Terror Tuesday Report: Bloody Birthday

Posted by JCDeleon - July 5th 2011 @ 9:00 am

It’s very fitting that on the week our very own John Gholson had his personal creep-out zone invaded by The Baby, Terror Tuesday would showcase one of mine: young children. What’s weird about that is that I like babies, and I actually don’t mind most children in general, but when kids have a cold and soulless personality, that’s a different matter entirely. An energetic and rambunctious kid is easy to read, but the quiet ones could be plotting your demise right in front of your very eyes. For future reference, I am especially not fond of any little girl with long, straight black hair.

Bloody Birthday begins during an eclipse, when three children in the same community are born at the same time. We’re then fast-forwarded to a few days before their 9th birthday where the children, Debbie, Curtis and Steven, who seem innocent enough, are actually quite the effective killing unit. They embark on a killing spree instilling fear in their town, while a classmate of theirs begins to suspect something so naturally, he must go, but getting rid of him proves to be difficult.

It’s easy to see what makes this film worthy of being shown as part of the Alamo Drafthouse Terror Tuesday program. The film is simply fantastic in almost every way. What really makes Bloody Birthday work is that it doesn’t hold anything back, granted this is often the case with Terror Tuesday films, but this one in particular makes incredible use of the children who are cast. Within the first few minutes, the kills in the opening scene are both amazingly brutal, and among the best kills I’ve seen this year. It even offers up a few bits of comedic relief that also in the end turn out to be important plot points in the third act of the film.

The true strength of the film though is obviously the kids. Those adorable yet incredibly scary children proved to be some of the most effective killers seen on an Alamo Drafthouse screen this year. Led by the angelic faced Debbie, who at a moments turn could go from evil to adorable, easily walking people into traps set by the other two boys. Steven is the least intimidating of the three, but still dangerous. By far the most deranged, yet for me, not the creepiest kid is Curtis. Curtis may seem like an innocent nerd with his giant glasses, and he is an extremely smart kid, but the things he does in this film are so extremely cold-blooded and absolutely without remorse.

Bloody Birthday celebrated a DVD release from Severin Films last week so this is one of those rare Terror Tuesday gems that you can actually get your hands on. If you’re a fan of horror, and creepy killer kids are your thing, this is one you shouldn’t miss. Oh and if you’ve ever wanted to see famous 80s comedienne/actress/singer Julie Brown (Earth Girls Are Easy) naked, then this your chance to live that long awaited dream.

The Reaction

Host Zack Carlson once again properly prepared us for what we were about to watch. It seemed as though the audience really enjoyed it. It was for the most part the attentive kind of crowd that is watching something really great on screen versus the attentive crowd that’s watching something that’s just plain old fun like Maniac Cop 2 or I Come in Peace.


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