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Interview: AJ Bowen, Simon Barrett and Travis Stevens on A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE [Fantastic Fest 2010]

One of the most unique films I saw at this year’s Fantastic Fest wasn’t some experimental flick about killer tires or a crazy Japanese movie about killer fish store owners, it was a little American indie called A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE.  Written by Simon Barrett (DEAD BIRDS), directed by Adam Wingard (POP SKULL) and […]

THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE Review [Check Out the Laser Show!]

Did I detect a bit of subtext at work in Tom Six’s creep-out THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE?  Could the movie actually be about how the shallow, impersonal connections we make with others cause us to lose our humanity?  I believe so, and that’s more than I expected from a movie about a guy obsessed with sewing […]

THE REVENANT Mini-Review [Fantastic Fest ’09]

Written and Directed by D. Kerry Prior, 2009 There is a good movie buried within THE REVENANT, but unfortunately the film is still a few edits away from unearthing it.  It’s got a solid horror-comedy skeleton to it in the form of a plot about an Iraqi war veteran who returns home, only to re-animate […]

THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL Review. [Fantastic Fest ’09]

Written and Directed by Ti West, 2009 Time for some rumor control. Contrary to what one would assume watching The House of the Devil, writer-director Ti West does not have the power to bend time and space to his will. Ti West is not a time lord, he is a mere mortal like the rest […]

BLOOD FEAST 2: ALL U CAN EAT Review [Netflix Watch Instantly]

Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis, 2002 Written by W. Boyd Ford As a thirteen-year-old there wasn’t much more exciting for me than spending the night at friend’s house and getting to rent whatever the heck we wanted to because his parents didn’t care. I wasn’t overly sheltered as a child when it came to R-rated […]

SCOURGE (2008) Review. [Netflix Watch Instantly]

Written and Directed by Jonas Quastel, 2008 If a movie exceeds expectations by being exactly what it should be can I call that the TAKEN effect? If so, can I then say that I was TAKEN by SCOURGE? Hopefully that makes grammatical sense, because after being pleasantly surprised by my first two NWI picks, SCOURGE […]

DEADBOX Review. [Paintball Horror in One Long Take?]

Directed by Robert Archer Lynn, 2007 Written by David Alford, Robert Archer Lynn To say that Peter and I have differing tastes in film is to say that Norman Rockwell painted slightly differently from Salvador Dali.  But since moving to Austin I have become fascinated with movie geek idiosyncrasies and relish the opportunity to explore […]

THE LANDLORD Review – Selfless Indie Horror.

Written and Directed by Emil Hyde, 2009 I’ve never been noodling, but I imagine blindly thrusting one’s bare arm into the mouth of a catfish is not all that different from watching independent horror.  Both find you wading through the muck and the mire with nothing more than a hope in your heart that the […]

Move Your Dead Bones, Bones, Bones to the TERROR AT BLOOD FART LAKE Trailer!

I came across the title for TERROR AT BLOOD FART LAKE about two weeks ago, thoroughly enjoying a review for it on Amazon that was no doubt written by the director; “Well, needless to say when I finally got to attend a screening I was as excited as a fat girl on a first date. […]

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