Horror News: ‘V/H/S’ Trailer in Glorious Blood-Red Band

Posted by Seth Hall - June 20th 2012 @ 3:50 pm

You wanted more? You weren’t the only ones.

Last week, we offered the new poster for V/H/S as a humble sacrifice to the Ancient Ones. They were pleased, but demanded more. And now, we offer the official red band trailer direct from Yahoo! movie trailers.

In my experience, found footage films are like that sexy, slightly dangerous girl in goth makeup who might be a succubus in disguise. She seduces me with promises of dark and seemingly real horror, but also has an annoying habit of cheating on me with frat boys. She brings me gifts of Trollhunter, and amuses me with Grave Encounters, but she also slaughters the cerebral cortex of theaters full of people with The Devil Inside and Apollo 18.

And yet, I keep coming back to her, because she promises me more and tells me how much she loves me, how much she wants me, how much…

Er, um…ok, what was I taking about? Right, found footage.

Well, the trailer for V/H/S seems to indicate that the film will be a delightfully ferocious romp through many different kinds of horror. It also seems to be following at least one of the two essential rules for found footage horror movies. There is certainly attention to the first and most important rule. The film looks scary, and not just in that made-you-jump kind of way. The second rule is still up in the air. When there is nothing but chaos and horror in your camera lens, why do you keep filming? The answer is different for everyone, but the reason must always be a believable one. Will we get one? I have to believe that we will.

Do you still have that old VCR? I hope so, because it seems that V/H/S will never die.


Source: Yahoo! Movie Trailers

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