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Things I Learned from MALIBU SHARK ATTACK.

Goblin Sharks are: Prehistoric, Once thought to be extinct, Unseen for millions of years, “probably blind”, but have “electrosensory organs”, Not bothered by nail guns or rotary saws, Goblin Sharks can: Eat anyone just by swimming towards them, no need to actually bite, Phase shift themselves through wood floors when convenient, Swim faster than a […]


Directed by Jeff Renfroe, 2009 Written by Raul Inglis When the Sci-Fi Channel announced a campaign to re-brand itself as Syfy even non-fans scoffed at the silly name change.  When a representative for the network was asked on Twitter why the change was made and how it would impact programming, the official answer was, “Syfy […]

If it can eat a Helicopter, Don’t Call it a Serpent.

I know where I’ll be Saturday night.

100 FEET on Sci-Fi Tonight, Sunday, by the way.

Just a heads up that Sci-Fi is airing Eric Red’s return to the field, the Famke Janssen starring ghosty 100 FEET (review) tonight (4/26/09) at 9 Eastern.  I’ve no idea what their for TV edits consist of, but the movie boasts a few standout sequences that make it worth a watch. Weather out on the […]

42 Foot, 1.3 Ton Pre-Historic Snake Fossil Uncovered, Named Titanoboa. Your Move, Sci-Fi Channel.

Pictured above are similar vertebrae sections of two snakes.  The dwarfed sample on the left is from an anaconda, the sample on the right is from titanoboa.  Existing after the fall of dinosaurs some 58-60 million years ago and subsisting on a diet of crocodiles, the cold-blooded behemoth likely thrived because of the markedly hotter […]


Directed by Danny Lerner, 2008 Written by Les Weldon I cannot review SHARK IN VENICE so much as I can form sentences under a headline that categorizes said words as a review.  Danny Lerner’s 84 minutes of strung together visuals do not qualify as a film.  To be fair, I have no clue what they […]

Someone get me an agent, the Sci-Fi channel needs me…

…and I need it. Sci-Fi channel announced a slate of new projects and I couldn’t be more diametrically energized by it.  A few new scripted shows from established talent (Bryan Singer and David O. Russell both have shows in development), even more small cap episodes of reality TV and then this bombshell; 50% more Sci-Fi […]

“We have sharks inside buildings as well.”

Just when you thought the Sci-Fi channel could not get any dumber, they go and do something like this…. and totally redeem themselves! The this being GOBLIN SHARK ATTACK. Fangoria has an article up on the film and I must say, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a movie about goblin sharks. […]

Review: Rock Monster

Directed by Declan O’Brien, 2008Written by Berkeley Anderson, Ron Fernandez I’ll never forget a quiz from a geology lesson in a sixth grade science class.  One question stands out to this day; "What is the difference between a rock and a mineral?"  Faced with such a diabolical question, the girl to my left – I’ve […]

Review: Ghost Voyage

Directed by James Oxford, 2008Written by (IMDB doesn’t even know) I would like to pretend that I Tivo’ed this past Saturday’s Sci-Fi channel premiere film, Ghost Voyage, as a lark. Please, grant me that fantasy. Ignore the reality. Ignore that we watched this as it aired, which is to say we watched the death of […]

Review: “The Lost Room” Mini-Series

Directed by Craig R. Baxley, Michael W. Watkins 2006Written by Laura Harkcom, Christopher Leone, Paul Workman The Sci-Fi Channel has got heart and I love ’em for it, but their track record on original productions is pretty spotty.  Which is why it brings me great, great joy to tell you, kind reader, that The Lost […]

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