Horror News: ‘The Apparition’ Trailer and Pics Show Potential

Posted by Seth Hall - August 14th 2012 @ 2:20 pm

Sometimes, I find trailers more entertaining than the finished product. Nevertheless, I continue to hope for the best. When the writing and acting in modern horror films finally manages to match the imagery, atmosphere, and visual effects that draw us into the theaters, we will enter the real golden age of the genre. Of course, with my luck, that will be the same day that the portals to R’lyeh open up and all film is destroyed in the resulting invasion.

With all of that in mind, several new pics and a (mostly) well-crafted trailer have been released for The Apparition, the upcoming horror film from Warner Bros. Pictures and Dark Castle Entertainment. The film is directed by Todd Lincoln and stars Ashley Green, Sebastian Stan, Luke Pasqualino, and Tom Felton. I’ll be honest. The trailer is very impressive. Visually, anyway. And the story is actually quite unique.

The plot centers around the hypothesis that ghostly apparitions are products of the human imagination. In an attempt to prove this as scientific theory, a group of students attempt to create a specter using only their minds. After they are successful, the entity that they have created begins to spread like a virus, infecting a young couple’s home.

The concept of the human mind being responsible for the creation of paranormal apparitions is very intriguing. If you can ignore the awful trailer voice over and if you remember that at least one other terrifying PG-13 horror film has been made (The Grudge). This is also a fine example of a tagline that, while slightly cliched, actually has a deeper meaning for the film. The last time this happened was when The Cabin In The Woods was released with the tagline “You Think You Know The Story.” Cliched? Yes. Solid and relevant? Absolutely. While it is highly unlikely that The Apparition will be Cabin In The Woods material, the tagline of “Once You Believe, You Die” seems to be getting something right.

Check out some of the pics and the trailer below. For the full gallery, click here.

In the mean time, I am going to crawl into my underground lab and come up with some ways to fix this plague of horror film cliches.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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