Terror Tape of the Day: Demons

Posted by Brian Salisbury - August 16th 2011 @ 10:20 am

Here at HND, we are die-hard advocates of VHS. Many of us are collectors of these ancient relics of a better, purer, more exciting time in horror history while the rest of us just marvel at the artistry of the VHS cover art. With that in mind, we started this daily feature to celebrate all that is great about the hand-painted monsters and gorgeous gruesomeness that used to grace the boxes on the shelves of our local videostores. Many of these films never made the jump to DVD, and many more did make the jump, but at the expense of the spectacular cover art. So fast forward past the bump to take a gander; no need to adjust your tracking.

Today’s Terror Tape is…

Demons 1985






Demons is one of my favorite horror films, so to find a VHS cover for it of which I was completely ignorant was a thrill and a half. Much like the film it is showcasing, this cover does so many things right. The grotesque, but still very beautifully painted, veins and warts on the monstrous hand are striking. It cradles en entire movie theater audience which is both attention-getting, and offers just the right amount of plot-hinting without spoiling anything. The basic premise can be easily deduced (something bad happens to a bunch of theater-goers) without the cover giving away too many surprises or, as is their usual wont, blatantly lying to the consumer about what occurs in the film. The film’s soundtrack was a huge selling point for the distributors as is further evidenced here by the mammoth artist listing consuming the entire bottom left corner. The quote from the Fangoria writer is borderline overpraise, but I don’t necessarily disagree.



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