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Halloween White Elephant: Terror Tract (2000)

From Damon–“I’m a big fan of anthology films and this is one that I saw via a VHS screener sent to the mom-and-pop video store where I worked years ago. There isn’t anything too special about this and the three stories but I love the Bryan Cranston middle segment with the curious little monkey. My […]


The first, and possibly the only, guest review(s) submitted to the site while I am away in Qatar.  Dueling thoughts below from reader Brian on the 1999 flick RESURRECTION and 2000’s CRIMSON RIVERS.  So, enjoy his straight-to-the point thoughts while I’m away. PS.  So far I’ve caught SEVERANCE and FEAST on Arabic TV, maybe the […]

Review: House of Leaves (Novel)

Written by Mark Z. Danielewski, 2000*This is a long review, I know.  Read the book. The best way to describe the experience of putting eyes to the pages of House of Leaves is to spoil the ending of my favorite Clive Barker story; "In the Hills, The Cities".  Barker’s great short concerns a couple who […]

Review: American Psycho

Directed by Mary Harron, 2005 I remember seeing American Psycho theatrically.  This may be embarrassing of my age, but I was 15 at the time and was dropped off at the movie theater with a group of friends in a minivan.  Grant’s mom, the driver, had no desire to see the movie, but we weren’t […]

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