Terror Tuesday Report: Bloody Birthday

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It’s very fitting that on the week our very own John Gholson had his personal creep-out zone invaded by The Baby, Terror Tuesday would showcase one of mine: young children. What’s weird about that is that I like babies, and I actually don’t mind most children in general, but when kids have a cold and soulless personality, that’s a different matter entirely. An energetic and rambunctious kid is easy to read, but the quiet ones could be plotting your demise right in front of your very eyes. For future reference, I am especially not fond of any little girl with long, straight black hair.

Bloody Birthday begins during an eclipse, when three children in the same community are born at the same time. We’re then fast-forwarded to a few days before their 9th birthday where the children, Debbie, Curtis and Steven, who seem innocent enough, are actually quite the effective killing unit. They embark on a killing spree instilling fear in their town, while a classmate of theirs begins to suspect something so naturally, he must go, but getting rid of him proves to be difficult.

Terror Tuesday Report: Tourist Trap

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The Film

There aren’t a lot of Terror Tuesday shows that will make me want to take to the Internet to look up more about a particular subject. It was a pleasant surprise this week to have my interest piqued in a subject that I ultimately learned was called pediophobia. Pediophobia is defined as a fear of dolls, or more specifically a fear of “false representation of sentient beings” like mannequins. As a child, if you weren’t afraid of mannequins or dolls and happened to come across Tourist Trap, then pediophobia might have become a newly acquired childhood fear.

As a group of five friends are traveling through the desert, Eileen and her boyfriend Woody’s car gets a flat tire and he goes off to look for help. He happens upon an old looking gas station and when he goes inside to look for help, he happens across what he thinks is a sleeping women. Turns out he’s fallen into a trap, and a group of mannequins begin laughing maniacally at him and various objects begin flying at him before a steel rod impales and kills him. Eileen and Woody’s friends find their car and when they go off to search for him they encounter an old tourist trap museum run by a strangely nice old man named Mr. Slausen (Chuck Connors). While the others search the property, a mysterious masked figure begins killing or trapping members of the group.

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