite guilty pleasures for weekend, when I’m going to have the TV on all day and nothing crucial to do is to just plop on Sci-Fi, because we all know the Sci-Fi Channel has got the market cornered on sheer cable movie awesome.  Remember that movie you fell asleep watching somewhere somewhen […]

Review: Altered

Directed by Eduardo Sánchez, 2006 Written by Jamie Nash, Eduardo Sánchez I don’t care what anyone says these days.  I don’t care if they pull the, “I knew it was fake” or, “You never even saw anything, just some guy standing in the corner” – The Blair Witch Project was and still is a damned […]

Review: “The Lost Room” Mini-Series

Directed by Craig R. Baxley, Michael W. Watkins 2006Written by Laura Harkcom, Christopher Leone, Paul Workman The Sci-Fi Channel has got heart and I love ’em for it, but their track record on original productions is pretty spotty.  Which is why it brings me great, great joy to tell you, kind reader, that The Lost […]

Book Review: Next

Written by Michael Crichton, 2006 You may be wondering why I’m reviewing a Michael Crichton book on a horror website.  The man writes almost exclusively in the vein of corporate thrillers based around some wacky, out of control, fringe science of the very near future. Well, if you must know, I happen to like wacky, […]

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