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Horror News: Joan Allen Thinks She Has ‘A Good Marriage’

Stephen King was my first real entrance into the world of horror. When I was in ninth grade, I convinced my English teacher to let me read The Stand for my assigned reading, even though it wasn’t “AP-approved.” My powers of persuasion may rival those of Randall Flagg, but I digress. Joan Allen will star […]

Horror News: New One-Sheet for ‘The Collection’

Throughout my education and training, I have always been taught to watch for the smallest details. The international one-sheet for The Collection, the sequel to The Collector, has been released. The film is directed by Marcus Dunstan, who also co-wrote the film with Patrick Melton. After escaping from the Collector, protagonist Arkin (Josh Stewart) is […]

Horror News: Enter the ‘Citadel’ by Watching the Teaser

There are two types of horror protagonists. The first are well-armed, well-trained, and unstoppable. Demons? Hollow points filled with holy water. Zombies? Cannon fodder. Mighty Cthulhu? Airstrike. These characters may break a sweat, and they may bleed, but in the end, they’ll light a cigar, utter a macho pun, and strut on to the sequel. […]

Horror News: ‘The Apparition’ Trailer and Pics Show Potential

Sometimes, I find trailers more entertaining than the finished product. Nevertheless, I continue to hope for the best. When the writing and acting in modern horror films finally manages to match the imagery, atmosphere, and visual effects that draw us into the theaters, we will enter the real golden age of the genre. Of course, […]

Horror News: The Weekly Offering

Welcome, mortals, to The Weekly Offering. Here, we present our dark gifts in hopes that we please the Ancient Ones, that they might spare us. They are satisfied with our humble sacrifices of news, images, reviews, and commentary through the week, but on Fridays, they desire more. Their weekends, their unholy Sabbath, know no bounds. […]

Horror News: You May Go Into Shock After Seeing These ‘Aftershock’ Pics

What is it that holds society together? I would hypothesize that the answer to that question has changed over time. A thousand years ago, it was stone. Today, it’s concrete and steel. And no, I am not speaking in just a literal sense. When the great societies that we have built begin to crumble around […]

Horror News: Journey to Universal Studios to Visit ‘Silent Hill’

Every Halloween season, I make my pilgrimage to any haunted house of repute that I can afford to attend. My ultimate goal is to feel absolute fear, confront it, slay it, and triumph over it. As I get older, and as my mind grows harder to the horrors I face at my day job, it […]

Horror News: The Weekly Offering

Welcome, mortals, to The Weekly Offering. Here, we present our dark gifts in hopes that we please the Ancient Ones, that they might spare us. They are satisfied with our humble sacrifices of news, images, reviews, and commentary through the week, but on Fridays, they desire more. Their weekends, their unholy Sabbath, know no bounds. […]

Horror News: Scott Snyder Will Bring Back The Joker

When I was introduced to comics (which was not so long ago), I was given one piece of crucial advice: The author and the artist are much more important than the subject or protagonist. And yet, sometimes, you can have the best of both worlds. Horror has been making its presence known in the comic […]

Horror News: Digitally Torture Your Real-Life Enemies with ‘Spinferno’

We all have someone whom we want to see bleed. It may be your boss. It may be that psycho ex. It may be that so-called “celebrity” everyone’s always talking about. Well, for a few spare dollars, you can make your dark, twisted fantasies a digital reality. Chris Crane had a delightfully macabre thought. How […]

Horror News: Bloody Good Image from ‘The Human Race’

In preparation for the Fantasia International Film Festival, an image has been released for The Human Race. Director Paul Hough’s latest film finds a group of people competing in a sinister marathon where the rules are excessively brutal, but all too familiar: “If you are lapped, you die. If you step off the path, you […]

Horror News: A ‘Sinister’ Trailer

Sometimes, despite everything, you still have to remain optimistic. The trailer for Sinister has made its grisly debut. I have to say, my attention is piqued, despite the fact that the credits attached to the film have me more than a little concerned. To begin with, the director and co-writer is Scott Derrickson, best known […]

Horror News: ‘V/H/S’ Trailer in Glorious Blood-Red Band

You wanted more? You weren’t the only ones. Last week, we offered the new poster for V/H/S as a humble sacrifice to the Ancient Ones. They were pleased, but demanded more. And now, we offer the official red band trailer direct from Yahoo! movie trailers. In my experience, found footage films are like that sexy, […]

Horror News: The Weekly Offering

Welcome, mortals, to The Weekly Offering. Here, we present our dark gifts in hopes that we please the Ancient Ones, that they might spare us. They are satisfied with our humble sacrifices of news, images, reviews, and commentary through the week, but on Fridays, they desire more. Their weekends, their unholy Sabbath, know no bounds. […]

Horror News: ‘Antiviral’ Gets U.S. Release

It seems that horror runs in the family. Brandon Cronenberg, son of David Cronenberg (The Dead Zone, The Fly), made his debut at the Cannes Film Festival with Antiviral. Now, IFC Midnight has obtained the rights to distribute the film in the United States. Cronenberg, the younger, also wrote the screenplay, and the film stars […]

The Roving Eye Is Fixed On The ‘Skyfall’ Teaser Trailer

Recently, we here at Horror’s Not Dead created The Roving Eye as our compartment in which to store news, reviews, and reactions to genre fare that doesn’t quite fit into the horror mold. Lucky we did, because the teaser trailer for Sam Mendes’ ‘Skyfall,’ the 23rd chapter of the Bond saga, has just landed online […]

Horror News: Peter Weir May Lock Us In ‘The Keep’

There are many types of horror films. There are zombies, serial killers, demons, and things that go bump in the night. But few things can reach into the deepest realms of our minds and raise our pulses quite like the cold touch of the specter; the chill piercing the lungs like frozen needles. Oh, yes. […]

Horror News: The Weekly Offering

Welcome, mortals, to The Weekly Offering. Here, we present our dark gifts in hopes that we please the Ancient Ones, that they might spare us. They are satisfied with our humble sacrifices of news, images, reviews, and commentary through the week, but on Fridays, they desire more. Their weekends, their unholy Sabbath, know no bounds. […]

Horror News: ‘Hoax Hunters #1’ Coming Soon

Monsters are real. This we know, but even the most avid horror fanatics grow weary of the overeager and ultimately unscientific methods by which those graced with television presence attempt to prove the existence of said monsters. So, how could anyone possibly make this done to death idea any good? Simple. Turn everything backwards. Hoax […]

Horror News: Neil Marshall May Captain ‘The Demeter’

Dark, disturbing, claustrophobic, and suffocating, like a dead, decomposing albatross draped upon the shoulders of the subconscious. Neil Marshall’s The Descent was more than just another film about creatures that go bump in the dark. The primal, brutal, disgusting nature of the creatures forced the civilized protagonists to bury their modern sensibilities in order to […]

Horror News: The Weekly Offering

Welcome, mortals, to The Weekly Offering. Here, we present our dark gifts in hopes that we please the Ancient Ones, that they might spare us. They are satisfied with our humble sacrifices of news, images, reviews, and commentary through the week, but on Fridays, they desire more. Their weekends, their unholy Sabbath, know no bounds. […]

Horror News: Lovecraftian Monsters in the Style of Gorey

Saying that I enjoy art is like saying that a zombie occasionally indulges in cerebral gray matter. Saying that I am fond of Lovecraft mythology would be like implying that Nosferatu was partial to AB positive. So when I saw this collection of Lovecraftian monsters drawn in the style of Edward Gorey, the part of […]

Horror News: Conflict Looms Over ‘Evil Dead’

Like a chainsaw arm to a zombie skull, the ugly demon of civil lawsuits has once again cut its way into the news. And this time, I’m fairly certain I know whose side we’re all on. A legal battle has erupted over the rights to a fourth Evil Dead film. When Sam Raimi and Renaissance […]

Horror News: New Pic From ‘Chernobyl Diaries’

You have haunted houses. You have ghost towns. But how about an entire city crawling with the shadows of the dead and the damned? Enter Pripyat, Ukraine. A new still has been released from the upcoming film Chernobyl Diaries, from Alcon and FilmNation. Keeping us in the dark, literally and figuratively, the picture offers us […]

Horror News: Will Seth Rogen Survive the Apocalypse?

People may say that horror movies don’t feel real. “These are just actors. This is just a movie. It’s not really happening.” Is it? Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are teaming up again to bring us the End of the World. Inspired by a short film entitled Jay and Seth vs the Apocalypse, the film […]

Last Week in Horror Movie News: February 28th to March 7th

Theatrical News and Clips SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD – Red Band trailer. AFTER.LIFE – Liam Neeson hold’s Christina Ricci’s ghost hostage. Studio News and Attachments SPLICE – Warner Brother’s Dark Castle division will be putting out Vincenzo Natali’s well-buzzed sci-fi/horror hybrid SPLICE this June with a few alterations in place from its last screening at […]

Last Week in Horror News: January 17th to the 24th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION – After Dark rolls out a new trailer for their Horrorfest titles. HIDDEN – One of the ADF Horrorfest titles I’ve seen.  Not bad, kinda slow. THE REEDS – Chalk up another ADF title. THE FINAL – One more ADF Horrorfest trailer. BURIED – I believe I […]

Last Week in Horror News: December 6th to the 13th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips THE CRAZIES – Second trailer. SOLOMON KANE – A cool clip from the movie, which still lacks distribution in the States but since it is a sold, dark fantasy flick, I’m putting it here out of hope. Studio News and Attachments MIRRORS 2 – The Nick Stahl starring sequel to Alexandre […]

Last Week in Horror News: November 29th to December 6th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips CASE 39 – Two new clips for the long-shelved Renee Zellweger, Bradley Cooper and Ian McShane thriller. DAYBREAKERS – A new teaser spot for the damned fine flick out in January.  Review here. Studio News and Attachments ZOMBIELAND 2 – Is official and will be shot in 3D.  Woody Harrelson and […]

Last Week in Horror News: 9/13-9/20

Theatrical Trailers and Clips PARANORMAL ACTIVITY – Trailer SAW VI – TV spot Studio News and Attachments HEREAFTER – Matt Damon will star in Clint Eastwood’s next directorial outing, a supernatural thriller produced by DreamWorks. SILENT HILL 2 – Roger Avary and producer Samuel Hadida will be returning to the franchise.  No director or cast […]

Last Week in Horror News: 9/6 – 9/13

Theatrical Trailers and Clips ANTICHRIST – New trailer, now you can preview tree-of-human-limb sex in HD! SOLOMON KANE – Trailer for the sweet-ass looking upcoming fantasy film.  Weinberg just saw it at TIFF and dug it. PANDORUM – Clip Studio News and Attachments FRANKENWEENIE – Tim Burton’s feature length adaptation of his re-animated dog short […]

Last Week in Horror News: 8/23 to 8/30

Theatrical Trailers and Clips THE DESCENT: PART 2 – I’m just going to assume this is going to end up in theaters.  A lot of people are shitting on this trailer, but I dig the idea of having her go back down in the caves, which is surprising considering I still hate that stupid movie. […]

PSA: Brad Anderson’s SESSION 9 is on Hulu.

One of these days I’ll round up a master list of all the great horror titles available (legally) on the Internet, but until then you’ll have to suffice with me having just crossed paths with SESSION 9 on Hulu.  I don’t think I need to tell anyone how great the movie is, you’re all at […]

Last Week in Horror News: July 12th to the 19th.

Theatrical Trailers and Clips JENNIFER’S BODY – The Green Band trailer. Studio News and Attachments SAW VII – Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are, of course, writing a seventh SAW movie.  A seventh SAW movie!! WORLD WAR Z – J. Michael Straczynski’s screenplay for WORLD WAR Z is getting a rewrite from THE KINGDOM scribe […]

Uh, Wait, What? Plot for HUMAN CENTIPEDE Blows My Mind.

[UPDATE: Read my HUMAN CENTIPEDE review right here.] I came across some photos for the Dutch/UK co-production HUMAN CENTIPIEDE the other day, but I had no idea the context. After a stop by Quiet Earth my mind has been blown.  And now it shall claim your sanity as well: Internationally respected Siamese twin surgeon Dr. […]

Last Week in Horror News: June 28th to July 5th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips CARRIERS – Studio PG-13 horror that looks Badass?  Like woah. Studio News and Attachments RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE – Paul WS Anderson returns to the series he first brought to and subsequently ruined on film on September 17, 2010. AFTER DARK FILMS HORRORFEST 4 – ADF gives it the ole college try […]

July 2009 Horror DVD and Blu-ray Guide.

Last Week in Horror News: June 21st to the 28th.

Fantastic Fest and Horror Squad Present: THE COLLECTOR!  July 22nd, Alamo Ritz! Theatrical Trailers and Clips DAYBREAKERS – Great looking studio horror. THE BOX – Richard Kelly looks to be regaining some fans with his spin on Richard Matheson. THE ORPHAN – TV spots. Studio News and Attachments GO MUTANTS! – Universal picks up the […]

The IFC Midnight Slate Will Put After Dark Films Out of Business.

Courtney Solomon, owner of After Dark Films and sayer/doer of stupid things, needs to open up his knowledge basket to the IFC Films release platform. When the ADF Horrorfest started three years ago it was hard to hide the hope one had for a once a year event designed to bring the horror festival experience […]

Last Week in Horror News: June 14th to the 21st.

Theatrical Trailers and Clips ZOMBIELAND – Naturally a US answer to SHAUN OF THE DEAD would feature a ton of hi-def slo-mo. THE STEPFATHER – From the considerate minds behind PROM NIGHT 2009. 2012 – Ahhh how I love you Roland Emmerich. THIRST – US Red Band trailer. Studio News and Attachments 25/8 – Wes […]

Did you know ANTICHRIST has a Game in the Works?

I must have missed that press release at E3. Unfortunately I had the ending to Lars von Triers‘ Willem Dafoe starring shocker ANTICHRIST spoiled for me thanks to a headline at Drudge Report (not unlike the ending to INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, which makes me wonder why I even read Matt Drudge any more), but even without […]

Last Week in Horror News: June 7th to the 14th

Look, over there!  It’s a Weinberg!  It’s a blog!  It’s, a new blog managed by HND friendo and general genre wunderkind Scott Weinberg!  Enjoy. Theatrical Trailers and Clips SHUTTER ISLAND – Scorsese’s newest burns so good. Studio News and Attachments TRICK ‘R TREAT – Michael Dougherty tells Fango that the forthcoming DVD will be […]

Last Week in Horror News: May 3rd to May 10th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips TERMINATOR SALVATION – Sorry, no actual horror clips abound this week. Studio News and Attachments THE APPARITION – Dark Castle films slates up another, this time the ambiguously titled haunted house’r. DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK – Katie Homles is headlining the Guillermo del Toro produced creature feature? JEKYLL – […]

Last Week in Horror News: April 26th to May 3rd

Theatrical Trailers and Clips DISTRICT 9 – Trailer for Neil Blomkamp’s alien invasion. Studio News and Attachments THE DARK TOWER – J.J. Abrams tells MTV that as soon as “LOST” finishes they’ll muscle up for the film series.  Considering STAR TREK is posed to be a huge success, I have a feeling Abrams will muster […]

Last Week in Horror News: April 19th to the 26th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips CASE 39 – This Renee Zelwegger vehicle has been bounced around so many times I’m not positive it’ll ever end up theatrical. H2 – Trailer for Zombie’s HALLOWEEN sequel looks even more unnecessary than his first go at running a treasure into the trailer park mud. Studio News and Attachments BIOSHOCK […]

Last Week in Horror News: April 12 to the 19th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips HALLOWEEN 2 – Clip from Entertainment Tonight. CREEK – Lionsgate has yet to pin a release date for Joel Schumacher’s Nazi experiments flick once titled TOWN CREEK. Studio News and Attachments Fox Atomic Dies – Fox Atomic is, in all likelihood, getting folded back in to 20th Century Fox.  How this […]

Last Week in Horror News: April 5th to April 12th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips MOON – Trailer.  Love me some Science Fiction. THE COUNTESS – Considering Lady Bathory inspired countless threads and scenes in horror films, it is only fair to link up the trailer to a period piece about her.  That and it is the directorial debut of Julie Delpy. Studio News and Attachments […]

Last Week in Horror: May 31st to April 5th

Either this was a weak week for news or I just missed a ton of crap because I was busy buying a house.  Austin here we come! //end brag Theatrical Trailers and Clips THE TORTURED – First trailer. Studio News and Attachments THE BOX – Richard Kelly gives some bullet points on his adaptation of […]

Last Week in Horror News: March 22nd to the 29th.

Theatrical Trailers and Clips zubzub Studio News and Attachments EVIL DEAD 4 – Sam Raimi admits to spitballing pages back and forth with brother Ivan for a hypothetical part 4. THE GOON – David Fincher’s produced CGI adaptation of the comic is, apparently, not in actual production. STRANGE ADVENTURES OF H.P. LOVECRAFT – Ron Howard […]

Last Week in Horror: March 15th to the 22nd

Theatrical Trailers and Clips THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT – Clip SORORITY ROW – Trailer. Studio News and Attachments SAW VI – Shawnee Smith is in the latest installment?  Why the hell not? LOST BOYS 3 – Why the hell not? DAYBREAKERS – Lionsgate bumps the vampire flick down the line to the newly claimed horror […]

Last Week in Horror News: March 8th to the 15th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT – Clip ORPHAN – Familiar plot with the Peter Sarsgaard twist. DRAG ME TO HELL – Sam Raimi’s return to horror looks good, but I’m not trusting just yet. Studio News and Attachments RIDDICK – Vin Diesel says David Twohy is currently writing the script […]

Last Week in Horror News: March 1st to March 8th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips PANDORUM – I’ll watch anything on a spaceship. Studio News and Attachments WORLD WAR Z – After the seizure that was QUANTUM OF SOLACE I want director Marc Forster as far away from Max Brooks’ novel as possible.  My fears are being confirmed:  IGN found he’s still working on the script.  […]

This Just In: Herbert West Donkey Punched by “THE O.C.”.

The State of California Just Shit in Your Mouth. I’m not letting the burbclave of Hollywood get off with the blame on this one.  The onus is on each and every one of you citizens of the great blue state that is California to climb the nearest clock tower and put an end to this […]

Last Week in Horror News: February 22nd to March 1st

Theatrical Trailers and Clips THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT – Five clips. THE BOOB – I didn’t want this section to be empty and since this very short short is playing at SXSW… Studio News and Attachments MANDY LANE – Senator is finally going to release ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE (review) on […]

Last Week in Horror News: February 15th to the 22nd.

Dreadful week for news. Theatrical Trailers and Clips None. Studio News and Attachments FROZEN – Helmed by Adam Green, A Bigger Boat’s first production gets its central triumvirate cast: Kevin Zegers, Shawn Ashmore and Emma Bell. DEAD AT 17 – Vanessa Hudgens wants the lead role in the adaptation of the comic series about a […]

Last week in Horror News, February 8th to the 15th.

Theatrical Trailers and Clips THE DESCENT 2 – Trailer.  Gander it quick as it keeps getting yanked from YouTube.  Despite severely hating the first one, this looks like like a solid flick. Studio News and Attachments SUBTERRANEAN – Sean Hood has scored writing duties on Marcus Nispel’s next film, as explained by this amusing anecdote […]

Last Week in Horror News, February 1st to the 8th

Trying out a new format this week. Theatrical Trailers and Clips THE SHORTCUT – Trailer. THE HORSEMAN – 13 second clip. Studio News and Attachments DRAG ME TO HELL – Test screenings are going out for both a PG-13 and R cut of Sam Raimi’s return to horror.  Rut roh. MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Exec […]

Last Week in Horror News: January 25 to February 1st

For those keeping tabs, I’m back home.  Don’t expect my rantings about Asian movies to end, though. Theatrical Trailers and Clips FRIDAY THE 13TH – Clips GRACE – Second teaser THE UNINVITED – Six long minutes. Studio News and Attachments Dan Simmons’ Sci-Fi series HYPERION coming to the big screen!  At the hands of DAY […]

Last Week in Horror News, January 18th to the 25th

Also, check out Scott Weinberg’s reviews for Sundance first runners GRACE, THE KILLING ROOM, DEAD SNOW, and MOON. Theatrical Trailers and Clips MUTANT CHRONICLES – Red band trailer for MC’s limited theatrical run in the states in April, even though I saw it in a legal Korean DVD shop yesterday. GRACE – Clip.  No pick […]

Last Week in Horror News: January 11th to the 18th

Note: was anyone else aware that South Korea has a reality show about exorcisms?  And that its music is the SAW theme? Also, what billiards game involves a blue pool table with no pockets and only three balls, the goal of which, as far as I can surmise, is to hit both balls after bouncing […]

Last Week in Horror News: January 4th to the 11th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips THE UNBORN – Clip THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT – Trailer AUTOPSY – Trailer THE THAW – Trailer Studio News and Attachments People are incredibly, incredibly, incredibly stupid.  As in, complete fucking morons for believing that not only is GHOSTBUSTERS 3 secretly filming, but that they built a giant walking […]

Last Week in Horror News: December 14th to the 21st

Theatrical Trailers and Clips EDEN LOG – Trailer Studio News and Attachments Paul W.S. Anderson will not deboard his RESIDENT EVIL life raft. MGM buys THE HOW-TO GUIDE FOR SAVING THE WORLD, which might as well give up.  We all know MOM AND DAD SAVE THE WORLD, not some guy with a tutorial. The new […]

Finally OUTLANDER has a release date.

I keep mumbling to the wall that I’m going to ween myself off of non-horror related Sci-Fi postings, but apparently I am incapable of such a promise.  Also, since showing the trailer for vikings vs. spaceman vs. alien flick OUTLANDER to some friends a few months ago, without fail someone will ask me every two […]

“FEAR ITSELF” episodes now on FEARnet

Heads up; FEARnet online and OnDemand is now host to the NBC spinoff of “MASTERS OF HORROR”, “FEAR ITSELF”.  Not that the show was amazing, but I am always in support of televised, non-serialized horror.  The schedule is posted below and looks to include only the episodes that already aired over the summer.  I could […]

Last Week in Horror News: December 7th to the 14th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips THE UNBORN – Clip THE BROKEN – Trailer KNOWING – Second Trailer Studio News and Attachments Deceivers they be, Platinum Dunes does have an actual non-remake in the works.  A satanic cult yarn from Scott Kosar. NEW MOON, aka the sequel to TWILIGHT, has been fast tracked with Chris Weitz replacing […]

“TRUE BLOOD” Nominated for Best Drama at the Golden Globes!

Title speaks it all.  Not that the Golden Globes are by any means a stamp of superior judgment, but gotta love that they know what’s what as far as the genre goes.  Not only is “TRUE BLOOD” a contender, but so is “DEXTER”. Good on ya’, Foreign Press.  Now let’s not talk about your film […]

Last Week in Horror: November 30th to December 7th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips FRIDAY THE 13TH – New Trailer.  Purists be damned, I think it looks badass.  Plus, was that Willa Ford water skiing topless?  Sold! THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL – Four Clips Studio News and Attachments Sigourney Weaver is talking up a theoretical project with Ridley Scott to bring Ripley out […]

Last Week in Horror: November 23rd to the 30th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips TIMECRIMES – Clip, list of theaters Studio News and Attachments Remember BLACK DEATH mentioned on here 6 or so months ago?  No?  You will now.  Staring Lena Headey and Sean Bean it’s about a medieval quest for a necromancer and will be directed by none other than Christopher Smith. Anchor Bay […]

Horror News Catch Up: November 5th to the 23rd

Theatrical Trailers and Clips Really?  I was gone for two weeks and not a single new theatrical trailer came out?  I must have missed something… Studio News and Attachments A Bigger Boat’s first production will be Adam Green’s FROZEN, which is superficially described as OPEN WATER in a ski lift.  Except probably without sharks. Warner […]

R.I.P. Michael Crichton: 1942-2008

This fucking blows. It is not an overstatement to say that Michael Crichton had more influence on my childhood imagination than any other writer.  In fact, if one were to dig through my old elementary and middle school assignments, every book report was for a Crichton novel.  I even recall writing an essay on why […]

Last Week in Horror: October 26th to Nov 2nd.

Theatrical Trailers and Clips THE HAUNTING OF MOLLY HARTLET – 6 Minute clip THE UNINVITED – Clip 100 FEET – Clip Studio News and Attachments New rash of MPAA ratings out: ALONE IN THE DARK 2 is PG-13, as is Richard Kelly’s THE BOX, while both DYING BREED and RESIDENT EVIL: DEGENERATION (the CGI movie) […]

First Impression: SPLATTERHOUSE (Game)

The first trailer for Splatterhouse has arrived: I must admit, the trailer reminds me of HOSTEL and that does not bode well.   Although the graphics sure look uninspired, there isn’t too much to praise or condemn. With no real gameplay or features shown, it is more of a teaser than anything. In the end it’s […]

Last Week in Horror: October 19th to the 26th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips FRIDAY THE 13TH – Teaser MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D – Trailer.  I am so effin’ down for this movie! UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS – Trailer FEAR(S) OF THE DARK – Clips REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA! – Musical Clip WHILE SHE WAS OUT – Not exactly horror, but looks nuts! Studio […]

Last Week in Horror, September 28th to October 5th

Last Week in Horror we finally started to see some marketing material for studio backed films and I couldn’t be more saddened?  Why?  Well, of the four studio clips, three are for remakes and the other is a PG-13 teen shocker that I’m going to guess will most heavily be advertised on MTV and MySpace. […]

Last Week in Horror, September 21st to the 28th

Last Week in Horror I realized that the studio horror future is looking grim.  No, not talking quality, talking quantity.  I haven’t come across a new, full trailer for a theatrical studio picture in weeks now.  I’m sure that will change in October as, THE WOLFMAN, FRIDAY THE 13TH, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, and, well, a […]

Last Week in Horror: September 14th to the 21st

Last Week in Horror found no shortage of minor announcements, but enough of which excite me in earnest.  In the world of TV, Goyer and “TREK” vet Braga sell an intriguing hour long series premise to ABC, HBO renews the proven cool “TRUE BLOOD” and Sci-Fi orders full the unproven “WAREHOUSE 13”. A few pieces […]

Last Week in Horror, September 7th to the 14th.

Last Week in Horror was predisposed to minor updates of news already established.  Survival horror game CLOCK TOWER is still looking to roll, this time with a PROM NIGHTer climbing the stairs.  Danny Boyle mentions a 28 X LATER again.  Minds behind the remake of MY BLOODY VALENTINE have already begun the mulling of a […]

Last Week in Horror, August 31st to September 7th

Last Two Weeks in Horror I was paying no attention to what was going on, but I’m back home now.  I’m running on a scant few hours of sleep and an internal clock set ahead 7 hours from its current location of Eastern Standard Time, so the below is just a cursory check-up on some […]

Last Week in Horror, August 17th to the 24th

Last Week in Horror, TRICK ‘R TREAT got teased around a bit more.  Turns out you can see it in theaters, for free even, but one day only.  After that, enjoy waiting for the unannounced DVD.  Of utmost importance, though: We may finally see MONSTER BLOOD, SAY CHEESE AND DIE, or, dare we hope, IT […]

Last Week in Horror, August 10th to the 17th

Last Week in Horror, folk got all in a huff over talks that CANDYMAN was not only being remade, but that the titular ghost of a murdered slave would be as white as the slave-drivers what killed ’em.  Just talks, folks, just talks.  Though, I suppose that is how it always starts. Magnet Releasing announced […]

Last Week in Horror, August 3rd to the 10th

Last Week in Horror was rather slender in the news department.  MTV hosts a trailer for THE HAUNTING OF MOLLY HARTLET, which hits theaters this Halloween, sure to fall away soon after.  Warner Brothers does some further flip flopping on Michael Dougherty’s debut film, one I’ve been wanting to see for a while now. Some […]

Last Week in Horror, July 27th to August 3rd

Last Week in Horror was some kind of post-ComicCon orgy of news.  Either this was all left over from the con and took a week to rise to the top or PR folk knew their news wasn’t big enough to rock a convention and thus waited a week.  Whatever the case, I feel like this […]

Last Week in Horror, July 20th to 27th

Last Week in Horror was a helluva week.  Not that anything too chest pounding happened, but it was privy to the San Diego Comic-Con, which of course means that the web was inflamed with lice like news tidbits.  But you know what?  In all the huff,  the only thing that really jazzed me was Aronofsky […]

Someone get me an agent, the Sci-Fi channel needs me…

…and I need it. Sci-Fi channel announced a slate of new projects and I couldn’t be more diametrically energized by it.  A few new scripted shows from established talent (Bryan Singer and David O. Russell both have shows in development), even more small cap episodes of reality TV and then this bombshell; 50% more Sci-Fi […]

Last Week in Horror: July 13th to the 20th

Last Week in Horror we got our first look at the new Jason.  Several new announcements for novel adaptations.  I suppose enough people enjoyed it that Romero is quickly back to work on a sequel to DIARY, I sure wasn’t clammoring for one.  Other than that, not much major news breaks or insights to current […]

Last Week in Horror: June 6th to the 13th

Last Week in Horror was the slowest week of the year.  Very little happenings and what was worth mentioning is vague on the details.  Joss Whedon teams back up with Drew Goddard for a ‘cabin in the woods’ genre flick called, well, CABIN IN THE WOODS.  Other than that, no real news to speak of.  […]

Last Week in Horror: June 29th to July 6th

Last Week in Horror, The items of most interest to me belong to genre brother Sci-Fi.  Alex Proyas’ latest film, KNOWING, finally got a trailer, albeit a derivative, uninvolved one.  But I love DARK CITY so much, even Nicholas Cage’s forehead couldn’t keep me away.  Same goes for Keanu Reeves’, well, entire self in THE […]

Last Week in Horror: June 22nd to the 29th

Last Week in Horror, the most interesting thing I came across was, against all conceptions, the first official poster for SAW V.  I think it is a magnificent poster and, for the first time in a long time, exhibits the staying power of horror icons.  Though the lack of nipples in it is quite weird […]

Last Week in Horror: June 15th to the 22nd

Last Week in Horror the only important thing that occured was the untimely passing of Stan Winston.  I recommend all fans head over and read Ain’t it Cool’s tribute to the man, which features write-ins from the artists’ friends, who range from James Cameron to Greg Nicotero to Alan Scott to Rick Baker to Fred […]

Stan Winston: 1946 – 2008

There are few icons themselves responsible for creating as many icons as Stan Winston did in his 62 short years. The extent of his gift to cinema is unquantifiable. Tonight I’ll honor my favorite works of his, I hope others will as well. Reported by AICN.

Last Week in Horror, June 8th to the 15th

Last Week in Horror, there was a ton of FRIDAY THE 13th remake tidbits.  Pictures of the Camp Crystal Lake sign, pictures of the hockey mask, talk of fan winks and mention that both the sack and the mask get play.  There is a teaser for Alexandre Aja’s remake of MIRRORS.  It is short and […]

Last Week in Horror: June 1st to June 8th

Last Week in Horror was all about attachments.  Brittany Murphy and Thora Birch join a “psychological thrilller”, which means the press release gave away the ending.  Remember Zack Snyder’s epic zombie project, the one promising to be the largest undead film of all time, ARMY OF THE DEAD?  Well, it now has a director. And […]

Last Week in Horror: May 25th to June 1st

Last Week in Horror, tragedy struck two of the genre’s more interesting studios.  Universal had a massive fire and Tartan US went out of business (but Tartan UK etc are still in business).  No real knockout announcements or trailers though.  And, to be honest I’m ridiculously tired right now, so I’m going to stop typing.

Last Week in Horror: May 18th to the 25th, 2008

Last Week in Horror, not a whole lot worth while happened. Some release dates got firmed up, some remake rights purchased and that’s about it. So instead of an intro-cap, this is all you get. Oh, and Austin gets my seal of approval as being a great place, ya know, in case the argument was […]

Last Week in Horror: May 11th to the 18th

Last Week in Horror we got a horn of plenty in the news department – and not just because set photos from JENNIFER’S BODY leaked. First off, not one, but two sentences in this post start with the words David Lynch. As if that wasn’t enough, one of those sentences contains the words Werner Herzog […]

Last Week in Horror: 4/4 – 4/11

Last Week in Horror gamers the world over could breathe a sigh of relief, Gore Verbinski is directing BIOSHOCK from a John Logan script. Had you polled me a week ago on who I would want to tackle the 360 genre bender, I’d of come up empty handed, but this has all the airs of […]

Last Week in Horror: 4/27 – 5/04

Last Week in horror seemed quite busy, though not a whole lot happened in the studio realm. Lots of little news to pepper the place, ranging from no longer relevant ‘rappers’ headlining what I can only assume to be an amazing movie called THE PIG PEOPLE to Hammer Films, of all joints, picking up the […]

Last Week in Horror: 4/20 : 4/27

Last Week in Horror was either all remakes or all horror sequels [most redundant typo ever?]. IT’S ALIVE, HELL NIGHT, FRIDAY THE 13TH, THE FURY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME all had tidbits tidbitting about. However, I am quite sure the biggest news of the week was Eli Roth announcing his [temporary] withdrawal from horror? Why?  […]

Last Week in Horror: 4/13 – 4/20

Last Week was a standard seven days for genre news. No breaking headlines, no juicy bits of intrigue. So instead of the normal pre-jump sum, I would like to express how many smiles I got out of an exchange in the latest Apatovian flick FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL in which 3 others dissect the stupid, stupid, […]

Last Week in Horror: 04/6 – 04/13

Last week one of my most anticipated horror properties, the wonderful HACK/SLASH, finally got a writer, albeit an unproven. Sam Rami and Rob Tapert pulled a Dimension Extreme/After Dark Films and created release arm Ghost House Underground. FRIDAY THE 13TH cast some machete fodder. Oh, and, PROM NIGHT made over $9 million dollars on its […]

Last Week in Horror: 3/30 – 4/6

Weak week for news.  Quite a few theatrical trailers, so that is a plus.  The HELLRAISER remake gets all shook up.  WB puts TRICK ‘R TREAT up on the auction block.  ’80s horror hotties are tapped for a project, as gimmicky as it is, that sounds cheesy awesome.  The two biggest news items of the […]

Last Week In Horror: 3/16 – 3/23

An odd barrel of news this week.  Of most interest to my person is the release date for Alexandre Aja’s next.  Then we’ve got Regal Cinemas bringing back red band trailers to all of its theaters.   Benecio gets some official Wolfey snaps.  And in my news travels I came across this, a poster that may […]

Last Week in Horror: 03/09 – 03/16

Last Week Sam Raimi went back to producing television.  A Verhoeven classic was on the receiving end of some rumors, while Charlize Theron sexied up a LADY VENGEANCE remake.  LOST BOYS 2 got a trailer, but who cares, because I think the real footage everyone has been waiting for is finally here: THE GINGERDEAD MAN […]

Is John Carpenter Out of “Fear Itself”?

An official press release has hit the webs with a list of directors, actors, writers and plot descriptions for NBCs forthcoming "MASTERS OF HORROR" redux, "FEAR ITSELF":  The lineup is pretty much what has been known for weeks, but most curiously is the absence of John Carpenter.  Carpenter would have been teaming up with AICN’ers […]

Last Week in Horror: 2/24 – 3/2

Last week the house that Freddy Krueger built fell to the business wayside.  Ellen Page must have received a talking to from Halle Berry and Hilary Swank and subsequently broke Sam Raimi’s heart.  Stephen King started making a musical.  A Christian themed horror screenplay was a disaster on eBay.  A very nice looking Swede vampire […]

Last Week in Horror: 02/17 – 02/24

Theatrical Trailers and Clips THE RUINS – Red Band trailer THE SIGNAL – Clip THE BOX – Behind the scenes clip from within a NASA wind tunnel

Weekly News Re-Cap: 2/10 – 2/17

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsThe Signal – "Webisode"Far Cry – Uwe Boll strikes again, adapting a computer game about giant mutant creatures and soldiers into a substandard action movie from 1992. Studio News and AttachmentsHasbro pops out a Cloverfield toy, reveals the full view.The Strangers finally gets earmarked for May 30th.The increasingly cool Melissa George cast […]

After Dark Films and Massify Want to Cut a Deal With Everyone.

After Dark Films and are taking the internet plunge with a competition called Ghosts in the Machine.  The team up is an attempt to develop one of the "8 Films to Die for in 2008" from start to finish with the democratized aide of anyone who signs up.  Here’s how it works: Users register […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 2/3 -2/10

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsDiary of the Dead – ClipThe Signal – ClipAll the Boys Love Mandy Lane – ClipThe Happening – Trailer Studio News and AttachmentsThe very cool Amanda Seyfried cast in Jennifer’s Body.Dark Sky films picks Ti West to helm another Satanist’s lure person for sacrifice film, The House of the Devil.Wes Craven hopes […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 1/27 – 2/3

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsDiary of the Dead – ClipsSpiral – Released in LA/NYC next weekThe Eye – Clips Studio News and AttachmentsI haven’t heard of Black Death before either, but its about a quest to kill a neuromancer and is set during the bubonic plague outbreak!Dreamworks has picked up both distribution and remake rights to […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 1/20 – 1/27

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsShutter – TeaserMidnight Meat Train – Quicktime TrailerFunny Games – ClipFrontiere(s) – UK Trailer Studio News and AttachmentsLionsgate and Marvel Studios are the latest to ink a deal with the WGA to get some typewriters flowing. RemakesFirst I’ve even heard talk of it, but apparently if there is going to be a […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 1/13 – 1/20

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsDoomsday – TrailerThe Eye – Another clipSisters – Japanese TrailerFunny Games – Red Band trailerStudio News and AttachmentsIn case there was any doubt, of course Cloverfield could have a sequel as that may have not been the only movie filmed that night.Kirk Acevedo (who I am a big fan of) cast in […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 1/06 – 1/13

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsDiary of the Dead – Trailer, new release dates is Feb. 15th.Untraceable – ClipsSisters – TrailerThe Eye – ClipThe Signal – Another trailer Studio News and AttachmentsCorey Feldman is trying to convince people Lost Boys 2 is not going straight to DVD.  In more important news, Corey Feldman has a blog?2001 Maniacs: […]

Weekly News Re-cap: 12/28 – 1/06

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsProm Night Studio News and AttachmentsNightmare on Elm Street is due for a sequel, not a remake?Richard Matheson sold the sequel rights to I Am Legend…MGM realizes they picked a dud and shift The Poughkeepsie Tapes to a date yet to be determined. RemakesThe April Fool’s Day remake may end up straight […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 10/9 – 10/16

Damn it all, can marketing no longer just make a trailer.  This post contains no less than 6 links to clips that are either opening sequences or exceed 5 minutes in length. Theatrical Trailers and ClipsCloverfield – 5 Minutes of footageI Am Legend – Opening Scene10,000 BC – Full TrailerSweeny Todd – Opening TitlesJumper – […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 12/02 – 12/09

I’m back in the States, for now, which means back to regularly scheduled updates: Theatrical Trailers and clipsI Am Legend – ClipThe Orphanage – US TrailerFunny Games – ClipThe Eye – Second Trailer Studio News and AttachmentsA poster for Shyamalan’s The Happening, equipped with cute copy that reminds everyone who didn’t need it that Shyamalan […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 11/18 – 11/25

Twas a very slim week for horror… Theatrical Trailers and ClipsThe Mother of Tears – Official trailer for the US limited release in Feb Studio News and AttachmentsRoadside Attractions knocks the release of Teeth way the hell back to December of ’08.Final Destination 4 coming at you in 3D thanks to the team behind FD2.All […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 11/11 – 11/18

I guess I lied about no news posts for a while.Theatrical Trailers and ClipsThe Mist – ClipsTeeth – Trailer Studio News and AttachmentsWish Charlie’s Angels were more robotic?  Wish robots were less fun to watch?  McG tapped to direct Terminator 4.New Line is, apparently, keeping open to a second Freddy vs Jason.I am Legend goes […]

Don’t forget P2 comes out today.

If you’ve gone to see any theatrical horror in the past month, odds are you’ve seen the trailer for P2 a few times.  Of the trailer, I’ll say this, "Could be interesting."  But the men behind the trailer are what sell it above and beyond that for me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 10/28 – 11/04

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsFunny Games – ClipAVP:R – Clip Studio News and AttachmentsDates set: Diary of the Dead Feb 15th, 2008, Teeth sometime in Feb, and remake of the not-even year old [Rec], redubbed Quarantine, to be released on October 17th.James Marsden joins Cameron Diaz as co-lead of Richard Kelly’s adaptation of Matheson’s The Box.Magnolia […]

AD Horrorfest extends, slightly, All-Access passes availability.

Just passing along the pressing word that All-Access passes for this year’s Horrorfest are off the market starting midnight tonight, October 31st.  That is unless you happened to be planning on attending one of these theaters, in which case you have until midnight November 1st: AMC GALLERIA METROPOLEX 16, MIDDLETOWN NYAMC EMPIRE NY AMC CHERRY […]

Weekly NewsRe-Cap: 10/21 – 10/28

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsRepo! The Genetic Opera – Destined for cult status.Crazy EightsP2 – Clip Studio News and AttachmentsAfter Dark Horrorfest ’07 final roster.The Mist gets an R rating!Magnolia picks up the recent festival favorite Timecrimes for USA release sometime in ’08.AMC, with the critical success of "Mad Men" is amping up their original TV […]

After Dark Horrorfest Delays Frontier(s), Announces Final Lineup

I hope After Dark films keeps their Horrorfest going for years to come.  I may not agree with their corporate behavior, but I have profound respect for what they’ve done for the genre and for fans for two years running.  Anchor Bay and others may give the odd film a very minor theatrical release, but […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 10/14 – 10/21

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsSweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – Second trailerRepo: The Genetic Opera! – Behind the scenes videosThe Mist – Trailer 2Afterdark Horrorfest 2007 – Various TrailersThe Eye – Teaser Studio News and AttachmentsAnchor Bay has picked up Adam Green’s new film Spiral, will likely give it an even limper release […]

‘Hollywood Gang’ calls cinematic dibs on The Last Christmas.

The Last Christmas is a graphic novel created by Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn about how Santa reacts to a zombie apocalypse.  From my review: When a band of marauders puts a bullet in Mrs. Claus’ brain, Santa loses it.  Christmas is dead to him.  The only thing he now holds close to his heart […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 09/29/07 – 10/07/07

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsThe Mist – Various clipsP2 – First trailerSweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – TrailerAVP2:Requiem – International TrailerTeeth – Clip 1, Clip 2 Studio News and AttachmentsThe Weinstein Company passes on Kevin Smith’s Red State because it isn’t ‘commercial enough’.Bloody Disgusting says Scream 4 is, despite rampant rumors otherwise, is […]

“Goosebumps” on Cartoon Network! Grindhouse Promos of “Goosebumps” on Cartoon Network?! Sold!

I’m sorry if this was common knowledge, but I’ve stopped watching Cartoon Network with any regularity, so I’ve missed all these promos.  Being October though, the channel is breaking their Cartoon title, as they do from time to time, and are airing episodes of "Goosebumps" every night at 8 EST.  Not only are they airing […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 09/23 – 09/30

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsSaw IV – TV SpotMidnight Meat Train – Not too shabby after all… Studio News and AttachmentsCase 39 gets pushed back again, now release August 22, 2008.The Mist gets a great poster.Continuing with speculation, Cloverfield’s practical effects may or may not be done by the great Phil Tippett.Resident Evil: Extinction director to […]

You Should be Watching “Reaper”.

"Reaper", the pilot of which aired earlier this week, was directed by Kevin Smith, of all people.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you really, really should.  The most apt comparison would be to call it a TV show channeling the spirit of Idle Hands. It doesn’t have any of the gore or killer hand-ness […]

AD Horrorfest Nabs Leutwyler’s Unearthed and a French Gorefest!

Of all the After Dark acquisitions, these two are my most anticipated.  Firstly, Frontier(s), about neo-Nazi cannibals in the woods, has been getting great buzz after a few festival playings.  Bloody-Disgusting’s head honcho even went so far as to give it a perfect score.  I’ve been keeping my eye out for an import DVD of […]

“Masters of Horror” Becomes “Fear Itself”.

Remember a few months ago when Lionsgate acquired the rights to a third season of "Masters of Horror" at the same time that Showtime revealed they would not be optioning a third season? Looks like Lionsgate finally found a new home at the peacock.  NBC will be airing 13 episodes of the newly retitled "Fear […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 09/16 – 09/23

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsPathologyDiary of the Dead – Featurette Studio News and AttachmentsRoadside Attractions will be releasing Teeth in NY/LA in November, then expand in mid-December.Picturehouse pushes Amusement farther from the release graveyard of winter a little closer to summer; April 25th.Monsters VS. Aliens movies from May 22 to March 27th – 2009.Eli Roth will […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 09/09 – 09/16

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsResident Evil: Extinction – Another damn clipFunny Games – Haneke’s own remakeSaw IV – The clip ‘banned’ from Comic-ConSolstice Studio News and AttachmentsViggo Mortensen cast as the father in John Hillcoat’s adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s post-apocalyptic The Road.In addition to Diary of the Dead, The Weinstein Co pick up The Mother of […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 09/02 – 09/09

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsTranssiberian – Brad Anderson back at itCleaner – Thriller…I guess?Resident Evil: Extinction – ClipStudio News and AttachmentsThe Deaths of Ian Stone and Nightmare Man first two flicks picked up by After Dark Films for this year’s horror fest.Aliens Vs. Predator – Requiem gets officially rated R. RemakesNew Line Cinema already ponies up […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 08/26 – 09/02

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsSaw IV – TeaserEastern Promises – Yet another new trailer.P2 – Clip from the Aja produced thrillerOne Missed Call – TrailerThe Mist – TrailerBlood Trails – The 30 Days of Night web seriesDeath Proof – International Trailer for the solo release Studio News and AttachmentsEric Red scripted Stopping Power gets put out […]

Rob Zombie, The Internet is in Your Workprint, Downloading Your Movie

This is only fair.  I pointed it out when it happened to Hostel 2 and I’ll do the same thing for Halloween. Earlier today a workprint of Halloween hit the ‘tubes, equipped with watermarks and all.  Just as with Hostel 2, I will not download said print, nor do I condone downloading it, but I […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 08/19 – 08/26

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsAliens Vs. Predator: Requiem – Stupid title, bloody crazy trailer.Death Sentence – ClipsBeowulf – The Hardcore TrailerHatchet – PromoWrong Turn 2 – Tries their hand at viral marketingHalloween – 5 ClipsThe StrangersThe SignalThem – US Trailer – review here Studio News and AttachmentsBruce Campbell is holding up Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 08/12 – 08/19

Studio Trailers and ClipsP2 – If I didn’t know better, I’d say this was a teaser for a fake movie.Halloween – TV SpotsResident Evil: Extinction – Clip Studio News and AttachmentsLionsgate picks up "Masters of Horror" for a third ‘season’, no network lined up for it, however.Open Water directors given the helm to a big […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 07/29 – 08/05

Studio Trailers and ClipsWhisper – Trailer 1 and 2 – Studio look, but it’ll probably end up STDHalloween – Full TrailerDeath Sentence – clipsStudio News and AttachmentsLen Wiseman may or may not be the man behind the Gears of War flick.Speaking of games, the ever cool Painkiller optioned.Oh, and Roger Avary will be both writing […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 07/22 – 07/29

Theatrical Trailers and ClipsILS (Them) – Good, but way too long of a trailerBeowolfResident Evil: Extinction30 Days of Night – Longer, Red Band Trailer + exclusive scene (FLV format) – God damn this movie looks good! Studio News and AttachmentsNo studio yet, but I’m sure it will have one – Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 07/15 – 07/22

Studio Trailers and ClipsTrick ‘r Treat Studio News and AttachmentsMellisa George cast in completely original film about a mother who is kidnapped and, presumably, tortured in warehouse.  Oh, and if that isn’t familiar enough, the flick is called Captive…Roger Avary says he won’t write a Silent Hill 2 without Christophe Gans directing.Donnie Wahlberg sounds pretty […]

Bi-Monthly News Re-Cap: 07/1 – 07/15

Studio Trailers and ClipsDeath Sentence – Trailer jacks some 28 Weeks Later music usage, but I’m damn glad to see Kevin Bacon bacon in the game, even if it isn’t real horror.I Know Who Killed Me – clip10,000 BC – Hell, yeah, Roland Emmerich!All the Boys Love Mandy Lane – Domestic trailer Studio News and […]

Weekly News Re-Cap : 06/24 – 07/01

Screw it, I’m adding a new heading just for remakes.  The depressing thing isn’t that there is now a need for this, but that it will consistently contain more items than any of the other headings. Studio Trailers and ClipsSkinwalkers – ClipEastern Promises – Not horror, but the day this site ignores David Cronenberg is […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 06/17 – 06/24

Studio Trailers and ClipsNada. Studio News and AttachmentsHatchet finally gets its NC-17 dropped to an R.J.J. Abrams defeats the internet, has been hiding a giant monster flick called Cloverfield that actually already has a trailer set to debut sometime this summer – finally, I can see a trailer at a theater for a flick I […]

Doppleganger Sighting: World’s Ugliest Dog / Brundle Fly

The article from whence the picture of the World’s Ugliest Dog was lifted claims the dog, Elwood, is, "often referred to as "Yoda", or "ET." for his resemblance to those famous science fiction characters". This leads me to believe not enough people have seen the greatest horror film ever made.  If that masterpiece on the […]

Eli Roth has more than one doppleganger.

Weekly News Re-Cap: 06/03 – 06/10

Studio Trailers and ClipsThe Invasion – Early reviews have ripped it apart, so props to whoever cut the trailer; looks good.30 Days of Night – Trailer prettyI am Legend – Did the studio have a competition to see who could make a worse trailer?Rogue – Original Fango hosting is down, AITH has the embed, thoughCaptivity […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 05/27 – 06/03

Studio Trailers and ClipsCaptivity – Webisodes for adults only at the official site, now out on July 13th.Daywatch – ClipsJoshua – Trailer that had me soldSkinwalkers – Yet another new trailerWizard of Gore – Second full trailer Studio News and AttachmentsTobe Hooper teams up with See No Evil writer for Tequila Joe; 70% chance of […]

Make. This. Happen. Please. Please. Please.

Nacho Cerda is one of only a handful of contemporary genre directors whose name alone will invest me in a project regardless of what it actually is.  Aftermath is an artistic masterpiece, and I’m not one to toss the term lightly.  That short film will literally fuck your eyeballs out of their sockets, shove them […]

Eli Roth, The Internet is in Your Workprint, Downloading Your Movie.

IMDB would have you believe the US release date of Hostel: Part 2 will be on June 8th, 2007.  Nerds say the release date was May 29th, 2007 at precisely 10:59:31. Is it bad that your junior attempt at film is spreading like an STD or is it bad that I’m not even going to […]

Bi-Weekly News Re-Cap: 05/6 – 05/20

Studio Trailers and ClipsThe Alphabet KillerStorm WarningJoshuaFido Studio News and AttachmentsEva Mendes headlines Curve, an STD from Mandate Picture about backwoods something or other.The great Paul Soter is directing a straight faced zombie flick that may star Jonny Knoxville.Amicus Entertainment fronts the cash for a new line of horror starts, including Lovecraft’s The Thing on […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 4/29 – 5/06

Studio Trailers and ClipsBug – My God, a film by William Friedkin has a MySpace page?  Where is the emoticon of me shooting myself in the head?In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale28 Weeks Later – ClipHostel II – A supposed "spoiler" clip, couldn’t tell ya, because I couldn’t be bothered to […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 4/22 – 4/29

Studio Trailers and Clips28 Weeks Later – Two more clipsBloodrayne 2: Deliverance – TeaserCaptivity Studio News and AttachmentsKate Beckinsale says she isn’t playing Barbarella, thus breaking my heart.Malcom McDowell joins the cast of Neil Marshall’s (cough) Doomsday.Last House on the Left’s remake script is, apparently, weak sauce.Ivana Bacquero cast in The New Daughter, adapted from […]

Lake Placid 2 World Premiere Tonight!

One of my favorite guilty pleasures for weekend, when I’m going to have the TV on all day and nothing crucial to do is to just plop on Sci-Fi, because we all know the Sci-Fi Channel has got the market cornered on sheer cable movie awesome.  Remember that movie you fell asleep watching somewhere somewhen […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 4/15 – 4/22

Studio Trailers and ClipsThe Tripper – MySpace page with behind the scenes videosRise – More clips from the movie that’ll never come out.28 Weeks Later – ClipVacancy – Clips Studio News and AttachmentsRob Lieberman, director of Fire in the Sky, signed on with Twisted Pictures for "psychological revenge thriller" Tortured.Frank Darabont tells MTV that he […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 04/08 – 04/15

Studio Trailers and ClipsVacancy – Clip28 Weeks Later – ClipBug – New TrailerWind Chill Studio News and AttachmentsOnly 7 out of 90 ‘professional’ critics on Rotten Tomatoes found The Reaping to be watchable; those 7 probably confused by how hot Hillary Swank became after The Next Karate Kid.Teeth gets an R while Hatchet gets an […]

“Some 50 people – including parents with young children – began screaming and ran out.”

I came across this story via Cinematical during my regular scour for weekly horror news and laughed so hard that I had to give it its own post: A theater in Long Island accidently swapped a print of The Last Mimzy (rated PG) with The Hills Have Eyes 2 (rated R).  Now, I didn’t bother […]

Last Week in Posters – The Girl Next Door to Lake Dead to More Reaping

This was just a plain boring week in posters.  I like the vibe of the Girl Next Door poster, which is an adaptation of a Jack Ketchum novel.  Past that, though, there really isn’t anything going on.  The Lake Dead poster in the compilation above is cool, but who knows about the actual movie. That […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 3/18 – 3/25

Studio Trailers and ClipsThe TripperWind ChillDay WatchStardust Studio News and AttachmentsThe brotherly duo behind the Reaping script are doing a draft of The B.L.O.B. – yes, it is now a fucking stupid acronym – accept your extreme disappointment right now.Grindhouse got its R rating after all.  Oh, and it is officially 3 hours and 5 […]

Last Week in Posters – Captivity to Strangers to Unearthed

Aside from the already linked new Captivity poster and its insanely high pixel count, last week had a pretty solid set of wall candy debut.  It doesn’t count as a poster, but who can pass up the fact that Maxim is running 3 "collectors edition" covers featuring the girls of Planet Terror?  I would never […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 03/11 – 03/18

Studio Trailers and ClipsThe Invisible – FeaturetteNext – Nicholas Cage looks more like a walking skull in this than Ghost RiderHostel: Part II – ClipHills Have Eyes 2 – More Clips Studio News and AttachmentsEscape From New York redo with Gerard Butler as Snake.Alexandre Aja is directing a remake of Piranha.  Oh, my, fucking, God […]

Last Week in Posters: El Orfanto

The above poster for the Guillermo del Toro produced El Orfanto was the only art work worth a damn from last week.  I say worth a damn, because there was a Hostel II "poster" that came out as well, but it was an ugly, worthless, unoriginal piece of shit.  Mentioning its existence rages me, so […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 3/04 – 3/11

Studio Trailers and ClipsDead Silence – Clips Studio News and AttachmentsSkinwalkers pulled from March 30th release date, no new date means I’d put money on straight to DVD.Clint Eastwood is directing Changeling, which has nothing to do with the original ’80s The Changeling, and a lot to do with the ungodly hotness of Angelina Jolie […]

Last Week in Posters: Captivity to Sunshine to Vacancy

A pretty boring week in posters.  Vacancy looks alright, but it reminds me too much of Identity.  I’m really looking forward to Danny Boyle’s Sunshine, but that poster isn’t anything great, especially since The Core already did it. Captivity is apparently a bad, bad movie, but a tip of the hat to Elisha Cuthbert, who […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 2/25 – 3/04

Studio Trailers and ClipsHills Have Eyes – Clip 1, 2Wrong Turn 2: Dead EndSkinwalkersPremonition – Clip Studio News and AttachmentsJoshua Jackson cast in the American remake of HND Thai fav, Shutter.Marcus Nispel, aka the guy who did the TCM remake, is doing an adaptation of American McGee’s Alice, as well as a Charles Manson flick.Kevin […]

Last Week in Posters: 100 Tears to Hostel 2 to Skinwalkers

I’ve wanted to do this for quite a while now, but never got around to it.  And now another long Oscars ceremony is to thank for a boredom induced kick-in-the pants.  HND was never intended to be a news site, so I’m not going to throw up every poster that comes my way, but I’ll […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 2/18 – 2/25

Studio Trailers and ClipsThe Hills Have Eyes 2 – ClipsVacancyFido – International TrailerHatchet – Theatrical TrailerResident Evil: Extinction Studio News and AttachmentsFirst official still of Michael Myers from Rob Zombie’s Halloween, the Shape is right, the color palette a little to Texas Chainsaw remake.Toby Jones and Marcia Gay Harden cast in Frank Darabont’s adaptation of […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 2/11 – 2/18

Studio Trailers and ClipsThe Condemned – A WWE Films mash up of Battle Royale and Series 7Grindhouse – Theatrical trailerZodiac – ClipsStudio News and AttachmentsIf you live outside the US, your Grindhouse films are getting split in two and released 3+ months apart.  Move to America.Ghost Rider made $44.5 million by Sunday and set a […]

Find a Better Poster Than This and I’ll Give You $100

I started watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force in 2000 and stopped probably some time around 2004.  It’s still on, but I’ve entirely stopped caring about it.  I was at an mc chris show some two years ago when he broke the news about there being an ATHF movie.  It was cool news, but I still […]

Not So Weekly News Re-Cap: 1/28 – 2/11

Studio Trailers and ClipsThe Hills Have Eyes 2 – Theatrical TrailerGhost Rider – Clips, Making of Vids etcFido – TeaserThe Signal – Indie picked up at SundanceMr. Brooks Studio News and AttachmentsDimension Films picks up a sorority-girls-in-the-desert ghostie called Buried Alive from the guy who made Wishmaster.Twisted Pictures has adopted Darren Lynn Bousman’s adaptation of […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 1/21-1/28

Studio Trailers and Clips1408The Reaping – Gets a second trailer, a sweaty Swank and … an R Rating??!?The Messengers – ClipsThe Alphabet Killer – TeaserDead Silence – Official site now comes with the Red Band cut of the trailer Studio News and AttachmentsFrank Darabont’s adaptation of The Mist gets two more actors.First day on set, […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 01/14 – 01/21

Not a whole lot this week, especially since there was a good deal of overlap from last week’s delayed re-cap.  Oh, and I finally updated the Alphabetical Review Index. Studio Trailers and ClipsDead Silence – Has one badass trailer.  I guess James Wan wasn’t one hit wonder.Sunshine – Equally badass trailer, albeit a Sci-Fi one. […]

Roughly Two Weeks of Horror News

Studio Trailers/ClipsHannibal Rising – Final trailerPrimeval – ClipBlood & ChocolateThe Hitcher – ClipsDisturbia – Trailer that makes Hitchcock’s skeleton cry Studio News and AttachmentsKate Bosworth headlines After.Life, flick about a woman trying to avoid being buried alive.MGM wants to remake Motel Hell…Lionsgate gives Fido a March 9th theater run in the US.Danielle Harris officially cast […]

Surprise! Zombie’s Halloween Script Blows!

According to Quint over at AICN, at least.  And I see no reason to doubt the man. He holds hope that the draft he read was a very, very early draft, but I doubt much will change.  As it stands, it bares zero resemblance to the Halloween that John Carpenter gifted upon the world.  The […]

Edgar Wright Announced as new Grindhouse Guest Director

The title pretty much says it all.  Edgar Wright, director of the fantastic Shaun of the Dead and the upcoming Hot Fuzz (which despite the inherent comedy, is supposed to dish out the red), has loaned his talents to Rodriguez and Tarantino.  He’ll be helming one of the fake trailers sandwhiched between the film’s halves, […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap: 12/24 – 12/31

Studio Trailers and ClipsBlood and ChocolateHannibal Rising – new trailer Studio News and AttachmentsRemake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers renamed from The Visiting to The Invasion and gets an August 17th date.Neil Gaiman puts the kibosh on rumors of his Silent Hill 2 involvement.Grindhouse final one sheet.Sony is offering Ultrasonic ringtones to promote The […]

‘Weekly’ Horror News Re-Cap: 12/17 – 12/26

Studio Trailers and ClipsWhite Noise 2: The Light – With the awesome Nathan Fillion Grindhouse Studio News and AttachmentsMalcom McDowell cast as Loomis in Zombies’ Halloween.And Myers gets a name as well.Oh, and cute-as-hell Danielle Harris is said to be in the pot for lead casting, but I doubt it’ll happen.Zombie himself and Eli Roth […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap: 12/10 – 12/17

Studio Trailers and ClipsThe Hills Have Eyes 2 – TeaserHannibal Rising – Teaser in English Studio News and AttachmentsDimension Films picks up Jamie Blanks’ Storm Warning.And Lionsgate grabs up The Backwoods.The Reaping gets a new, horrible poster.Anne Hathaway lends her hotness/acting chops to a movie that sounds like Final Destination minus the premonitions; Passenger. Indie […]

Horror is Dead. Eli Roth killed it with a single poster.

It is this Hostel II poster – and this poster alone – that has convinced me studio horror has no future.  It may not be dead in the sense that blood and synaptic nerve firings keep it physically animated and profitable, but it is as dead as any other junkie unable to kick its self […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap: 12/03 – 12/10

Studio Trailers and ClipsThe Reaping – Second, Hi-Res trailerPrimeval – First of what will probably be multiple, shitty trailersHannibal Rising – Poor German teaser300 – Final Trailer Studio News and AttachmentsA handful of up and coming stars and starlets sign on for Amusement, written by the who who wrote the When a Stranger Calls remake.Eliza […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap: 11/26 – 12/03

Studio Trailers and ClipsBlood and ChocolateBlack Christmas – ClipsThe MessengersTuristas – Clip Studio News and AttachmentsRogue Pictures behind remake of French film, Ils (Them).Starship Troopers becomes a feature length trilogy.Woody Harrelson cast in Brad Anderson’s Trans-Siberian.Random and Indie NewsPreacher writer talks about HBO picking up the pitched comic adaptation.Clive Barker to write a kid’s tale […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap: 11/19 – 11/26

Studio Trailers/ClipsBlack Christmas – trailer 2Hostel 2 – the same teaser you’ve already seen, but in Hi-def for some reason.The Hitcher – remake trailer30 Days of Night – another behind the scenes clip with no actual scenes Studio News/AttachmentsMena Suvari, Stephen Rae and Russell Hornsby cast in Stuart Gordon’s Stuck.The spoiler filled casting call sheet […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap: 11/12 – 11/19

Trailers/Clips (Studio)ZodiacGhost Rider – International Trailer Studio News/AttachmentsDreamworks buys the film rights to Camp Creepy Time…written by Gina Gershon?Ronald D. Moore is writing the Thing remake?!?!?!  Fuck news this great feels good!Rhona Mitra, aka the hot chic Kevin Bacon inviso-rapes in Hollow Man, stars in Neil Marshall’s next flick, Doomsday.Prison Break’s Dominic Purcell to star […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap: 11/5 – 11/13

Trailers/Clips (Studio)Office SpaceSpider-Man 3 official trailerSpider-Man 3 "leaked" pre-trailer with venom money shot, downloadable .mov Studio News/AttachmentsSony Pictures picks up distro rights to The Marsh ghost flick.Clive Barker talks some more talk about how the new Hellraiser remake won’t be like other remakes.Infinitely awesome Brian Cox spearheads Bryan Singer produced,Michael Dougherty directed Trick ‘R Treat.Rob […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 10/29 – 11/5

Trailers/Clips (Studio)The Number 23Black Christmas Remake TrailerThe Hills Have Eyes 2 Raw Footage28 Weeks Later Raw Footage Studio News/AttachmentsChris Moore to direct lamer Battle Royale rip-off, Killers.Se7en may have prequel, Virtue.Paul W.S. Anderson to write AND direct Castlevania adaptation.IFC and TWC pick up theater/DVD distro rights for Black Sheep.Ti West to direct Cabin Fever 2.Ryuhei […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 10/23 – 10/29

John Landis is doing a Bat Boy movie. That’s the only thing I care about that happened last week in genre news.

Weekly News Re-Cap: 10/16 – 10/23

Trailers (Studio)Day of the Dead looks like complete shit.PremonitionBlack Christmas Studio News/AttachmentsThe Return shifted from November to January – ha.Asia Argento to star in her Daddy’s The Mother of Tears.Clive Barker is writing, but not directing, the inevitable Hellraiser remake.Dimension Films plans to bring the sexiness back to horror/thrillers with The Boathouse.  Wild Things, it […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 10/8 – 10/15

Trailers/Clips (Studio)More Grudge 2 ClipsGhost Rider Partial Transformation ClipSaw III The 8 millionth trailerBug in HDPerfume: The Story of a Murderer Domestic TrailerThe Messangers trailer doesn’t mention the number of director-replaced reshoots Studio News/AttachmentsSam Raimi makes horror/reality show for CW network.Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler cast together in yet another home invasion movie called Strangers.The […]

Darren Lynn Bousman Attaches Himself to Potential Brilliance

People love Saw.  While I’m not going to pledge my undying allegiance to the series, I respect the hell out of it for being the only original and successful horror franchise in years.  I thought James Wan’s starter had great moments of interest, but structurally had too many cracks to hold up against even a […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 10/1 – 10/8

Sorry this wasn’t sooner, but once I finally returned from Chicago, I was a bit more interested in laying down and catching up on Dexter than sitting in front of a computer.  However, the bonus here is that you can expect reviews of The Host and Requiem within a day or two, and if there […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 9/24 – 10/1

Trailers/Clip (Studio)TCM:B 6 Clips Studio News/AttachmentsArt house god Lars von Triers returns to horror with Antichrist.After a decade, Wes Craven finally realizes he should try writing his own movies again.Eliza Dushku has fallen for board-game-of-death film Mamba.Dimension films gives Feast scripters money for two new films. Random NewsFox Chair calles AvP 2, "…very hardcore.  Very […]

BD Scores After Dark Horrorfest Roster

The current issue of Fangoria had an interesting two page ad in it.  I’d say 90% of it was black, with the sparce copy/logo there is refering to the After Dark Horrorfest, an 8 film run of horror in theaters across the US and the website If you go to the site, the films […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: It’s Been More Than a Week

Trailers/Clips (Studio)"Dexter" (pilot episode for new Showtime serial killer serial)300 Promo ReelTexas Chainsaw Massacre : Tthe Begining clipRest Stop Studio News/AttachmentsHalloween theaterical re-release to have added on interviews, including Rob Zombie about the new take.People keep wanting to believe there will actually be a Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash.Surprise, Johhny Depp is out of I […]

Upcoming Horror – The General Verdict Out of Toronto

Film geeks are surely already aware of it, but for anyone not paying attention, the Toronto International Film Festival has been going on for the past week or so (if you’re there, I hate you).  I’ve gone ahead and sifted through the buzz on the upcoming crop of genre pictures (some I hadn’t even heard […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 9/03 – 9/10

Trailers/Clips (Studio)Fido ClipRest Stop (Direct-to-DVD)Pan’s Labyrinth Domestic TrailerFeast Studio News/AttachmentsFX vet Patrick Tatopoulos slips out of the director’s chair for Clive Barker adaptation, The Midnight Meat Train.Asylum, the next from SoaP director David Ellis, and Return to House on Haunted Hill both cast some people you’ve probably never heard of.Ghost House Pictures’ adaptation of Steve […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 8/20 – 8/27

I apologize for the lack of reviews, I’ve come down with a sickness and have been busying looking at new jobs.  But once I get a 9-5 job, as oppossed to the soul draining, weekend-less, 11+ hour shifts I have now, you can expect a return to more regular writings. Trailers/Clips (Studio)Turistas (embeded clip)The Wicker […]

Why don’t I care about Diary of the Dead?

I’m just going to flat out say it – I don’t care for Land of the Dead.  Dawn of the Dead may be my favorite horror film of all time, and the other Dead entries hold their ground as well, but Land was just alright and we’ll leave it at that. So am I the […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 8/13 – 8/20

Trailers/Clips (Studio)The Grudge 2 (another trailer, only in Quicktime)The Reaping (in HD this time) Studio News/AttachmentsGrindhouse/Death Proof gets Cabin Fever hottie Jordan Ladd.Last House on the Left officially on remake slate, which is pretty much news to no one.Hostel 2 gets its female cast…ten bucks says Eli Roth makes at least 2 of them get […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 8/06 – 8/13

Trailers/Clips (Studio)Saw III (YouTube’d, but actually visible this time)The Return (I’d say meh, but honestly I’ll watch anything Sarah Michelle Gellar is in because of Buffy alone) Studio News/AttachmentsWeinstein Co. picks up distro rights to Robocop starring, lion stalking film Prey. Random NewsThere was plenty, but nothing very interesting. Trailers/Clips (Indie/Foreign)Evil Bong (Yes, you did […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 7/30 – 8/06

Trailers/Clips (Studio)The Grudge 2 (lengthy teaser trailer)The Covenant (Quicktime’d Renny Harlin!)Skinwalkers (first clip) Studio News/AttachmentsUniversal picked up Hellboy 2 for an ’08 release.Universal also optioned up kid-ish, but awesome sounding book Nightmare Academy.George Romero is back in the game with Solitary Isle. Random NewsApparently The Wolfman script is as hard an R as they come.The […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 7/23 – 7/30

Trailers/Clips (Studio)The Grudge 2 ClipsThe Black Dahlia trailerPulse Clip and final trailer Studio News/AttachmentsRemake of Miike’s One Missed Call has begun filming, Ed Burns is in it?Speaking of remakes, since that’s all that ever happens these days, Russia’s Dead Daughters gets off the bench.Surprise, Quentin Tarantino wants to put his name on someone else’s movie […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 7/16 – 7/23

First off, happy birthday to me.  Second off, I apologize for the lack of writing over the past couple days, but I’ve been without internet and will probably remain that way for the next couple days, thanks to Verizon’s slow customer service. Trailers/Clips (Studio)The Fountain (Sci-Fi)The Butterfly Effect 2 (straight-to-DVD sequel to one of the […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 7/9-7/16

Trailers/Clips (Studio)Snakes on a Plane (another teaser)The QuietThe Descent (another random clip of violence) Studio News/AttachmentsWesley Snipes versus zombies in Gallowwalker.Fox sets release dates for Hills, AvP and Wrong Turn sequelsJessica Alba now cast as the lead in remake of Asian ‘classic’ The Eye.  Bor-ing.HBO has given the green to a new vampire hour long, […]

Night of the Living Dead 3D Gets 1,500 Screens

Extremmmmeeeeee Zombies!!!!!! I never thought I’d get the chance to sit in a theater with a pair of dorky red and blue glasses on and watch a horror movie in that wacky, extreme-2-the-max, third dimension, but it seems a company you’ve never heard of, Midnight Movies Entertainment, has enough faith in a gimicky Night of […]

Weekly News Re-Cap: 7/2-7/9

And if there was any doubt as to how dead the summer is for horror, last week’s news: Trailers/Clips (Studio)The Descent (Clip)Somebody Help Me (from the guy who made You Got Served!) Studio News/AttachmentsMusic video director, Martin Weisz, given the career help of Hills Have Eyes 2Random NewsDread Central is back, though their site isn’t […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap. 6/25-7-2

Trailers/Clips (Studio)Snakes on a Plane (TV Spot)Lady in the Water (Final Trailer)The Descent (First US TV Spot)Studio News/AttachmentsRon Howard attached to a Changeling remakeThe Birds being re-adapted from the short story which inspired Hitchcock’s originalDog Soldiers sequel should be going into production soon Random NewsRosario Dawson cast in Death Proof, Tarantino’s half of Grind HouseJohnny […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap, 6/18 – 6/25

Trailers/Clips (Studio)The Night Listener Trailer (not exactly horror, more Robin Williams eeriness)Sunshine low quality clips (sci-fi horror from Danny Boyle)Studio News/AttachmentsGerard Butler in talks to be the priest in… PriestSaw III finished filming.  This is a seriously slow news week when I report that a film I really don’t care about one way or the […]

Updated: Colic Keeps Getting Better

Here I am to keep with my original promise to let everyone know every little thing that I can find out about the movie with that incendiary poster.  The teaser trailer was pretty cool, but now the the full trailer has raised the bar once again.  I’m talking to the point where I was actually […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap, 6/11 – 6/18

Trailers/Clips (Studio)In The Name of a King TrailerMutant Chronicles Production VideoThe Descent American, theatrical trailer Studio News/AttachmentsStan Winston Productions behind The Deaths of IanJosh Harnett cast in David (Hard Candy) Slade’s adaptation of vampire graphical novel 30 Days of NightPlan B bought script rights to World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie WarReturn […]

Uwe Boll is Going to Break Your Spine

This story is either too good to be true or too good not to be true, but God, I hope this press release isn’t a hoax. Uwe Boll, direc-tor extraordinaire and creator of three – count ’em, three – films in the IMDB’s bottom 100 list, has thrown down the gauntlet to all reviewers who […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap, 6/4 – 6/11

Trailers/Clips (Studio)Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Begining TrailerThe Wicker Man Remake TrailerI’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer Trailer (straight-to-DVD, of course) Studio News/AttachmentsNimrod Antal (Kontroll) replaces Simon West (When a Stranger Calls remake) on Vacancy.  Very good call, Screen GemsKevin Bacon headlining James Wan’s second post-Saw film, Death SentenceThe Stepfather next up on Screen […]

Feast Teaser Poster/Release Date

Earlier in the week the final release date for Feast, which was the product of the third season of Project Greenlight (over a year and a half ago), was announced as September 22. Not a bad date, especially since the summer always lacks good horror.  And I have faith in Feast to make up for […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap, 5/28 – 6/4

Trailers/Clips (Studio)The Omen (Yet another 6 minute clip)Pulse (Third trailer)Snakes on a Plane (bootleg teaser)Studio News/AttachmentsPlot synopsis for this Oct.’s Saw III, could be interestingRob Zombie Directing Halloween "remake/prequel"Sean Bean replacing Rutger Hauer in Hitcher remakeGeorge Romero doing "Zombisodes" Random NewsAwaited Indie flick Reeker to finally get DVD release in AugustMagnolia picks up horror comedy […]

Rob Zombie Officially Directing Next Halloween

Bloody Disgusting got an exclusive on the official press release, so I won’t repost it here, but Dimension Films has confirmed the rumors Fangoria broke days ago: Rob Zombie will be writing, directing, and producing a new Halloween for an Oct. 2007 release. It won’t be a straight sequel, but rather, "an entirely new take […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap, 5/21 – 5/28

Trailers/Clips (Studio)Pulse (2nd Full Trailer)Ghost RiderSnakes on a Plane Official Site (no trailer, just entirely pointless clips)8 minutes of Stay Alive (or so it says, because I’m sure as hell not watching it)Studio News/AttachmentsSpike Lee Writing/Directing(?) Selling TimeMasters of Horror Season 2 Official Episode DetailsRobert Englund says there will be another Freddy vs Jason, but […]

Spike Lee Enters the Genre

Well, I guess technically he entered the genre in ’99 with Summer of Sam, so it’s more like re-enters the genre, but this time he has a more supernatural bend. The flick, which Spike Lee is going to write and hopefully direct, is called Selling Time.  He’s not the first man on the project, but […]

Weekly Horror News Re-Cap, 5/14 – 5/21

Trailers/Clips (Studio)Hollow Man 2 Trailer"Blade" TV TrailerThe Breed TrailerThe Omen 10 ClipsMasters of Horror: Imprint Trailer (Review) Studio News/AttachmentsDavid R. Ellis (Snakes on a Plane) will direct AsylumFriday the 13th Prequel dead, for nowStir of Echoes 2 Sounds Really ShittyWilliam H. Macy in House of Re-Animator, plus plot pointsClive Barker’s Midnight (Meat) Train Officially AnnouncedSony […]

Midnight Meat Train Sounds AMAZING?

Lionsgate, who is the single greatest thing to happen to the genre in years, and Lakeshore Entertainment are teaming up to produce Midnight Train, a renamed adaptation of Clive Barker’s short story "Midnight Meat Train", which is part of his Books of Blood.  The flick is to be directed by Patrick Tatopoulos, who is the […]

House of Re-Animator May Actually Be Good?

Yesterday Fangoria confirmed some details about Stuart Gordon’s upcoming House of Re-Animator, which is the 3rd sequel to Gordon’s 1985 adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s short story, and much to my surprise, it actually sounds pretty cool. William H. Macy has been cast as the President of the United States who kicks the bucket mid-term, but […]

I Wasn’t Making News Up!

They call me piggy because I’m so bank. This morning, only 16 days after I announced it, Dread Central got wind that the one and only Ron Perlman is the lead in John Carpenter’s Masters of Horror episode, Pro-Life, which is actually filming right now. Now if only there were some news on the Del […]

It’s About the Snakes on the Plane

Samuel L. Jackson lays it out in these two clips from his appearance on Ellen yesterday: Clip 1Clip 2 "People wanna see Snakes on a Plane, I signed on to do Snakes on a Plane.  I want people to know that when they come to the movie, they gonna see snakes and you gonna see […]

Site Updates

I've updated to a slightly newer version of WordPress as well as a newer version of the tonus theme the site is based on, plus some new editing plugins, so you may notice some small changes to the site.  A lot of the changes were just on my admin end, but check out the new […]

Silent Hill Horrorgasm

Last time I brought you some of Fangoria’s interview with Christophe Gans, which gave a lot of people hope. Well, Fango’s newest issue arrived in my mailbox this morning, so now I present to you a scan from Michael Helm’s new article; a bad-as-hell picture of Red Pyramid, just one of Silent Hill‘s many stalkers: […]

Some Fred Dekker News

A week after I prayed for some Fred Dekker news in my review of Night of the Creeps, Fango has some up on their site from the man himself in which he debunks Slither as a rip-off of Creeps, the possibility of DVD releases of both Creeps and Monster Squad, as well as a new […]

Updated: Silent Hill is Going to Kick Ass

I’m trying to get right to the point with my post titles. I was really impressed with the trailer when it first hit (and still am), but it wasn’t until reading Fango’s piece on the film in their latest issue that I started to put a lot of faith behind it. Christophe Gans is an […]

Snakes On a Plane Isn’t Fucking Around

As if you needed to be told that. The only movie I can think of that became a cult classic before a single frame of the movie had been shot, Snakes on a Plane has just finished reshoots that were commissioned with the specific purpose of jacking the rating from the girly PG-13 to a […]

Roth to Direct King’s Cell

Despite my incredible and unflinching disdain for Hostel and 2001 Maniacs, I do stil have great faith in Eli Roth – even if seeing his face now makes me want to punch him in the head instead of shake his hand (I’m not sure why). It was announced today that he would be the man […]

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