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Blu-ray Review: ‘Twins of Evil’ (1971)

I can imagine in the context of the time, with Hammer Films entering its final creaky decade and with the stunt casting of twin Playboy Playmates, that Twins of Evil would’ve been received as one of Hammer’s lesser efforts. No matter; time and distance have been kind to Twins of Evil. The Collinson Twins carry […]

‘Ganja & Hess’ Blu-ray Review: Artsy Vampire Film Casts a Confounding Spell

First things first, I can almost guarantee you’ve never seen a film like Bill Gunn’s 1973 effort Ganja & Hess. Perhaps incorrectly labeled as “blaxploitation” because of the time period in which it was released, this vampire movie is about as far from something like Blacula as you can possibly get. Kino Lorber, along with […]

Introducing The Roving Eye: ‘Young, Violent, Dangerous’

What the hell is The Roving Eye, and what is it doing here? A fair question, if rudely phrased. Here at HND our passion for the genre tends to restrict us, often under penalty of death from The Old One, to only writing about horror. While this is an acceptable edict for any website model […]

‘The Innkeepers’ Giveaway: Win DVDs, Posters or a Not-For-Sale Limited Edition

Regular readers of this site should know that I think The Innkeepers, the new film from the brilliant Ti West, is the best horror film of 2011. Non-regular readers, well, now you know that I think The Innkeepers is the best horror film of 2011. Even if you don’t agree with me, hopefully you’ve seen […]

HOUSE (HAUSU) Blu-ray Review [Oh, Japan!]

Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi, 1977 Written by Chiho Katsura Reputations are an interesting thing on their own, but they can be exceptionally curious when it comes to the horror genre.  If anything garners a reputation within our walls, it’s likely because it is either A) notoriously bad or B) notoriously shocking.  So once a fan […]

July Horror Movie DVD and Blu-ray Buying Guide

April 2010 Horror Movie Blu-ray and DVD Guide

You don’t need any excuses.  I suck for skipping February and March.  Here’s April, though.

Last Week in Horror Movie News: February 28th to March 7th

Theatrical News and Clips SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD – Red Band trailer. AFTER.LIFE – Liam Neeson hold’s Christina Ricci’s ghost hostage. Studio News and Attachments SPLICE – Warner Brother’s Dark Castle division will be putting out Vincenzo Natali’s well-buzzed sci-fi/horror hybrid SPLICE this June with a few alterations in place from its last screening at […]

January 2010 Horror DVD and Blu-ray Guide

October 2009 Horror DVD and Blu-ray Guide

Yes, I know I’m two weeks late on this, but better two weeks than never.

ASYLUM (1972) Review [British Horror Anthology]

Directed by Roy Ward Baker, 1972 Written by Robert Bloch A young psychiatrist, Dr. Martin, is looking to fulfill an empty job position in an insane asylum.  He arrives at the asylum, and upon meeting with the head physician he’s told the reason why a job opening exists.  One of the former doctors has him/herself […]

August 2009 Horror DVD and Blu-ray Guide.

Last Week in Horror News: June 28th to July 5th

Theatrical Trailers and Clips CARRIERS – Studio PG-13 horror that looks Badass?  Like woah. Studio News and Attachments RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE – Paul WS Anderson returns to the series he first brought to and subsequently ruined on film on September 17, 2010. AFTER DARK FILMS HORRORFEST 4 – ADF gives it the ole college try […]

Vote/Settle for 1 of 3 Ugly NIGHT OF THE CREEPS DVD covers. Also see what should have been.

I was fortunate enough to attend the NIGHT OF THE CREEPS re-union screening a few weeks ago, which was the first time Fred Dekker, Jason Lively, Steve Marshall, Jill Whitlow, and Tom Atkins had ever watched the movie together.  The event was a blast, the print was pristine, the movie (also the first time the […]

NEAR DARK DVD Re-Issue Panders to TWILIGHT Crowd.

I present to you for quick assessment two items. Immediately below is Exhibit A, a side-by-side of the TWILIGHT DVD cover and that of the new re-issue disc for the 22 year old NEAR DARK due out from Lions Gate on July 7th.  Below that is Exhibit B, a roughly 16 month view of the […]

July 2009 Horror DVD and Blu-ray Guide, International Version.

Now that I’ve got the time to prowl around the web I’ll be doing an International version of the HND DVD guide.  As you can expect, this will be a significantly shorter list than the US version, but will hopefully be of some use to aficionados out there.  I will only be including films that […]

July 2009 Horror DVD and Blu-ray Guide.

Everyone Loves Free Stuff: SILENT VENOM DVD Giveaway!

The fine PR folk behind the 20th Century Fox release of the Luke Perry/Krista Allen/Tom Berenger vs Snakes on a Submarine flick SILENT VENOM have seen fit to give you folk free copies of their movie.  Personally, I don’t think any of you deserve any thing free, but I’m also the anti-fun monster. So, if […]

May 2009 Horror DVD and Blu-ray List.

May 5th There are only two standard definition titles of the week that I recognize.  MUM & DAD is a British import that got some modest appreciation on the fest circuit.  The other is a flick called THE 8TH PLAGUE, which has found its way in this DVD guide well over a year ago.   I’ve […]

PSA: LET THE RIGHT ONE IN on Netflix Watch Instantly With Original Subtitles

Earlier today I was bouncing around Netflix adding titles to my Instant Queue when I noticed LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (review) as an offering.  Once the 360 finished streaming an episode of David Attenborough’s THE LIFE OF MAMMALS (get on Attenborough if you’re not already, btw) I set out to see if the Netflix […]

April 2009 Horror DVD and Blu-ray List.

April 7th I was hoping this new release of DOG SOLDIERS would make me finally own a Neil Marshal film as I’m a sucker for ‘Steelbook Packaging’, but I’ll hold out for the Blu-ray in May.  Also coming from England is Magnet Releasing’s DVD drop of DONKEY PUNCH.  Despite getting a lot of coverage on […]

Recession What? NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Box Set for $25.

Not much more elaboration necessary.  Amazon has the slickly packaged NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET collection for $24.99.  It’s a no brainer at that price (which averages about $3 per movie) for anyone who doesn’t already have this beaut siting on a shelf.  Presumably this is a limited deal. Amazon Via Consumerist.

March 2009 Horror DVD and Blu-ray list.

March 3rd Dimension Extreme have been on a streak of good-to-great titles for the past year, culminating in the hit that is EDEN LAKE (review). I don’t know much about DEAD IN 3 DAYS, but I’m willing to give Dimension’s acquistions department an edge once again. Hopefully their streak stays intact. Oddly enough, DEAD IN […]

February 2009 Horror DVD and Blu-ray List.

Not sure if anyone cares but me, but I’ll be covering more Blu-ray titles from here on out.  Also, dipping out of the spectrum of this site real quick, but 2008’s best documentary, DEAR ZACHARY: A LETTER TO A SON ABOUT HIS FATHER, comes out.  I highly, highly, highly recommend seeing it.  Netflix.  Amazon. February […]

January 2009 Horror DVD Guide.

January 6th The first week of January boasts the best title of the month, EDEN LAKE.  Finally had a chance to see it thanks to this DVD and I loved it.  Expect a review in a bit.  Not for the faint of heart. Don’t know much about the other three, except that Eliza Dushku drops […]

Horror DVD Guide, October 2008

Ah, October, the perfect month for me to resurrect the Horror DVD Guide in its olden format.  No more calendar, just a breakdown like the days of yore. Ya know, even with all of the Halloween happiness, I’m not too blown away by the horror DVD releases over the next few weeks.  The new Ghost […]

August 2008 Calendar Updates

Check the actual calendar pages (located at the bottom of the front page, if you’ve not basked in its flashy glory) for HND commentary regarding any of the titles plus links to all corresponding Amazon product descriptions. This is just a list of flicks added for the month of July 2008: 25 DVDs in total.  […]

Last Week in Horror: July 13th to the 20th

Last Week in Horror we got our first look at the new Jason.  Several new announcements for novel adaptations.  I suppose enough people enjoyed it that Romero is quickly back to work on a sequel to DIARY, I sure wasn’t clammoring for one.  Other than that, not much major news breaks or insights to current […]

July DVD Calendar Updates

Check the actual calendar pages (located at the bottom of the front page, if you’ve not basked in its flashy glory) for HND commentary regarding any of the titles plus links to all corresponding Amazon product descriptions. This is just a list of flicks added for the month of July 2008: 39 DVDs in total.  […]

June DVD Calendar Updates

Check the actual calendar pages (located at the bottom of the front page, if you’ve not basked in its flashy glory) for HND commentary regarding any of the titles plus links to all corresponding Amazon product descriptions. This is just a list of flicks added for the month of June 2008: 35 DVDs.

May Calendar Updates

Check the actual calendar pages (located at the bottom of the front page, if you’ve not basked in its flashy glory) for HND commentary regarding any of the titles plus links to all corresponding Amazon product descriptions. This is just a list of flicks added for the month of May 2008: 21 DVDs and 2 […]

DVD Buying Guide: February ’08

Ah, award season.  Time for all the heavy hitting dramas of ’07 to capitalize on recent nominations and push some DVD units.  Worry not, there are several horror titles of note as well, but the month does belong to the nominees.  Hardly a bad thing, if you ask me.

DVD Buying Guide: January ’08

2007 had some quality horror, no doubt, but it also had more than a few titles that left the, "Eh, I’ll catch it on DVD" impression.  The first month of 2008 seems to be the resting place for more than a few of those.  Fret not, however, as there is a healthy dose of non-suck […]

Lake Placid 2 DVD Cover Art is Pathetic

Pictured on the right is the tremendous photograph of the dismembered hand of Taiwanese veterinarian Chang Po-Yu, who lost his limb while attempting to remove a tranquilizer dart from, unbeknownst to Chang, a not so tranquilized crocodile in April of 2007. Pictured on the left is a tragedy.  While one of National Geographic’s most viewed […]

DVD Buying Guide: December ’07

As the last stop before Christmas, December packs some heavy crowd pleasers.  However, the cold has driven out most horror.  Us genre lovers get a few titles spread across the weeks, but don’t expect too much. Also, I’ve developed quite the headache while working on this list and am very jet lagged, which basically translates […]

DVD Buying Guide: November ’07

I’d call the DVD horror offerings of November weak, but the reason why is perfectly understandable.  October drains the wallet of heavy fans while casual goers reach their horror saturation point.  November is, justifiably, a month long horror hang over. The genre pickings are slim, but the rest of the month has an astounding wealth […]

The Tripper out on DVD October 23rd.

By now The Tripper really doesn’t need too much of an introduction.  Even casual fans are bound to know that it is a slasher from David Arquette.  It was included, on a limited basis, in last year’s After Dark Horror fest, had a minor theatrical run in a few cities after that and played to […]

DVD Buying Guide: October ’07

Ah, October.  The month for us, right?  Well, I can tell you right now that numbers wise, there is nothing better than October.  As far as quality goes, however…  There are certainly plenty of ‘Special Editions’, ‘Collector’s Editions’ and ‘Director’s Cuts’ of great movies you’ve seen over and over and over already.  Some deserving of […]

DVD Buying Guide: September ’07

September, for a change, has a lot of new old DVDs that are actually probably worth picking up.  There are a few classics, a few previously unreleased gems and a good mix of mainstream lovelies.  I do apologize, though, for not having this up by the first Tuesday of the month.  But considering I feel […]

DVD Buying Guide: August ’07

August is a horror graveyard.  Even STD activity is in remission.  The only genre releases worth any kind of note are almost entirely re-issues.  Worse yet, they are all pointless re-issues.  Mainstream releases are equally uninspiring, many of them existing on this guide solely to pad it out. Oh well, I guess I’ll save some […]

Review: 3 Dead Girls DVD

In case anyone has escaped the unsolicited promotion of Indie artist Christopher Alan Broadstone’s new DVD, 3 Dead Girls, here is yet another run down: 3DG is the newly available compilation of Broadstone’s award winning short films; Scream For Me, My Skin, and Human No More. Listed Features: New Hi-Def Transfer of Scream for Me […]

3 Dead Girls, New DVD by Christopher Alan Broadstone – Giveaway!

I never have and am likely never going to make a dime off of this site, which means any advertising seen on here is advertising I’ve decided to up entirely because I felt it deserved attention.  Such is the case with the 3 Dead Girls image now brutally gracing every page. Nearly a year ago […]

DVD Buying Guide: July ’07

Is July a well known dumping ground of STD flicks and no one ever told me? It takes until the fourth of the five weeks of July to put anything good out, but when that week comes, film geek wallets everywhere should be a bit lighter.

DVD Buying Guide: Late June ’07

Late isn’t the only word to describe this DVD guide.  In fact, guide really doesn’t even fit as I’m only covering 4 movies this time around.  The word I’d go with is…paltry lame.

DVD Buying Guide: May ’07

May may actually be the worst month of the year for DVDs.  I’m not sure if the studio reasoning behind skimping on releases is the hope that nothing to buy means people will instead spend money on a theater ticket or not, but it sure seems like it. There are only a handful of titles […]

DVD Buying Guide: March ’07

Christ, March has a lot of DVDs coming out.  The STD front is quite packed, but this time around there are more than a few movies I readily want to check out – some I’ve actually been waiting for.  The After Dark Horror Fest releases most of November’s films the last week of March, the […]

DVD Buying Guide: February ’07

This is the first DVD Guide I’ve done since November and I really regret that.  Not so much because I regret being lazy, but that I forget how many DVDs come out each month that I completely miss out on.  And February has some damned good movies stocking retail shelves, a few key ones being […]

DVD Buying Guide: November ’06

Is November always such a shallow time for genre releases?  I’ve only been doing these guides for a few months so I’ve never noticed the trend before, but the amount of horror coming out this month could be counted on one hand.  And even then, the selection leaves much to be desired.

Freak Out DVD News

I’ve been passively following the British festival hit Freak Out for a few months now, so when I read it came out this month I had to put it in the DVD guide.  The only trouble is I was wrong.  Freak Out actually comes out on November 17th from Anchor Bay in a pretty slick […]

DVD Buying Guide: October ’06

Without any need for explanation, October is almost always the best month for horror releases.  However, since the majority of flicks already have releases in some capacity or another, as the years go on October tends to see less quality releases, just a much larger quantity of special editions and double dips.  This October is […]

DVD Buying Guide: September ’06

I’ve redone the guide this month, now including prices from Digital Eyes (a very trust worthy online retailer), as well as Netflix links for each specific disc (when available).  The new format makes it a bit lengthier, but it should get the job done.  Let me know if you prefer the old format. September is […]

DVD Buying Guide: August ’06

Again, I missed the first Tuesday of the month before getting this guide up, but there are 5 Tuesdays in August, so you still have 4 more to get the jump on.  It’s a somewhat genre-lite month, but there are still a lot of very, very good releases otherwise – TV and theatrical – which […]

A Look Inside The Asylum

You may not know production house The Asylum intimately, but I guarantee you’ve seen at least one of their DVD covers and thought to yourself, "Man, that is such a rip-off of [insert studio movie name]". Well, Scott Weinberg, who fills the horror seat at Cinematical, one of my favorite film blogs, had a friendly […]

DVD Buying Guide: July ’06

I apologize for not having this up before the first Tuesday of July, but I honestly just didn’t have time.  But, since I couldn’t even find a single title worth mentioning that was released on the 4th, no one missed anything.  Great how things work out.  And now, for the rest of July, which is […]

Hills Have Eyes Unrated Cut Specifics

DavisDVD has put up a quick guide as to what are the specific differences between the rated and unrated cuts of Alexandre Aja’s ballsy Hills remake.  The differences* are pretty minor and I’d say relatively unimportant – if the MPAA doesn’t want a gun pointed at a baby’s face, Colic has no chance in America’s […]

Reminder: Cemetery Man Out Today

In case people have forgotten because I haven’t already been talking about it enough in the past few weeks, the DVD of Cemetery Man is released today.  In the June DVD Guide I called The Hills Have Eyes the genre DVD of the month, because it is the best disc with the best features.  However, […]

America Hates David Cronenberg and Me

Seriously, why the hell does Cronenberg, save for Criterion releases of course, get so shafted with his American releases?  First I came across a Canadian Cronenberg Boxset.  But hey, at least that’s a region 1 release, so if I wanted to pay the shipping fees… But then England had to slap me in the face […]

DVD Review: Incident On And Off A Mountain Road

Damn did Anchor Bay really pack these Masters of Horror DVDs with some very worth while features.  Counting the running time of the commentary tracks, of which there are two, there are over 3 hours of special features here: Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround) Commentary by Writer/Director Don […]

Cemetery Man DVD News

Cemetery Man, aka Dellamorte Dellamore, is just another cult classic that I’ve always heard about (especially as of late), but have never seen.  The 1994 Italian zombie splatter comedy about a man who buries the living during the day and then kills them when they climb back out at night, is finally getting a Region […]

It Waits

After digging the print ad for it the other day, I was actually sent the trailer and some other promotional material for It Waits, an upcoming DVD release from the great genre champions, Anchor Bay. Now, I can’t vouch for the quality of the actual film yet, but just that Anchor Bay is behind its […]

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