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Does Your Lighter Glow Like the Sun?

Yeah, neither does mine.  Then again, when I lay on my back my boobs don’t point straight up like the obelisk in 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, so a little After Effects flame is not the only fake thing in this picture from JENNIFER’S BODY. Not really complaining, by the way.  I like the lighter gag, […]

PSA: Brad Anderson’s SESSION 9 is on Hulu.

One of these days I’ll round up a master list of all the great horror titles available (legally) on the Internet, but until then you’ll have to suffice with me having just crossed paths with SESSION 9 on Hulu.  I don’t think I need to tell anyone how great the movie is, you’re all at […]

Oh, Cthulhu, Buck up! You can Still Devour the World.

John Gholson is one of the nicest people we’ve met since moving to Austin.  He’s also a very talented artist (and as I recently learned, actor!) with a website created for fun and funds.  Here’s how it works: for $5 Gholson will draw anything you like, so long as it is not hardcore porn.  Simple, […]

Adventures of RJ Sayer, Perfect Timing Edition.

RJ Sayer: also in related news… RJ Sayer: i was driving a cargo van with a co-worker today RJ Sayer: and we’d already made a few inappropriate “kidnap and rape” jokes RJ Sayer: when we stopped at an intersection RJ Sayer: where there’s one of those “scrolling” digital billboards – all powerpoint slideshow style RJ […]

What is THE PICKLER and why is it About a Giant Killer Penis?

I came across the FX Makeup page of one Amber Atkisson earlier and on it was this impressive sculpture test of a killer penis for a project called THE PICKLER, about which I can find no information.  Though the end monster looks a lot closer to an ALIEN chest-burster than it does a human penis, […]

“Will You Be Here Tomorrow?” Work Safety PSA is Hilariously Graphic.

I swear I’ll actually starting writing here again soon.  In the mean time I can just post YouTube videos!

PSA: LET THE RIGHT ONE IN on Netflix Watch Instantly With Original Subtitles

Earlier today I was bouncing around Netflix adding titles to my Instant Queue when I noticed LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (review) as an offering.  Once the 360 finished streaming an episode of David Attenborough’s THE LIFE OF MAMMALS (get on Attenborough if you’re not already, btw) I set out to see if the Netflix […]

Oh, Japan! Children Fend Off Zombie.

Help Get FEARnet Back on Time Warner Cable.

I’m reposting this verbatim from FEARnet.  I’ll be contacting Time Warner Cable when I get home and you should too if, like me, you’ve enjoyed their free flicks over the years.  I don’t even have Time Warner and I think this is bunk. To all FEARnet fans who subscribe to Time Warner or Bright House […]

Sleep tight.

Thanks for the nightmare, Reddit.


Tipster Ryan pointed me towards a website listing a bunch of free screenings around the US on March 25th for Lionsgate’s upcoming THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT (Will Goss’ lukewarm review).  The nearest to me are in Baltidome and DC, two areas I strive to avoid, but hopefully some of you will find closer locales. Main […]

The Art of Jason Chan is Better Than Filler.

I apologize.  Every single time I go on one of these installs I swear I’m going to just slave away on the site and every single time the same exact thing happens.  Writer’s block. I do not know how anyone can write in a hotel room.  Unless I’m at my own desk or at the […]

‘The House Romero Built’ T-Shirt Discount, Anyone?

Back before Christmas ‘ole pal Joe Fitz sent me a link to a T-Shirt at Mediocore Clothing called The House Romero Built featuring a chronological collage of Romero’s more iconic flesh eaters.  Instinct kicked in, I broke out the Pay-Pal and promptly ordered a silver.  There was a bit of a delay in getting the […]

Vincent Price, Memorialized on YouTube

Taken from the Vault of Horror, embedded below is a video tribute to Vincent Price that could not be more wonderful.  It has brightened my mood every time I’ve watched it.  Enjoy: Which reminds me that I need to hook up a VCR to watch my VHS copy of STRANGE BUT TRUE FOOTBALL STORIES hosted […]

Metallica made the wrong music video.

Randy of the still non-existent pointed me towards Metallica’s new music video for ‘All Nightmare Long’.  While I love me some Spores, Soviets and Zombies, I gotta say, they should have gone with Japanese Splatterpunk Claymation: Yes, this was all a ruse to post that video, which I intended to days ago.

I always thought THE GOONIES needed more GREMLINS…

Link from RJ via Dread Central.

“MY OWN WORST ENEMY” is super smrt.

This has nothing to do with horror, but it cracks me up enough to post.  I had forgotten about it, which is why I have a bookmarked folder where I drag rantable things should they be forgotten.  “MY OWN WORST ENEMY” is a new NBC show premiering this fall about Christian Slater, a working stiff […]

Temper Tantrum: Why can’t Cthulhu be my roommate?

[From BoingBoing] Oh, and does that or does that not look as if it belongs to a live action “Futurama”?

Thai Ghosts are the Best Ghosts.

Brilliant commercial that, once again, proves Thai have ghosts for everything.  There is probably a ghost for this post already, as a matter of fact.

I’d buy that for a dollar!

I hate the horror connotation. I hate the crowd of folk (and these chumps aren’t always outsiders) who think horror needs to be dressed in blood and guts, who think we spend our time poking road kill with our black painted finger nails when we’re not watching slashers. Yet every now and then something morbid […]


Kindertrauma is the robotrip of horror blogs.  Do the honorable thing and take it in small, healthy doses, otherwise those five senses of yours will double and the 3 dimensions you currently cozy in will seem cute in an antiquated kind of way. Run by Uncle Lancifer and Aunt John, Kindertrauma is a pink shrine […]

Lego Hostel is Scarier than Flesh Hostel

Video found via the great Kindertrauma. The tragic part of this video?  Eli Roth is going to see it some day and think, "Awesome!  They love me so much they’ve spoofed me!" It will never occur to Eli Roth that in 1 minute and 17 seconds, video editor David Vann made a more coherent film […]

How Eli Roth would have you spend 24 hours.

First off, thanks to John for the heads up. I, sadly, do not read the Onion’s A.V. Club with any regularity, so I don’t know if Eli Roth is a regular contributor or this is solely a tie-in with the release of Hostel II on DVD, but either way they have a great feature up […]

“Who the heck is this Lovecraft guy?”

  "The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind." H.P. Lovecraft  Reader Brian poised the question a few days ago in response to Cloverfield, which some are hypothesizing to be about a Cthluhu-y monster.  Well, that rumor seems to be circling the drain, but the Lovecraft question remains all the same. To […]

Toshiba HD DVD players $100 cheaper 05/20 – 06/16

This really has nothing to do with the genre, I just love HD content; specifically HD DVD (eat it, Blu Ray!) and like to spread the word when I can.  If you haven’t taken sides in the format war yet, now is one more reason to jump on the HD bandwagon. Toshiba, the top manufacturer […]

Happy Friday the 13th!

The best kind of Friday! What’s on your slate for today?  Were you to appear at our house – which from now on might as well be referred to as the house – you’d find yourself with a 3 movie minimum of Unrest, Altered and a third, yet to be determined, film.  Perhaps something to […]

Your Time is Forfeit to’s Creature of the Week Gallery

Stop whatever you are doing right now and follow this link.  This is as much a recommendation from me to you as is a recommendation for breathing from your medulla oblongata to your lungs.  This needs to be obeyed, otherwise you’re going to die a little inside. Not just a handful, but a genuine majority […]

Mary Poppins: Scary Mary Re-Cut Trailer

Trailer mashups and re-cuts are the new Star Wars kid.  Ten of them pop up each day, most of them are average at best if you bother to watch them.  However, Chris Rule’s Scary Mary is slick enough to deserve your minute. Scary Mary at the Disney Blog.

“Something to be Desired” Halloween Episode

I wish I could say I’ve been a die hard fan of Pittsburgh based web series "Something to be Desired" since its inception, but honestly I hadn’t heard of it until I received an email from Erik Schark pointing me towards their Halloween episode. Clocking it at 13 minutes, the special finds the cast of […]

Haunted Prison, October 14th on Sci-Fi

I’m not one to shill anything I don’t have a genuine interest in seeing, so when passed the info for Haunted Prison, my first reaction was fairly bitter.  The director, Kevin VanHook did make Voodoo Moon, a movie that is so painfully bland in its execution that I felt emotions about filmmaking I haven’t felt […]

You Should be Watching “Dexter”

I was going to write out a play-by-play of the pilot episode of "Dexter", Showtime’s new hour long about a serial killer who daylights as a forensics officer with a love for blood splatter analysis.  But since there are sites specifically for episodic recaps, I’ll take the easier route and pluck just a sampling of […]

Friday the 13th is Almost Here, What are you Watching?

Like a pothead chuckles when the clock strikes 4:20, a horror fan gets giddy over a Friday the 13th.  For this upcoming 13th, I’ve nominated Chris’ isolated lake house as the perfect setting for a horror movie marathon.  During said marathons, which usually feature just Christine and I in a blacked out room, the goal […]

Some things about those Snakes

1.  People will randomly yell Snakes on a Plane.  This isn’t that funny, but put it up with it in the begining and it’ll die down once people get into the movie. 2.  The movie is solid entertainment, but it isn’t perfection.  It could have been improved in nearly every aspect.  Think of it this […]

Nightmare on the Big Screen

I love the Nightmare on Elm Street series.  It is one of a few film franchises whose sequels I cherish, even if they’re horrible.  I don’t care what anyone says, Dream Warriors is a badass movie! Anyways, as Scott at Cinematical pointed out (as well as the BD boys), New Line is doing a very […]

Snakes on a Phone

So I was walking out of the movies today and noticed I had a voice mail from some number I didn’t recognize.  Upon listening to it I went into a complete stupor.  It was a message from Samuel L. Jackson telling me to go see Snakes on a Plane.  I put it on speaker phone […]

I Almost Owe Some Guy $500

When I came across this just now I paniced, suddenly remembering that I had thrown the gauntlet back in the day, saying I’d give $500 to whoever got the Snakes on a Plane logo tattooed on them.  Luckily, the original offer included the qualifier, "across the back", but this guy’s dedication is …impressive… nonetheless.

A Look Inside The Asylum

You may not know production house The Asylum intimately, but I guarantee you’ve seen at least one of their DVD covers and thought to yourself, "Man, that is such a rip-off of [insert studio movie name]". Well, Scott Weinberg, who fills the horror seat at Cinematical, one of my favorite film blogs, had a friendly […]

Off Topic: This Cannot Be Missed!

I came across a massive list of links to full length episodes of animated shows available on YouTube.  The list is impressive in how vast it is, but the crown jewel of it all is Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos. I’m not making this entry to play onto the whole "Chuck Norris is cool again because […]

Fantastic Concept Art

Twitch just threw up a great link to Miles Teves’ personal website, which features some amazing concept art from films he’s worked on.  There’s really good stuff on there, and some of it recognizeable from the end product, like the work for Slither or Chronicles of Riddick. The above picture is from the forever in […]

Real Horror: You’ll never guess what this snake was on…

It was bound to happen at some point.  I was expecting it to be a press stunt around the time of the movie’s release, but it happened a couple months early…so…free publicity for Snakes on a Plane at movie blogs across the internet! CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Monty Coles was 3,000 feet in the air when […]

Worth1000, Movie Monsters in Renaissance Art always has amazing contests, but damned if this isn’t one of the most entertaining they’ve held. Then again I love horror AND the Renaissance! (Movie Monsters + Famous Renaissance Art) x Photoshop = So Damned Awesome!

Real Horror: ‘Hole Opens in Home, Swallows Man’

"It was like a scene from a horror film: A 27-year-old man plummeted into a gaping hole that suddenly opened beneath a house, trapping him beneath foundation rubble and killing him."  Let’s all just face the facts.  Obviously the earth got hungry and ate a man for a snack.  Could happen to any of us.  […]

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