Terror Tuesday Forecast: Sole Survivor

Posted by Brian Salisbury - March 8th 2011 @ 2:16 pm

Part of me wanted to start this post preemptively and emphatically dispelling any possible misconceptions that Terror Tuesday would be showing a made-for-TV Dean Koontz adaptation from 2000, but then I realized I too was operating under a misconception. In the documentary Not Quite Hollywood, which if you haven’t seen you should watch on Instant Netflix right stinking now, one of the many Australian genre films discussed was an airline disaster movie I thought was called Sole Survivor.

The film is about a passenger flight that crashes leaving the bewildered captain as the…well, you know. The hook of the film is that the spirits of the passengers blame him for their untimely death and seek their revenge from beyond the grave. But that’s not the film we’re seeing either, that movie is called The Survivor. The movie we’ll be seeing is actually a remake of the Australian film which would explain the similarities between the trailers. I am honestly looking forward to this one more than I was before being aware of this connection.   Check out the trailer below and we’ll see you next Tuesday.

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