Terror Tape of the Day: Burial Ground

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I, like many of the HND writers, am an avid collector of VHS tapes. To some, collecting out dated technology is less a hobby and more the early warning sign of a serious psychological disorder. But there was a certain magic to VHS tapes that never made the transition over to DVD or, subsequently, Blu-ray. Sure the picture quality isn’t as good, but that is by no means the point of collecting. VHS represented a new and incredibly lucrative home video market and there were bajillions of films released on the insanely popular format. Many of these were horror movies and many of those never made the jump to DVD; the tragic orphans of technological progress. So therein lies one facet of their appeal. But even those films which are now readily available on the “superior formats” suffer from inferior cover art. In fact, compared to the beautiful, intricate, and often hand-painted VHS box art, lazily photo-shopped DVD covers are embarrassing. In other words, these movies came standard with genre-tastic pop art in tow.

In an effort to celebrate these works of art, we will be featuring one horror movie VHS cover every day. Be kind, rewind, and click on through to see this week’s tape…

Film4 Frightfest Lineup Looks Bloody Amazing!

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I may incite the occasional nugget of envy from readers when I speak frequently of the unchained awesomeness that is Fantastic Fest. While I am quite fortunate to live in Austin, TX and therefore able to attend this orgasmic movie geek gathering, I find myself turning a proverbial shade of green when I read up on international film festivals which I am consistently unable to attend due to the conspiring forces of time and finances. One of the biggest agents of my jealousy is U.K.’s Film 4 Frightfest. Apparently in no hurry to allay my envious rage, Frightfest has announced this year’s lineup.

The full story and lineup can be found here courtesy of our friends at Twitchfilm. Here at HND, we thought we’d break down a few of the more standout titles thusly…

(Re)Introducing the Horror’s Not Dead Staff!

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Here at HND headquarters, deep in the heart of the Mountains of Madness, we have been secretly amassing what you might call an army of unfathomable darkness. If you were more conventionally inclined you might prefer to refer to them as our staff. For too long, Peter and I have held a monopoly over the content published on this site. That tyranny is about to come to a bloody end, as we are proud to introduce you to the new HND team! These guys, some of whom you may recognize from past articles and whatnot, are bound and determined to bring you exciting, innovative, and 100% fan-based horror news, features, and insights. Let the Golden Age of Horror’s Not Dead begin!

Terror Tuesday Forecast: Human Experiments

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Is there anything worse than Monday? I mean seriously, is there? Oh wait, I suppose being abducted by a deranged prison doctor and subjected to a wide array of physical and psychological torture may be worse. But what if you were abducted by a deranged prison doctor and subjected to a wide array of physical and psychological torture…ON A MONDAY?! Luckily, the Alamo Drafthouse’s signature weekly horror retrospective isn’t called Terror Monday so I think we’ve effectively side-stepped that landmine. Take a gander at the trailer for this week’s Human Experiments below. Frankly, I am in shock as to how modern this film appears, at least conceptually. The piling of torment and depravity onto an innocent seems to somehow rip a page from the contemporary horror playbook. Damn worm holes!

Terror Tuesday Forecast: Tourist Trap

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One of my favorite horror films of the 1970s finds 35mm glory and official immortalization thanks to Terror Tuesday. Tourist Trap is an immensely creepy film despite operating under a number of familiar horror movie cliches. The thing that struck me most about Tourist Trap when it was first recommended to me by a clerk at Austin’s incredible Vulcan Video, fitting as they are the weekly sponsors of Terror Tuesday, is how much it seemed to have worked its way into the 2005 remake of House of Wax. That film feels way more like a remake of Tourist Trap than it does Vincent Price’s 1953 House of Wax. In any event, it stands on its own beautifully and I think the audience this week will find it holds up pretty well. Enjoy the trailer below…


Terror Tuesday Forecast: Sledgehammer

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Praise almighty Cthulhu, another week has begun! Today, on a very special Terror Tuesday Forecast, we will be previewing this week’s screening of a shot-on-video horror film from the early 80s. If you can stifle your jealously for just a moment, you should know that this film is being released by outstanding distribution house Severin Films. Shortly, we here at Horror’s Not Dead will be posting a review of their stellar DVD. In the meantime, get excited for this “quality” piece of “filmmaking” by watching a clip from Sledgehammer. You have been warned.

Terror Tuesday Forecast: Troll

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Happy Monday, maniacs! This week, Terror Tuesday is featuring a film that, as unheard of as it may seem, lives in the shadow of its sequel. If you haven’t seen Troll 2, I hate you. That’s a bit harsh, but surely you hate your own brain if you haven’t treated it to one of the most ironically entertaining cinematic disasters ever misguidedly created. For full enlightenment as to the failings of, and subsequent cult phenomenon that is, Troll 2 seek out the sensational documentary Best Worst Movie. I have seen Troll once, and I was impossibly young at the time. I remember being freaked out by it, but again I was but a tot and would probably have been equally freaked out by loud noises or slightly ajar closet doors. I look forward to seeing Troll again to be reminded of its plot, which is no way revisited by Troll 2 which harbors no connective tissue to the original film. Bring it on!

Terror Tuesday Report: Superstition (AKA The Witch)

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The Film

A young priest helps prepare a long-abandoned house on church property to be rented by a family. A series of terrible accidents, and the ravings of a mad old woman who also resides on the property leads the priest to believe something from the property’s ancient past may to blame. As it turns out, in the 17th Century, a woman was condemned as a witch and drowned in a nearby pond. So guess who’s been holding a 200 year grudge? Can our young priest cast the spirit of this devil’s mistress back into the confines of the consecrated pond? Will the evil witch claim yet another victim? How hard would it have been to conjure up the spirit of a goddamn editor?

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