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Dead Wrong Goes to Fantastic Fest! Episode 1: ‘Livid’ w/Special Guest Tim Buel

It’s no surprise that we here at Horror’s Not Dead love Fantastic Fest (I’m still not ok with having to wait another year for it), so we figured we would bring a little bit of Fantastic Fest to you! Horror’s Not Dead is proud to bring you four video episodes of Dead Wrong! recorded at […]

Fantastic Fest Review: ‘The American Scream’

One day per year there is a holiday wherein kids can be kids and adults can…be kids too.  This is a holiday enjoyed equally by all ages. That holiday, of course, is Halloween!  Candy, costumes, and celebrations abound! For some it’s a day to be scared, but for others it’s a day to SCARE! And […]

Fantasic Fest Review: ‘American Mary’

Mary Mason is a surgical student with financial problems. In order to solve these problems, she answers a advertisement looking for a “dancer”. Arriving at a grungy strip club, Mary meets Billy Barker, the manager of this fine establishment. As Billy is checking out Mary’s “wares”, a problem develops in the basement of his club. […]

HND Staff Chooses Their Most Anticipated Horror of Fantastic Fest 2012

“True there are more than just horror films at Fantastic Fest, but this site isn’t called Charming Quirky Foreign Comedy’s Not Dead.”–John Gholson Mr. Gholson is quite right, while we enjoy making discoveries across genre lines at Fantastic Fest, we are forever devoted to the category to which this site’s existence is beholden. Every year, […]

The Horror of Fantastic Fest 2012

In preparation for that glorious week of genre film geek bliss that is Fantastic Fest, we thought we’d offer up this preview of all the horror titles to be featured this year. The subgenres range from ghost stories, to apocalyptic anthologies, to documentaries on various horror subjects. Independent, foreign, and big studio titles are all […]

Fantastic Fest: Short Fuse: Horror Shorts

Thank You, Jesus! (2010) Directed By: Free Run Time: 6 Minutes Country: USA Two lovers are taking a nature walk that goes horribly awry while discussing love and existence. it includes a foreign language speaking squirrel, a mud man, and the best quote of the Short Fuse program. When all is said and done you […]

Fantastic Fest Review: Penumbra

Directed By: Adrian Garcia Boliano and Ramiro Garcia Boliano Written By: Adrian Garcia Boliano and Ramiro Garcia Boliano Run Time: 85 minutes Penumbra, half-light or semidarkness in Spanish, is an Argentinean horror film which punishes its main actress for her character’s distain of Argentina unrelentingly. Marga (Cristina Bondo) is a high powered lawyer in Spain […]

Fantastic Fest Review: Revenge: A Love Story

Directed By: Ching-Po Wong (2010) Written By: Lai-yin Leung, Ching-Po Wong, Juno Mak (Original Story) Run Time: 91 min. Revenge: A Love Story is a Hong Kong thriller from director Ching-Po Wong who helped co-write the screenplay along with Lai-yin Leung. Juno Mak, who wrote the original story, stars as Kit, a grocery store clerk […]

Fantastic Fest Review: Two Eyes Staring

Directed By: Elbert van Strien Written By: Elbert van Strien, Paulo van Vliet Run Time: 112 minutes Any fan of the horror genre will get a kick out of the Dutch film Two Eyes Staring (2010). Set principally in Belgium and secondarily in the Netherlands, Two Eyes Staring is the story of a family with […]

HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 Review – An Unrelenting, Ugly Waste of Time.

Written and directed by Tom Six, 2011 When watching David Fincher’s SEVEN for the first time, did you see the fat man lying dead in a bowl of soup and think to yourself, “Screw the guy with the interesting motive that killed him, I want to see a movie about that worthless, walking tub of […]

Fantastic Fest Third Wave Trailers

Today Fantastic Fest has unleashed it’s third and final wave of movie announcements. To say we’re excited would be a huge understatement. The lineup this year appears to be incredibly solid with lots of US premieres and even an extra special screening of An American Werewolf in London with a guest appearance by Rick Baker […]

Fantastic Fest 2nd Wave Trailers

Today Fantastic Fest announced the second wave of programming for it’s annual film festival. Of course everyone here at Horrors Not Dead was excited to see the releases and we’ve put together a collection of links to all the trailers we could find for the named films along with the descriptions from the press release.

Interview: AJ Bowen, Simon Barrett and Travis Stevens on A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE [Fantastic Fest 2010]

One of the most unique films I saw at this year’s Fantastic Fest wasn’t some experimental flick about killer tires or a crazy Japanese movie about killer fish store owners, it was a little American indie called A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE.  Written by Simon Barrett (DEAD BIRDS), directed by Adam Wingard (POP SKULL) and […]

MOTHER’S DAY Review [Fantastic Fest 2010]

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, 2010 Written by Scott Milam Since the first thing that’s on any fan’s mind when it comes to a remake is how said film stacks up with the original, let’s just cut to the chase: I have no idea how Darren Lynn Bousman’s remake of MOTHER’S DAY compares to Troma’s […]

I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE: UNRATED Review [Fantastic Fest 2010]

Directed by Steven R. Monroe, 2010 Written by Stuart Morse Steven R. Monroe’s remake of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE is one of the most pathetic films I have ever seen.  I am aware that is going to sound like exaggeration or a kind of knee-jerk reaction; I assure you it is neither.  It’s a […]

THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE Review [Check Out the Laser Show!]

Did I detect a bit of subtext at work in Tom Six’s creep-out THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE?  Could the movie actually be about how the shallow, impersonal connections we make with others cause us to lose our humanity?  I believe so, and that’s more than I expected from a movie about a guy obsessed with sewing […]

THE REVENANT Mini-Review [Fantastic Fest ’09]

Written and Directed by D. Kerry Prior, 2009 There is a good movie buried within THE REVENANT, but unfortunately the film is still a few edits away from unearthing it.  It’s got a solid horror-comedy skeleton to it in the form of a plot about an Iraqi war veteran who returns home, only to re-animate […]

RAMPAGE Mini-Review [Fantastic Fest ’09]

Written and Directed by Uwe Boll Without question RAMPAGE is the best film Dr. Uwe Boll has ever made.  However, and this is an elephantine however, that statement still needs qualification.  RAMPAGE is fascinating for both its successes and its failures, but ultimately the movie is still a failure; albeit the best failure Uwe Boll […]

CROPSEY Mini-Review [Fantastic Fest ’09]

Directed by Barbara Brancaccio, Joshua Zeman, 2009 Written by Joshua Zeman Documentaries often deal with scary subject matter — JESUS CAMP is more terrifying than any work of fiction I saw in 2006 — but rarely do they intermingle with the typical horror movie narrative.  Yet such is CROPSEY, a documentary that tackles a story […]

Who Are All These New People at HND?

As you’ve no doubt noticed, over the past month or so HND has undergone a dramatic change without really changing at all.  People other than me have been contributing reviews and editorials, which may seem frightening to you.  And that’s okay, because it frightens me too.  I don’t know who these people are or how […]


The second wave of titles for this year’s Fantastic Fest are ravaging the interwebs and the Twitters and I couldn’t be more excited.  Not only will this be my first real film festival (I’m not counting the Chicago International Film Festival), but it’ll be my first Fantastic Fest.  From everything I’m hearing, that’s like having […]

A Scene From HAUSU, “the craziest goddamn movie Japan has ever unleashed”.

Now I get why Fantastic Fest this year is reaching back to 1977 to include HAUSU, aka HOUSE.  It’s positively batshit insane with a side of bloody wtfux fries.

Fantastic Fest ’09 Announces First Wave of Titles, HND Geekgasms.

From the Fantastic Fest Press Release: We are proud to announce our first 32 titles in the 5th edition of Fantastic Fest.  Subscribe to the Fantastic Fest Blog or Twitter Feed for all of the latest updates.  We will be announcing the 2nd wave of titles on August 10.  You can view photos, watch trailers […]

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