Shadow Cast: Vision 1 – Who Should Play Freddy Krueger?

Posted by Jeremy Kirk - May 10th 2012 @ 5:04 pm

Sergio Diaz


There’s a hole deep in the darkest parts of South L.A. where dreams never met and talent never realized go to die. Black deaths. It’s like something out of Lovecraft. Remember the dumpster in Mulholland Drive? Yeah. Of course, no one dares look into this hole. Not for too long. That would be tatamount to diving into the bowels of Hell itself. And who’d do that, I mean really? By reaching into this dark realm, we can bring to light these visions of a past not created and explore what could have been had the stars aligned differently. Let’s call it a What If or a Who Should Have or a…Shadow Cast. That’s what the demons call it.

Anywho, our first character to be recast is Freddy Krueger, and I know what you’re saying. Why are we casting Freddy Krueger when A Nightmare on Elm Street was remade just two years ago? The simple answer is Hollywood doesn’t really care that this story was brought back for modern audiences only a short while back. There is sure to be another Nightmare on Elm Street film made, and chances are it’ll happen some time before the end of this decade.

Hell, only two actors have ever played the dream-invading killer with razor-sharp blades on his fingers. That’s not counting the times Freddy appeared as a child or the time Kane Hodder played the character’s arm at the end of Jason Goes to Hell. Someone has some lofty shoes to fill after Robert Englund and Jackie Earle Haley. Maybe not so much Haley, but definitely Englund. Some would even be satisfied with seeing Englund back under the makeup, fedora, and red-and-green striped sweater.

However, the chances of Englund returning to the role for another reboot are slim, probably none at all. Studios want someone new, someone fresh, a noteworthy name to slap on the poster, or, at the very least, an up-and-coming actor just waiting for that primo role to launch him away.

So who do you think should play Freddy Krueger? If and when the Elm Street saga continues, someone has to fill the role, and the debates on who it should be will commence long before the actually casting has been announced. We may as well get a headstart on the whole shindig now.


Our choice: Ben Foster

We first started taking notice of Foster in Hostage, playing the mysterious and dangerous member of a trio of hostage takers. Roles in 3:10 to Yuma and 30 Days of Night only added to that creep factor, as the young actor continued to grow in his field with villainous and creepy turns alike. But there’s a thoughtfulness to Foster’s performances, a level of control that most slasher villains don’t need behind their masks. Freddy Krueger is a role that requires a certain level of presence in the facial features, the way we see him observing his would-be prey before taking their souls. Add to that the naturally wiry physique Foster brings to the table, and there’s very little question in the look he would bring to Krueger. What’s more, the guy is a helluvan actor with performances in The Messenger and Rampart to back that up. If given the right freedom to do with Freddy what he needs to do to give him that perfect balance of playfulness and menace, that glove could fit Ben Foster just as well as it did Robert Englund, to say nothing of what he could do in the wake of Jackie Earle Haley’s performance. At this point we’d just like to hear what he could do with the voice.

Who would you cast?

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  1. May 10th, 2012 | 5:41 pm | #1

    Probably cheating, but I would literally take ANYONE if they let Englund have one more movie. After he spent all that time post-FvJ talking about a possible sequel, it kind of sucked that they went with the reboot option.

    But, for what it’s worth, I always thought Foster was an intriguing choice when his name was thrown around years ago.

  2. Ben
    May 14th, 2012 | 8:53 pm | #2

    I didn’t think Haley was a bad choice for Freddy, but I heard a web rumor a long long time ago that the original reboot plan involved making a prequel starring Jake Gyllenhall as a pre-dream-demon Freddy chronicling his early years as the Springwood Slasher. That really intrigued me, and was disappointed to find out the rumor was untrue. So I’m not sure if you can draw an opinion from that, but I’d like to see a prequel made starring a pre-burned Jake Gyllenhall.

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