Horror News: A ‘Sinister’ Trailer

Posted by Seth Hall - June 20th 2012 @ 4:03 pm

Sometimes, despite everything, you still have to remain optimistic.

The trailer for Sinister has made its grisly debut. I have to say, my attention is piqued, despite the fact that the credits attached to the film have me more than a little concerned. To begin with, the director and co-writer is Scott Derrickson, best known for The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I have not seen The Devil Inside, so I feel comfortable calling Emily Rose the worst exorcism movie I have ever seen.

Second, is the quick trailer credit of “From the producer of Paranormal Activity and Insidious“. Granted, we know this generally means absolutely nothing. However, I choose to make a mountain out of a molehill. I saw both of these films relatively late, but both had been built up by everyone around me. I was promised to be terrified. I found Paranormal Activity to be a competent film, but by no means scary. I was even more disappointed with Insidious. It had all the right ingredients for a great haunted house film, but made so many cliched, juvenile, tired, dated horror movie mistakes it caused me to go on a psychotic Twitter rant (which led me to this gig, so maybe I should thank the movie).

So, let’s call these movies learning experiences. Not just for the audience, but for the filmmakers. The trailer seems to show the elements that I loved about Insidious (the disturbing images, creepy setting, genuinely evil threat), but also one or two of the things I despise (namely, the sudden swell of music during a jump scare and, of course, jump scares in general). Let’s hope those bad elements are just a part of the trailer, because for the most part, this film looks like it could be quite good, and more than a little scary.

The plot involves a true crime writer (Ethan Hawke) moving his family to the house where the previous residents were murdered. Soon, he discovers old footage of other families being murdered, and that the culprit may not be of this earthly realm. Check out the trailer below, and let’s all keep our fingers crossed for this one. Just keep those fingers away from your screen. You might loose them.


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