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Interview: Jon Love, VP of House of Torment

Last week, we brought you our review of the horrors that lurk beyond the doors of the House of Torment in Austin, Texas. But, mighty Cthulhu demanded more. I got the opportunity to sit down with Jon Love, the Vice President of House of Torment to answer some of the Ancient One’s burning questions.

Interview: AJ Bowen, Simon Barrett and Travis Stevens on A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE [Fantastic Fest 2010]

One of the most unique films I saw at this year’s Fantastic Fest wasn’t some experimental flick about killer tires or a crazy Japanese movie about killer fish store owners, it was a little American indie called A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE.  Written by Simon Barrett (DEAD BIRDS), directed by Adam Wingard (POP SKULL) and […]

HATCHET 2 Interview: Adam Green, Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder Explain What’s Wrong With Horror Movies

A little over a week ago at Fantastic Fest I did an impromptu interview with Adam Green, Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder about HATCHET 2.  No one had any idea of the controversy that would soon befall their little film, so if you’re expecting any revelations as to why exactly AMC pulled the film from […]

Breck Eisner Interview. [THE CRAZIES director chats with HND about remakes, the government, self-censorship and more.]

Regular readers should know I don’t do interviews all that often.  But when an opportunity to interview Breck Eisner came up, I knew it was something I should jump on.  I’ll admit, though, I was a little nervous about it at first.  I was afraid I’d end up hating THE CRAZIES; that it would wind […]

HND Asks James Caviezel a few Questions About NATURE’S GRAVE.

Not long ago I was given the opportunity to bounce a few questions off of James Caviezel, the star of Jamie Blanks’ LONG WEEKEND remake NATURE’S GRAVE.  It’s only a few queries for the man, mainly his general attitude towards making genre films and his approach to working in a remake, but I think he […]

HND Talks to Craig Hubbard, Principal Game Designer of F.E.A.R. 2: PROJECT ORIGIN

HND was recently given the opportunity to exchange some questions with the driving force behind F.E.A.R. 2: PROJECT ORIGIN, the few months away multi-platform sequel to hit first person shooter F.E.A.R. I think the Q&A session went well, to be honest.  It is the first of its kind on the site and I’d like to […]

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