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MY NAME IS BRUCE, Directed by Bruce Campbell, Written by Mark Verheiden, 2007 Quitting Time: 20 minutes?  Exactly when Bruce had a finger knuckle deep in his nose. Can we all just agree that MY NAME IS BRUCE doesn’t exist?  I don’t want to live in a world where this is the directorial culmination of […]

Movies I Quit: RED MIST

RED MIST, Directed by Paddy Breathnach, 2008 Quitting time: About 35 minutes in. I set out to see RED MIST purely because I wanted to know if Paddy Breathnach’s bumbling of the potentially kick ass SHROOMS was a fluke.  A movie about twenty-something’s who go out into a swamp to chew down some brain magic […]

Movies I Quit: G.P. 506, FEAST 2, ANACONDA 3

We all do it and given how many dire movies I watch in pursuit of this site, I probably tend to do it more often than others.  While I won’t review movies I haven’t seen from beginning to end, I’d at least like to give them their own special section of failure.  Thus I introduce […]

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