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‘Dark Shadows’ Review: Talky, Chalky Depp Leads 70’s Style Clash

Dark Shadows fans, worried that Tim Burton has turned your beloved TV show into something funny? Don’t worry. He hasn’t. Welcome to Collinsport, a sleepy Maine fishing town, home of the supernaturally troubled Collins family and their long lost vampiric relative from centuries ago, Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp). In his younger days, Barnabas made the […]

HUMAN CENTIPEDE Review. [Fantastic Fest 2009]

Written and Directed by Tom Six, 2009 There’s no reason you should know this, but the only dedicated THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE (FIRST SEQUENCE) post ever on has been one of the most trafficked posts on this site.  Apparently people enjoy reading about a mad scientist that kidnaps three people, cuts the muscle tissue connecting […]

AMERICAN ZOMBIE Review. [Netflix Watch Instantly]

Directed by Grace Lee, 2007 Written by Grace Lee, Rebecca Sonnenshine Mockumentaries as anything other than comedy are damn near impossible to get right. A self-serious mockumentary, as with a horror movie without scares, is a recipe for disaster. Alas, AMERICAN ZOMBIE avoids failure on an epic level (something another recent zombiementary, THE ZOMBIE DIARIES […]


Directed by Roger Spottiswoode, 1980 Written by T.Y. Drake If you take a look back at the statistics regarding leading causes of teenage and young adult deaths in the year 1980 you’re likely going to see something like the following: Motor Vehicle Accidents Firearms Secondary role in a Jamie Lee Curtis film Malignant Neoplasm Befriending […]


Directed by Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel, 2008 Written by Trent Haaga Before watching DEADGIRL I was reading a recap at of Fangoria’s most recent Weekend of Horrors in NYC.  Jon was recounting actors and directors across multiple panels who all lamented America’s new remake fueled industry, an industry that leaves no room for […]


Directed by Toby Wilkins, 2008 Written by Kai Barry, Ian Shorr SPLINTER is the most frustrating horror film of 2008.  Kair Barry and Ian Shorr’s script has interesting material, but it is Toby Wilkins direction of said sequences that makes SPLINTER borderline intolerable. I love independent horror.  I love the resourcefulness of filmmakers who ebb […]


Directed by Pil-Sung Yim, 2007 Written Pil-Sung Yim, Min-sook Kim I once suckled on the cinematic teet of Asia.  Dramas, romantic comedies, action, horror – I was all over it.  Three years later, I’m all but over it.  I wish I knew whether it was me or the movies that changed, but they just don’t […]


Written and Directed by Edward Neumeier, 2008 I’m sure there is someone out there who is a greater STARSHIP TROOPERS fan than I, who has a replica ‘Death From Above’ tattoo on their right bicep, but this clay tablet remains; before undergoing eye surgery, I chose STARSHIP TROOPERS to be the last film I potentially […]

Review: DEVOUR

Directed by David Winkler, 2005 Written by Adam Gross, Seth Gross The stuff found trawling through On Demand. The plot description spoke of a deadly online game. The cast list included Jensen Ackles, Shannyn Sossamon, Dominique Swain and “Bill Sadler”. The running time was 90 minutes, a perfect match for the 90 minutes I was […]


Directed by Albert Pyun, 2005 Written by Cynthia Curnan This INVASION film spent years under the title INFECTION before its US DVD release. I am not sure why the name was changed. I feel that INFECTION and INVASION are both capable of referring to extra terrestrial maladies, yet neither is any more original or any […]


Directed by Matt Cooper, Martin Kunert, David Semel, 1997 Written by Martin Kunert, Eric Manes, Matt Cooper How does one review a piece of horror best described as cute? I’ve got no problems with CAMPFIRE TALES, which may as well be the Showtime version of “ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?”. I’m sure they had […]

Review: Hostel: Part II

Written and Directed by Eli Roth, 2007 Are you or have you ever been a dog owner?  Has said dog ever had problems with diarrhea?  Were you relieved when he or she returned to depositing firm mounds?  If yes, Congratulations, you can now relate to what HOSTEL: PART 2 is! Is it appropriate to commend […]

Review: Mulberry Street

Directed by Jim Mickle, 2007Written by Nick Damici and Jim Mickle Hand picked for last year’s After Dark Horrorfest, Mulberry Street – the epileptic feature film debut of  Jim Mickle – features rats in Manhattan biting people and, by process of an unaccountable plot, turning the infected into ‘roided up rat-esque creatures. Set in and […]

Review: Tamara

Directed by Jeremy Haft, 2005 It’s a pity when writing a review for a movie becomes an obligatory chore.  I know Jeffrey Reddick and Jeremy Haft put a lot of love into Tamara.  It’s the only recent Indie teen "slasher" I can think of that was actually shot on film and recieved a small – […]

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