Horror News: ‘Hoax Hunters #1’ Coming Soon

Posted by Seth Hall - May 15th 2012 @ 9:00 am

Monsters are real.

This we know, but even the most avid horror fanatics grow weary of the overeager and ultimately unscientific methods by which those graced with television presence attempt to prove the existence of said monsters. So, how could anyone possibly make this done to death idea any good? Simple. Turn everything backwards.

Hoax Hunters, written by Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley with art by JM Ringuet, made its Issue #0 debut months ago, but thanks to the Kickstarter project named “ReincarNATE”, Hoax Hunters will now be its own series. Moreci and Seeley will be returning as writers, but Axel Medellin will be taking over the art.

So what is this new comic about? Imagine if undiscovered species such as monsters did in fact exist. In this world where there are more believers than skeptics, how would the media react? In our world, we have reality and documentary shows trying to boost network ratings by attempting to prove the existence of such creatures. So if these such “cryptids” really did exist, then the natural reaction of these shows would be to disprove their existence!

Hoax Hunters aims to be one such show. The crew attempts to debunk the existence of cryptids for an audience of believers. However, their real goal is far more clandestine. When these monsters make their presence known, it is up to the Hoax Hunters to hide the truth from the public.

I find myself very excited for this comic. Despite being the biggest skeptic you will ever find in the horror fan community, I have always had a fascination with monsters, cryptozoology, and the paranormal. I like to spend my time watching paranormal investigation shows, yelling at the unscientific conjecture and fundamentally flawed logic on my flat screen, all the while hoping that one of these bumbling fools will stumble into the biological find of the century.

Now, we get to see a cast of interesting and diverse characters hunt down real monsters and attempt to convince a mass public that they are not real. This sounds about as difficult as some of these real-life “experts” on TV convincing me that the chupacabra is roaming in my backyard, but it should be much more entertaining for all of us.

The first issue of the brand new story arc, Die Off Another Day, will be crawling its way into comic shops on July 4th.


Source: Image Comics via Bloody Disgusting

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