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I Will Feel Empty Inside Until I See BITTER FEAST.

Starring Mario Batali as a chef who kills (and presumably cooks) his harshest critic. Yes, that Mario Batali.

Cruelest Schwag Ever? Capcom Teases Internet With Zombie Shirt.

As picked up on, Joystiq put up some pictures of the Coolest. Shirt. Ever.  A shirt so cool, chances are you’ll not only never own one, but you’ll never see one.  That’s just mean. Unless you’re going to the San Diego Comic Con that is, in which case you can just stop by Capcom’s […]

I Want: ARhrrr! Augmented Reality Zombie Shooter!

[Via Kotaku] Are you familiar with Augmented Reality, the real-time blending of computer generated graphics and an object in the real world?  Well a group of researches at  Georgia Tech have finally taken the field, which to date has been dominated by advertisers, to its logical conclusion: shooting zombies from a helicopter! Unfortunately it looks […]

Horror Brings the Ruckus to E3.

There was quite a bit of Horror infused in E3 this year, impressing myself and horror fans in general more than I think anyone expected.  Personally, E3 had pretty much everything I wanted: New game announcements, trailers/gameplay footage of games I’ve been following and even one or two surprises. Videos and highlights follow: LEFT 4 […]

‘The House Romero Built’ T-Shirt Discount, Anyone?

Back before Christmas ‘ole pal Joe Fitz sent me a link to a T-Shirt at Mediocore Clothing called The House Romero Built featuring a chronological collage of Romero’s more iconic flesh eaters.  Instinct kicked in, I broke out the Pay-Pal and promptly ordered a silver.  There was a bit of a delay in getting the […]

January 2009 Horror DVD Guide.

January 6th The first week of January boasts the best title of the month, EDEN LAKE.  Finally had a chance to see it thanks to this DVD and I loved it.  Expect a review in a bit.  Not for the faint of heart. Don’t know much about the other three, except that Eliza Dushku drops […]

The Art of Alex CF is Astounding. I must own.

Alex CF is a self described, “professional cryptozoological pseudo-scientific assemblage artist and illustrator”. The Brit painstakingly engineers self contained art projects that simulate the found evidence of fringe researchers from an era gone.  Each work is a narrative of both the researcher and creature, telling a complete story with a bewitching level of detail.  Or, […]

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