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Blu-ray Review: ‘The Awful Dr. Orlof’ (1962)

After giving Jess Franco films a fair shake and coming to the conclusion that they just weren’t for me, along comes The Awful Dr. Orlof on Blu-ray to make me reconsider dismissing a body of work based on the half-dozen titles I’d seen previous to this one. Hey, The Awful Dr. Orlof is pretty good! […]

Blu-ray Reviews: Redemption Presents the Original ‘Burke & Hare’ and Cushing in ‘The Blood Beast Terror’

It’s a good time to be a Blu-ray collectin’ horror fan. Almost all of the classics of modern horror have gotten solid high-def releases, while classics and curiosities continue to get released in a steady stream that reminds me of the heyday of DVD and companies like Anchor Bay. Kino-Lorber has really stepped up their […]

Celebrate Roger Corman’s Birthday with THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM on the Big Screen!

We’re obviously big Roger Corman fans here at HorrorsNotDead, and, even though we can’t personally party with the legendary filmmaker on his birthday (April 5), we can still celebrate with him from miles away in Austin, Texas! Thanks to, we’ll be hosting a special birthday screening of his 1961 Vincent Price classic THE PIT […]

Halloween White Elephant: The Masque of the Red Death (1964)

From John–“Is this Roger Corman’s best film?  Possibly.  I gave this one to Jacob Hall because it’s still fresh on my mind after seeing it a few months ago on Netflix.  MASQUE is genuinely perverse, sinister, and colorful, and stands out as the richest of Corman’s cheapies, a little closer in tone to Hammer Films […]

Terror Tuesday Report: The Thrill Killers

The Film There’s a charming, bumbling incompetence on display in The Thrill Killers. It’s the same high energy, passionate camp that flows through the veins of so much 1950s ans 1960s genre cinema: movies that lack polish, structure and relatable characters but more than make up for those deficiencies with a delightful “Let’s Put On […]

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